2016 in 6 selfies! (tagged by @deceive and @nicebf)

I think it’s fair to say this year has been (and continues to be) a fairly turbulent one, but here’s to a New and Improved 2017™ 

Any and everyone should upload their selfie timeline, however in the spirit of the tag, I invite: @roastedricetea @sevsfangasm @depengu @blackhatdare @youngcomputer @deplorability @tiziofiore @teriyagii @lavalierre @cloudfreed @pumpkinsnuffle @literallythecutestgirlever @bringonthegold @lumberbuns @xyph0s @mee-shellmabelle @sadgirlpants @asuasuhyuu @lacrownlyre-cosmic-panda @envyously @barraco-barnerr @ikawaiiaishiteru @syowangza @artgae @irish-hugz @ashymoses @frankensteinboyfriend @tawdis @lollipopdevastator @fluffyduckgardens @tsunderman @starsandaspirin @monstarrhigh @codypham @jorstar @overwelcome @electricplanets @asortlnx @aiyguey @tresnubian @lilspacebunny @fagbish@androigynous @pitypartypub @kingofpissboots @sharkberries @densetsu-no-stahpenisu @thehushmonalisa @micolours @joakkar @gnollbard @sweetratprince @fenneking @nankananaka

sharkberries  asked:

im thinkin of buying the witcher series in the steam sale but im kinda on the fence. whats your fave thing about the game? :0

do it. My favourite thing is the in-game sex because im a lonely virgin who has never touched a boob I really like the character design and Ciri

This is my gift for my FenHawke Secret Santa/Gift exchange buddy  @sharkberries and her Hawke, Jaq! Happy New Year! I hope you enjoy. It was meant to be fluffier, but I ended up just going for sweet.

A Late Gift
~1400 words
For context, it’s set a little while after their first night in Act 2, after things between them have settled somewhat, but before everything else in Kirkwall gets completely out of hand :) Hope you enjoy!

Jaq holds her breath, stamping her feet in the snow and letting the air puff out of her lungs, a visible cloud hanging in front of her face. Then she lifts her hand to the door, and knocks.

And knocks again.

When there’s still no answer on the third knock, she huffs in frustration and pushes the door open anyway.

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