sharknado 2

Pro Tip: Don’t watch Sharknado 2 tonight without our drinking game


Take two sips…

– Whenever it’s clear the movie was actually shot in the winter.

– Every time somebody explains why they hate sharks.

– Whenever the movie’s sense New York geography is wildly inaccurate.

– Every time somebody uses the phrase “jump the shark”

– For every B-List celebrity cameo.

My dad and I watched Sharknado for the first time. This is what happened.
  • Me:Wow, this storm is looking kinda fishy.
  • Dad:Those clouds are looking a little... murky.
  • Dad:You could cut those clouds with a fin.
  • Dad:I forgot the main guy's name was 'Fin' lol.
  • Dad:Don't lose your hammer 'head'.
  • Me:Looks like they're 'sharked outta luck'.
  • Me:They're so 'fin'ished.
  • Me:Looks like people got one 'dorse' too many of sharks.
  • Dad:I didn't know Fin could fly that 'great white' plane.
  • Me:New York's got a 'biter' of a storm coming.
  • *Opening titles start*