Finally got them all done XD IM pretty sure I got them all :I Anyways heres the rest of them in this order ovo ( and her sexy lumberjack pony, i love manly ponies and characters fff there my weakness and she knows it! ) ( I made sure to give her all her friends hair based on a picture I found on your tumblr ;3 ) (graced with ) ( He wanted himself, and to be hanging out in some fandom, so he mentioned attack on titans and being IN LOVE with that anime – i made it >;3 ) (graced with

Contest Winners!

Guess I might aswell stop stalling with this, uh?

Well… I had a really hard time picking because there are just so many awesome entries.

Well but yeah… I guess I have to pick ;u;

So, lets start.

3rd PLACE: 

3rd place gets either a chibi or a icon/avatar.

I had the hardest time trying to decide between Flight Feather’s entry and Tootie’s. So I decided to just tie the two in third place, ahah x3

I won’t say much about these, guys- sorry. Mostly I liked how they portrayed their relationship and how they managed to keep them in character. And how different from the other entries, as they don’t really end up in a relationship.

2nd PLACE:

2nd place gets a pic of their oc with flat colors and either a simple background or transparent.

Crayon’s entry (not posting everything here it’d take ages). Now I really love the amount of effort put into this. The story idea is adorable and the style, how it has no speech but you can easily tell what’s going on, I love it <3 
Not to mention how she remembered our silly little rp AND silly things like the otamatone. Bonus points.

1st PLACE:

1st place gets the full drawing with shading/complex background

Now, what everyone’s been waiting for…. 1st place goes to…. SharkDuck’s entry!

I asked a friend to help me decide on the winners and she gave an explanation for this ship which sums up why I picked them.

“Its like you said. She didnt instant ship them with weak and flimsy story book romance reasons. She made their relationship develope from scratch. She put effort into planning out their relationship and showed CD through a different view. She didnt effeminate him. She kept him in character and showed different sides of CD while making a believeable ship

They interact, they have depth and they’re real. Its not just cute fluff. Its how a lot of things in real life are. Difficult.

CD made Skunk stop and think. Skunk is being challenged and having to think outside the box to get CD. CD isnt being handed to him on a silver platter and effort always goes a long way with me ((Mod: With me too :D))

I can see a story come out of this ship, even after they get together. They’d always have challenges and conflict and neither would ever stop learning more about the other or growing.”

Overall, it was an awesome entry. Not to mention the time she took to add all those little ponies in the background.

Honorable Mentions:

Before I finish this, let me just mention other entries I really liked:

Mane Devil x Color Draft Entry

Sparrow Night x Color Draft Entry

Candlelight Song x Kyle Entry

Foresight x Dumbbell Entry


So, yeah, if the winners would please contact me as soon as possible, that’d be great c: