Weird Fact of the Day:
Hammerhead sharks are born with soft heads, so that they don’t get stuck in their mother’s birth canal.
Female hammerheads usually give birth to around 15 pups per litter, with the exception of the great hammerhead shark, which can give birth to 20-40.

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shark-pup replied to your post: related to your sans post, this is the most…

my gay awakening is so boring, it’s literally being told what lesbians are and being like yeah okay

i kinda feel that. like i had known what i was from like an early early age i just didnt know the word. i didnt even have a crush til 7th grade because i was just like. a very dreamy kid who was too busy watching cartoons/reading/playing neopets to form proper social relations


OMG there’s video of little heart nose the WS pup!  <3  she’s so kawaii i can’t even handle it!!


So now that it’s shark week I’m gonna need A LOT of Sidon fan art. Shark husband has a whole week dedicated to sharks. I want Sidon playing with sharks! Like a pod of sharks. Pups!!! Have him playing the pups!!! Ahhhhh. Self inserts, oc, sidon x link I wanna see it all!!!

well…they do have fish tails… also Papyrus don’t help sans, because i have a sneaking suspician that that finned rascal may show you a good time….and then probably eat you. Going to be some tasty num nums.

I think horrortale flowey may be tossing up whether or not to protect the cinnamon roll that is papyrus.

fun fact: shark pups will sometimes canniblize any other pups while still in the womb… some species do give live birth, and some have eggs. :) yes, they are so metal that they will eat their sibling while still in the womb.

Aren’t we glad we don’t have that crazy adaption in humans…cuz, we will no longer have twins probably and very horrified mothers.

Just in case you weren’t  already terrified enough of sharks.

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Symmetra can defy gravity.

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