sharks bby

4 times Rin and Sousuke are totally the parents of Samezuka Swim Team

…and one time where they’re just grossly domestic with no one else around.

I was trying to finish this for sourin week but I ran out of time lol. Thanks for SO MANY sourin works!! I hope it happens again :D

1. The time Rin sends Sousuke out for groceries without an explicit shopping list.

Minami is a pretty observant person, but about two weeks after Yamazaki transfers to Samezuka, it no longer takes observation to notice the changes in their captain. Matsuoka seems to be happier, more relaxed and playful when he’s around Yamazaki. It’s usually a good thing, because practices are less stressful, and the captain can be pretty fun when he’s not tense and barking out orders.

But ever since this mellowed version of Matsuoka appeared, Minami has the feeling it’s going to go too far one day. And it has now officially hit that day.

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My weekend in brief: 

think about the weddings of ancient assholes

type up veritable essays discussing the weddings of ancient assholes

read veritable essays discussing the weddings of ancient assholes

think about ancient assholes some more

flounder in all the feels

design wedding attire for said ancient assholes

@feynites this is all your doing. Have some prettified uthvir for your efforts <3

edit: oh right… vallaslin.

Obvious bbys #14
  • Rin: I'm not going to record a video message for Iwatobi!
  • Rei: Why so shy? We all did it, you know..
  • Rin: Does "we" include Haru?
  • Rei: Of course!
  • Rin: Ehh.. Are you serious? Then, I'm recording! 3..2..1 go!
  • (...)
  • Rei: Next, Haruka-senpai!
  • Rin: Haru.. uhmm..
  • Rei: ...
  • Rin: I definitely won't lose to you, so prepare yourself!
  • Rei: .. That's it?
  • Rin: I'm done! Next!

Imagining Thenvunin conspicuously hissing, ‘no stop pawing at me and go away before everyone sees you talking to me’. Sometimes I get the feeling that Uthvir finds him vastly more entertaining when he isn’t horizontal. ;x

@feynites how are these ancient assholes of yours so adorable. How.

Background inspired by @destinyapostasy and her lovely - also tear-inducing - Solas comic! (I just painted over a screenshot..)

What Lies Within

What is it behind the sharp, pointed edges and those cracks on your armour, Uthvir? The most important question is not what you are. It is who you are…

Uthvir and Squishy/Desire are @feynites​‘ characters from the Looking Glass. My early St Valentine’s gift for Fey & all Uthvir’s fans. A small prayer for happiness, although whatever will happen, needs to happen… :)

Process GIF here.


…and I will be yours, in earnest, until the end of always.

@feynites I once went to a hiking on the mountain on a night trail just around the end of sunset, and at one place it feels like the trees are forming a corridor and there were fireflies. So many of them. It felt truly magical. I didn’t manage to draw the ceremony itself in its splendour, it ended up being something simpler, less decorated.

Here’s to the two bonded souls.   May the road rise up to meet them.


Eluvian Compendium Mini-project: WIP1 - Vallaslin

Well since I can’t really draw much on digital lately, but is still in dire need of drawing Uthvir, this just happened. I’m sorry for the image quality, it’s drawn on sketchbook & will be inked later so I can’t pushed the pencil too hard or it’ll look bad when inked.

Basically this is a kind of illustrated codex for Feynite’s Looking Glass fic about ancient Elvhenan, which has a complex lore & world-building of itself outside Bioware’s Dragon Age canon.

@feynites​: do you have any suggestion for the short accompaniment text…? HELP

I don’t know how much time this will take and how many time is still available for me but well… here’s some brainstorming for the theme & featured characters on the next ones that I already got image in my head… until I can go back to full digital painting.

  • Spirit Embodiment - Curiosity
  • Halla - Lavellan (or probably something about emotional cloud & shape-shifting?)
  • Andruil’s Hunters: Uthvir
  • Shapeshifting: Uthvir* (big fave… so…) or Pride or Curiosity
  • Mythal’s blooms: Thenvunin
  • Elgarnan’s Peacekeeper: Squishy
  • Name of the Dead - Hildur
  • Twin Souls: Mythal/Elgarnan or Falon’Din/Dirthamen
  • The Nameless One (?)

Finished version here!