Most Dangerous Shark Pictures

Most Dangerous Shark Pictures

Shark belongs to class fish. It lays eggs. There are five to seven gill slits on both sides of head. There are more than 500 species of shark. There are different sizes of shark. Dwarf lanternshark is the smallest shark in the world. It is about 17 centimeters in length. Whale shark is the largest fishin the world. It is about approximately 12 meters (39 ft) in length. Sharks are mostly found in…

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Great White Shark Great White Sharks Underwater Photo in Open Water. Underwater photos by Vitaliy Sokol

Isla Guadeloupe, Mexico / Остров Гваделупе, Мексика, 2014.
Exciting diving with SharkExplorers team / Захватывающие приключения вместе с командой “ШаркЭксплорерз”

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Фотограф Виталий Сокол, подводная фотосъемка.

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Thx for watching / Приятных мыслей в процессе созерцания by willyam