lyraklaude  asked:

Since I miss reading your hxh opinions, do you any headcanons on what kind of a Hunter Killua would like to be?


Killua loves food and adventure. Combine those and you get gourmet hunter. To be able to eat and have fun as a job is his newfound dream. He would be famous for using poisons to spice up food because his body is immune but his taste buds aren’t. He’s one of those peculiar gourmet hunters who are ingredient searchers and not much into preparing the food.

Not that he’s unskilled, it’s just that the conversation with the other hunters goes like “Killua no, that’s snake venom” … “It’s sweet” … “Use honey!” … “*scoff!!*”. Only the brave try Killua’s absolutely delicious recipes. And of course he has a safe batch made for his little sister. Nothing like seeing Alluka smile eating her brother’s home cooked Dipper Fish which can be found 10 kilometers deep in Sharkstar Trench.