shark-pup  asked:

I love that Mercy is basically blizzad's pinup gal, but they basically don't give her any sort of character development, we haven't even gotten like a comic or anything and now she's basically being reduced to as Genji's savior. They're gonna strip away her agency as all her motives were for saving him because "something something".

the entire ship is based on the premise that Mercy is ok with an unhealthy power dynamic in a relationship which is ????? considering that it’d be extremely unprofessional of her to even consider that. I mean there is a reason why therapeuts etc. have to stop once they feel like they grew too close with their patients.

G*ncy is not about Mercy, it never has been. It’s always about Genji and what people thing HE needs, but the truth is the ship hurts his character as well.

Weird Fact of the Day:
Hammerhead sharks are born with soft heads, so that they don’t get stuck in their mother’s birth canal.
Female hammerheads usually give birth to around 15 pups per litter, with the exception of the great hammerhead shark, which can give birth to 20-40.

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