sharknado 2


Seriously though, I think I’ve been missing out.

I remember refusing to talk about the first one, and now that I’ve watched the second movie, I kind of regret it. It is a pretty bad, pretty dumb, pretty preposterous movie, but it knows it’s all those things and takes itself as seriously as it needs to. Which is not at all.

And it seems there’s more movies of this new franchise coming out!

I know this will sound crazy, but if you’re going to watch a bad shark movie, make sure it’s one of the Sharknado ones. You’re bound to have a fun time.

And now, if you excuse me, I have to surf on a shark while wielding a chainsaw for a few more minutes. This is fun.

My dad and I watched Sharknado for the first time. This is what happened.
  • Me: Wow, this storm is looking kinda fishy.
  • Dad: Those clouds are looking a little... murky.
  • Dad: You could cut those clouds with a fin.
  • Dad: I forgot the main guy's name was 'Fin' lol.
  • Dad: Don't lose your hammer 'head'.
  • Me: Looks like they're 'sharked outta luck'.
  • Me: They're so 'fin'ished.
  • Me: Looks like people got one 'dorse' too many of sharks.
  • Dad: I didn't know Fin could fly that 'great white' plane.
  • Me: New York's got a 'biter' of a storm coming.
  • *Opening titles start*
  • June: I started to feel like what we're fighting in the movie is all wrong. People are fighting the sharks, and the sharks are innocent victims of what is a very strange weather event.
  • Scott: Well yeah, it's global warming.
  • June: It's global warming, and it's some strange environmental effect.
  • Jason: So who is the villain in your eyes?
  • Scott: OBAMA