Listen/purchase: Two Merfriends by Rebecca Scoble

The artwork for this track is by sharkberries aka Sharkie. The characters here are mer OCs of them and one of their friends!

My influences for this one were probably the weirdest combination of songs so far. Cape Breton Lullaby, which is a lovely choral piece that I sang in Elementary school and really stuck with me for all these years, and a medley of the Mario water level songs from a bunch of different games. I think the mixolydian scale of Cape Breton Lullaby gives the piece a slightly off-kilter feel, which I like for a song about non-human creatures. And listening to Mario music was really helpful for studying how composers who were seriously limited by technology decided to represent water and swimming, and get an idea of what kinds of sounds I wanted to use.

Anyway, it’s really fun to write music for characters like this! I hope it’s clear which of the instruments and themes represents each of them.

(My co-editor and best friend tokyodemons and I are very familiar with this particular friend dynamic–the big, quiet, serious one and the little extroverted one who gets all up in the other’s space. So yes, I’m drawing from my own life here :D)

This is my gift for my FenHawke Secret Santa/Gift exchange buddy  @sharkberries and her Hawke, Jaq! Happy New Year! I hope you enjoy. It was meant to be fluffier, but I ended up just going for sweet.

A Late Gift
~1400 words
For context, it’s set a little while after their first night in Act 2, after things between them have settled somewhat, but before everything else in Kirkwall gets completely out of hand :) Hope you enjoy!

Jaq holds her breath, stamping her feet in the snow and letting the air puff out of her lungs, a visible cloud hanging in front of her face. Then she lifts her hand to the door, and knocks.

And knocks again.

When there’s still no answer on the third knock, she huffs in frustration and pushes the door open anyway.

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