sharks and hammers

the signs as sharks

Aries: Great White Shark -  Doesn’t usually attack humans, but when it does, its a deadly mess.

Taurus: Blacktip Reef Shark - An extremely fast, yet small shark that isn’t really a human threat.

Gemini: Hammerhead Shark - A unusual shark that uses its hammer shaped head to hunt prey.

Cancer: Basking Shark - Appears very dangerous, however can not attack, because it is a filter feeder.

Leo: Bull Shark - Is very dangerous, and you never know when they will attack. 

Virgo: Bonnethead Shark - A smaller version of the Hammerhead Shark, not a human threat.

Libra: Blue Shark - An endangered shark that is thought to be the most beautiful in the world, however, very deadly.

Scorpio: Cookie Cutter Shark - A very intelligent and observant shark, usually not known of its existence. 

Sagittarius: Tiger Shark - A dangerous shark that will attack when unprovoked, if it means food, they will get it.

Capricorn: Whale Shark - The largest shark in the world, however will not attack humans.

Aquarius: Primordal Shark - Recently discovered, and is much different than any other sharks. 

Pisces: The Angel Shark - An endangered shark that isn’t dangerous to humans.


The Shark Axe

Wrought iron has such a beautiful look. The life and lines of the wrought bring a special dimension to the body of work. This axe represents my first successful wrought iron axe body with a carbon cutting edge. The trick for success was to keep the cross section of the eye very thick. I started out with about 700 grams of weight and ended around 400 but I was able to keep that cross section quite thick. It was still tricky to shape the eye without the wrought crumbling but the wrought I used for this is very good quality.

The blade shape is shark inspired, hammer head to be more precise. The cutting edge feels like a shark fin or head protruding out of a sea of wrought iron. It is shaped much like a fin and comes complete with a mouth full of teeth in the underside. It throws like a dream and cuts like sharpened shark teeth. It’s ready to be-head the toughest of fish.

Hammerhead Shark by tbanny Hammerhead sharks can grow up to 6m with their average weight varying from 230 to 450 kg. Their average life expectancy is between 20 and 30 years. The positioning of the eyes, mounted on the sides of the shark’s distinctive hammer head give the shark good 360-degree vision in the vertical plane.