Weird Fact of the Day:
Hammerhead sharks are born with soft heads, so that they don’t get stuck in their mother’s birth canal.
Female hammerheads usually give birth to around 15 pups per litter, with the exception of the great hammerhead shark, which can give birth to 20-40.

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OMG there’s video of little heart nose the WS pup!  <3  she’s so kawaii i can’t even handle it!!

For all the animal lovers following my blog, please just take a minute to read this. I don’t want my story happening to anyone else.

After going to California for a family emergency, my family offered to bring me home a gift for taking care of my grandmother and all the animals while they were gone. Knowing my love of sharks, they sent me a picture of bottled sharks. My first instinct was “I don’t want anything that was killed as a baby for human gain.” After asking the employees, and reading the sign they had displayed with the sharks, my family was informed that this certain breed of shark only lives 3 weeks and then passes away. 

Of course, my family thought this was a little weird. What animal lives for only three weeks and dies? And my father, an avid shark lover, had never heard of the breed of shark being advertised. The “Spinner Dog Shark,” or something along those lines. 

The clerk at the store assured my parents over and over that this shark wasn’t a baby and killed to be bottled and sold, and so my parents decided to buy it for me and bring it home. 

Not satisfied, my family and I did some research today to discover that this is a Spiny Dogfish pup, a native shark to Florida. Once being the most abundant species of shark, feeding on small fish and shrimp, it is now killed and sold to tourists all over. 

My family and I are now disgusted and ashamed. As animal rescuers and lovers, we really do not want such a symbol of animal cruelty in our home. I don’t want to take it out of the box, or even look at it knowing the poor creature wasn’t given a chance at life. But, it is an amazing specimen, and on a scientific level I can appreciate being able to truly get this close a look at a baby shark - and in the long run, I don’t want it’s death to be in vain now that I’ve already purchased it.

The point of all of this, is please do your research before you purchase anything like this. Nothing deserves to die like this, only so the greedy human race can profit from it. 

I’m sorry, little pup, that you never got to live your life as a big shark. You would have been absolutely gorgeous.


This isn’t the video I was thinking about but it’s a pretty cool video either way!