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Little Artist 💚🖍⭐️
  • Me: does a drawing
  • CG: *peeks over to look at it*
  • CG: OH WOW !! That is the best thing I have ever seen! I'm so proud of you my little artist, this is going on the fridge!! What a clever little one *squishes cheeks* well done baby!! *showers in kisses*
  • Me: *gasp* i... i got the praise
  • Me: *collapses into biggest goofiest grin & uncontrollable giggles*
  • Me: it's just a little drawing *hold self proudly*
  • Me: *skips around happily for rest of the day, tells my teddies all about it & can't stop smiling*
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Goalie Warm Up Mini Compilation

You had a rough day? No problem my dear fella I got a little compilation for you that might make you smile ;)

“Goalie Warm Up Mini Compilation”

Reto Berra going down in a, what it seems to be a blocking butterfly then ‘shaking’ (correct me if I’m wrong)..

Originally posted by nylander

Alex Stalock also going down in butterfly and ‘shaking’  his pads..

“The Wild’s Darcy Kuemper taking a breather.

McDonald nugget (Fleury) spreading his chicken wings..

Gotta be flexible to make acrobatic saves..

Originally posted by hockeynat96

‘Shaving’ the ice.. Ice might be slick and you don’t wanna slide out of postion, good warm up for your legs and the puck slows down easier.

I don’t know what this fucker is doing.. (’Scuse my french)

Carey Price teaching the kids..

Jonathan Quick streching his legs..

this started out as a shitpost drawing but then I got really into it @danisnotonfire


Sammy Lawrence’s b̷̸̛͞o̵̶͢҉͡r̨̨į̸́͠͡n̶̕͞g̵̷ ̴̕͢c̨̢͞o̵̡͜͢n͞͏̷v͝ę̵̵̴̸n͡͡҉̢t̢͢͏̡͠i̸͘ò̷̴͝͝n̡͟ adventures.