i adore sharknado for being the one franchise that’s under no obligation to have internal logic or good writing and has complete license to just cram as many ridiculous action movie cliches in there as possible. a flying cyborg with rocket feet fighting nuclear sharks alongside her husband in a mech suit with chainsaw hands is why man invented television

I think most of the appeal of sharknado is that you literally cannot predict anything that will happen, like they will point you in the direction of a certain plot and then throw a shark at it and surprise there’s a NUKENADO now and by the way that character you thought was dead is back and has lightsaber hands and it doesn’t even matter because it will just get weirder from here trust me.


More absurd monster guys! I’ve got so many concepts! Help me I cant stop!

Pinhead / Threadhunter- pincusion meets voodoo doll meets shrunken head on a pike. He steals peoples heads, i guess? and shrinks them? they’ll probably be fine once you beet him, tho. has various needle/sewing based attacks.

Sharybdis / Tornaparto- yes its a sharknado monster. she makes sharknados. she also has control over whirlpools, waterspouts, and various infamously carnivorous fish like piranha and barracuda. She’s very melodramatic.

Vumpire / Baseball Brat- obnoxious little prick who took over the baseball stadium. Can throw, catch, and deflect projectiles with ease, especially his fanged parasitic Chase Balls. can only be defeated by a home run struck right through his heart. the baseball bat may be the true seat of his consciousness.

Skates N’ Rays / Shooting Star- Skates around at obnoxious speed leaving a glittery rainbow trail behind him. Shoots his Sting Beam at anything that catches his attention. talks like an obnoxious movie producer (”Hey Babe, We’’ll do lunch, Chau!”)

YO! I’ve just noticed I hit 1500+ followers in these days, so thank you so much to you all.

I’m happy that you keep enjoying my silly stuff, and I would have gladly celebrated this occasion with something else like a fanart or a gifset, if I only had had the time. Instead, to show you my gratitude, I’m sharing this clip from the Italian version of Sharknado - The Fourth awakens… who wants to hear how dreadful Seth Rollins sounds in Italian? Haha LOOOOL xD