Senior year.

Chowder should have known better than to think of it as some magical, easy ride. He saw Shitty go through the craziness of applying to and choosing a law school. He saw Jack’s entire semester get eaten up by talking and negotiating with NHL teams. He saw Ransom’s breakdowns over medical school and Holster’s constant fretting over getting a job. He saw Bitty’s week-long freak out over what the fuck he planned on doing.

He saw it all firsthand, but he didn’t anticipate every single one of them hitting him at once.

He didn’t expect the scouts asking for him, coming out just to see him. He didn’t expect to like his human rights class so much that his professor suggested a career in civil rights law. He didn’t expect to spend a semester volunteering at the hospital and loving it so much he wanted to stay. He didn’t expect his summer internship working in media relations would turn into a full-time job offer after graduation. He didn’t expect to have to choose from so many options.

He’s wasted so many pieces of papers on pros/cons lists, but none of them have been conclusive. Obviously, there are advantages and drawbacks to every option. He tries to look at it from every angle - financial, geographical, practical.

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Thanks to my fellow fan Ida for sharing this video from the Dallas Stars practice on Easter Sunday (04/05/15) (yes, I was there, too). We started chanting “Daddy” while Jason Demers was leading the stretch, then the entire team followed suit. When I saw Vernon Fiddler raise his hands, that’s when I started chuckling. Oh… there’s Tyler Seguin at the front left corner, in case you’re wondering. (cc: stars-seguin)




Prince (seahorse) Christophe hails from a neighboring kingdom and is a childhood friend of Prince Viktor. The two are very close, and for a long time many citizens considered it fact that the two would eventually marry and merge the two kingdoms together. Which is why it was considred such a shock that, a year before this story’s events, Chris suddenly eloped an ambassador from a far off kingdom*. Though highly controversial (and something of a major headache for Christophe’s family), many have come to accept the surprise Prince-Consort.

* Viktor encouraged Chris to ‘follow his heart’ and go after said ambassador; the two never had romantic feelings for each other, so while many assumed Viktor must have felt spurned by Christophe’s actions, but in all actuality he was very happy for his friend. Eventually Chris returns the favor by aiding and encouraging Viktor to follow his own heart and chase after Yuuri~

Credit goes to @nuclidic for Chris being a seahorse~


Young as he is, Otabek is the Captain of the Guard of Prince Viktor’s kingdom. He trains nearly everyday to hone his skills, particularly with his favourite weapon the trident. Said training is often interupted by Prince Yuri, who insists on training alongside him. Luckily Otabek doesn’t mind the company, even if he doesn’t always know what to make of Prince Yuri’s frequent complaining about Prince Viktor’s ‘odd’ behaviour. (Yuri claims that he ‘doesn’t care’ and just finds it ‘annoying,’ but Otabek suspects otherwise) Which is why he’s obligated, for more reasons than one, to report Prince Viktor to the King and Queen whenever he catches him trying to sneak out of the castle and out into literally dangerous waters.

Otabek is based off a Thresher shark~

cute laxum date ideas  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

  • any and all trips to the aquarium????  (✿◠‿◠)
  • beach picnics with sandcastle competitions and wrestling in the ocean  (✿◠‿◠)
  • cage diving and looking at the sharks n fishies  (✿◠‿◠)
  • ice cream dates where they both go wild with their toppings (also feeding each other ice cream bc cute)  (✿◠‿◠)
  • chilling at the pool and challenging each other to lengths   (✿◠‿◠)
      • bonus if plaxum playfully dunks lances head when she wins  (◕‿◕✿)

Chemistry: Dry ice or frozen carbon dioxide

It’s Chris Chow’s Senior Year

And things are going good.

Really good! Like, just last week, Jack invited him and Caitlin out to a Falconers hockey game and bought them tickets! And the Falconers are hosting the San Jose Sharks and how cool is that because they’re Chowder’s favorite team!

And Jack remembered!

Caitlin was really excited to go too, so that’s even better. The tickets are in good seats and Jack even gets them a driver so they don’t have to worry about parking.

It isn’t even his birthday? But the Sharks are very important to Chowder so Jack must be trying to make sure he doesn’t miss them. Caitlin seemed nervous during the ride but Chowder reassured her that she could cheer for the Falconers if she wanted, it wouldn’t bother him.

They get there and even better than the tickets, it turns out Chowder won something! He gets to participate in the “Chance in the Cage” contest where a fan gets randomly selected to try and block shots for a prize!

Wow! Chowder offers the opportunity to Caitlin, but she insists that Chowder take it.

But before he gets down to get geared up for the contest things get totally s’waesome when he spots Ransom and Holster waiting in a food line! They don’t seem to see Chowder and they keep looking away every time he calls their names but Caitlin drags him away because he has to get some goalie pads on for the game. He’ll have to hit them up on the group chat and see where their seats were and let them know its okay if they cheered for the Falconers too.

Then it gets to the part where Chowder is wearing real Sharks goalie pads and a real Sharks helmet and jersey and he might die but he can’t until the game is over. So he skates out to the net and the announcer is talking about how he plays for the Samwell Men’s Hockey Team and there are people cheering and if he could pinch himself with gloves on he would have because he is pretty sure he’s dreaming.

He does a few warmup stretches and the crowd likes it when he drops into a split so he does that a few times.

And then. And then! Chowder watches with awe as Sharks players hit the ice:  there’s Joe Pavelski and Bob Thorton and Brent Burns and the actual Martin Jones skates over to him to whisper a few tips on how to block their shots and Chowder might die and he would be okay with that. But he doesn’t, and the players speed towards him, circling the goal and passing the puck between them and somewhere above him the crowd is cheering and he can hardly believe his luck.

Then he watches as they all skate away without taking a single shot. Chowder doesn’t have time to think about it before a single player drives towards him down center ice. He doesn’t recognize them right off the bat because they’re so small? And they aren’t really skating very well? Chowder stays ready though as the mystery Sharks player wobbles towards him and then they take off their mask and-

It’s Caitlin. The audience is really, really loud as she comes to an awkward halt a few feet before Chowder. He pops out of the crease and skates up to meet her and when he does-

She kneels. It’s a little scary because she almost falls over and she’s telling Chowder how much she loves him and asking him if they can get married?

So Chowder nods because he can’t make his voice work and then he lifts her up into a hug while still nodding and kind of accidentally hitting her with his helmet.

The crowd got super loud for that part!

When they finally pull away from each other, Chowder can see all the Sharks players banging their sticks on the ice and they skate over to him and Jack is there too and it turns into a big celly that carries him and Caitlin off the ice which is good because he’s pretty sure his feet don’t work right now.

Things calm down a little and Jack sends them up to the box seats and, wow, everyone is there! Bitty made them a cake and Ransom and Holster and everyone else from the team is there to tackle him with a hug and every time he looks to Caitlin he can’t help but smile.

Downtown Throw II

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Author’s note: the more I write, the more I’m sure I don’t know how to do fluffy.

It’s not PG. This part.

Part I

Bell is your savior. It became awkward, since you all have fallen silent, sitting stiffly on the couch – you even pushed yourself flat against the armrest to avoid touching Juhyuk. It isn’t that conscious, but you do know what you are doing, no reason for you to deny. But pizza is there and the thought of mouth-watering cheesy goodness makes you all excited. Boy jumps to his feet and Yangju spins in her seat, coiling herself as if she was a snake, instructing her brother where money left by their mother is. You can tell that Juhyuk knows it just as well as Yangju does, but he says nothing, and you have to admit – you are impressed. If it was you and Jaehyun, bickering would never end.

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Reverse Villain Monologue

Fandom: Sanders Sides

Pairing: nothing yet. Eventual Roman/Virgil and maybe side Logan/Patton. Depends how I’m feeling when I write it.

Words: 659

Genre: pure weird humour

Summary: In which Princey, the city’s masked defender, confronts his nemesis, Anxiety, and they discuss evil schemes. Or, in other words, the start of the superhero au I’ve been lowkey posting about since forever.

Read it here below the cut, or on AO3 when I get around to posting it there

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