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CHICAGO IRL definitely lucked out when creative co-conspirator Erik Peterson introduced Heather Marie Vernon to us interested in doing a performance for the launch party. The performance work Vernon does is constantly breaking boundaries and pushing the audience into a place of exquisite vulnerability. Sharkheart closed out the stage for the evening captivating everyone to silence and anticipation. Vernon has a command that has already caused an addiction for more.

Heather Marie Vernon has a terrifying new love in her life and she wants to tell us all about it in Shark<3! One of the many exciting performance we are privileged to debut during the Northern Lights + Chicago IRL Launch Party (Wed, June 29th 9PM - 2AM).

If you have not had the privilege of seeing Vernon perform before I suggest you high tail it over and keep your eyes peeled for future work or get some snippets from Pink Anxiety.

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