Gender: Female
Pod: N/A
Place of Capture: Hornafjöður, Iceland
Date of Capture: October 1989
Age at Capture: Approx. 4 years

In October 1989, the last group of whales were captured in Iceland and transferred immediately to the Hafnarfjordur Aquarium.

The government was determining whether to ban the capture of wild Orcas, resulting in the whales having to wait for their transfer from the Aquarium to be properly authorized.

In January 1990, a female named Sharkan and the male named Tanouk were moved to Marineland Antibes in France. Here they met the resident whales, a female named Freya and a male named Kim II. They seemed to get along well and were soon performing alongside each other.

During her time at the park, Sharkan shared dominance with Freya until the birth of Sharkan’s first calf in 1993 when she was just 8 years old; a female named Shouka.

In 1999, Sharkan gave birth to her second calf, a male named Inouk, and in 2001, a second female named Wikie. Shouka resides at SeaWorld San Diego today, while both Wikie and Inouk reside at Marineland Antibes.

After Kim II’s death in 2005, staff at the park hoped to artificially inseminate Sharkan, who apparently did well in learning the procedure.

Unfortunately, Sharkan died on January 3, 2009 due to an infection caused by Bacillus Pyocyanique.

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Gender: Female
Pod: N/A
Place of Capture: Born at Marineland Antibes, France
Date of Capture: Born June 1, 2001
Age at Capture: Captive born
Current Location: Marineland Antibes, France

On June 1, 2001, the Icelandic female Sharkan gave birth to her third calf at Marineland Antibes in France; a female later known as Wikie and sired by the Icelandic male Kim II. Unfortunately, Sharkan died at the start of 2009.

Later on in 2009, Wikie became the youngest whale ever to be successfully Artificially Inseminated at the age of just 8 years old with semen from the Icelandic male Ulises, who currently resides at SeaWorld of California. Also in that same year, Wikie was involved in an incident where she pushed a trainer underwater, just before waterworks were stopped at the park.

In 2011, Wikie gave birth to her first calf. At first it was thought the calf was female and was named Moana, but it was later announced that Moana was a male but would keep his name. Moana was the first Orca born through AI in Europe, and the 3rd in the world.

Right after Moana, however, Wikie became pregnant again and gave birth in November 2013 to another male who was later known as Keijo. It is believed that his father is Valentin, who happens to be Wikie’s half brother as they share the same father.

In May 2014, a video was posted to YouTube showing Wikie, Moana, and Keijo at the slideout. In the video, Keijo is lying on the slideout while Wikie continuously blocks him from re-entering the water, as well as coming onto the slideout twice, pushing Keijo further back towards the railing. This is most likely a learned behavior on Wikie’s part, as there is photo evidence of Sharkan forcing Wikie onto the slideout as a calf. It’s unknown why Sharkan ever displayed this behavior in the first place, however, as no wild populations have ever been observed purposely beaching their own calves.

Today, Wikie is 13 years old and still resides at Marineland Antibes with her two sons.

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Wasn’t there a video of Sharkan forcing one of her calves to beach on the slide out?? Was it Wikie or another one of her calves?


#Sharkan jeje 😴🐶

hamatodante asked:

there was a video of Wikie doing it to Keijo, and there's photo evidence of Sharkan doing it to Wikie (and maybe to Inouk)

Yeah, I saw the pictures of Sharkan doing it to Wikie on Wikie’s orcahome page so that’s why I assumed the video was of Sharkan and Wikie and not Wikie and Keijo