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Haru’s nightmare vs. Rin’s nightmare

  • me: *takes a deep breath* I lo–
  • anyone who has spent 5 seconds around me, ever: Yes, you love Rinharu. We know. You love Rinharu so much; it's the light of your life, you love it so much. You just love Rinharu so motherfucking hard. We KNOW. you love Rinharu. you fucking love Rinharu, goddammit Rinharu yes, okay. we know, we get it. RINHARU. WE GET IT, shut the fuck up already. WE ALREADY KNOW, YOU LOVE RINHARU.

 “ Going on a trip feels completely different when you do it with your family, or with your friends, or with your…umm, you know, lover… ”  

- Matsuoka Rin, Track 4 Illustrated Works vol. 2 [x]


Cherry Prompt (Welcome home)

Rin comming home to his boyfriend, and meeting their baby Sakura for the first time. Don’t ask me where he’s been…

I realized that Sakura Week starts today, and I had only done day 4… 
So I threw this one together before bed, because I really wanted to participate! And I need to draw more of these cuties <3

Hope you like it!

shalalalalala my oh my

look like the boy too shy

he ain’t gonna kiss the girl

shalalalalala don’t stop now

don’t try to hide it how, you wanna


@feynites  is this ur subtle way of asking for more hwrc!sharkbait?

I am weak for hwrc sharkbait I cannot lie

like so (✿ ♥‿♥)


Haru not wanting to say goodbye to Rin. Look at his tiny tsundere fists. He wants to say so much, but can’t. I cry. He’s like “Bitch, I like you so fucking much, and you’re leaving to fucking Australia. But I know this is important to you, and I need to let you go… But I don’t wanna. Sorry, I’m not good with words and feelings. I’ll wait for you to come back. Please come back.” And Rin probably wants to hug him and say goodbye personally, but he’s scared bc Haru always acts like Rin’s annoying him. KILL ME PLS