Blacktip Reef Shark (Carcharhinus melanopterus)

Photos taken by Connor Butler - Tioman Island, Malaysia. 

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After 20 shark attacks since 2011, Kelly Slater has called for a cull of sharks on Reunion Island. For those of you that do not know, Kelly Slater is an eleven time world surf champion. This is a guy that has power. He knows the waters better than anyone and he has an extremely strong point. But, I just cannot agree. He claims to be an environmental activist, saving rhinos from poachers, cleaning pollution from the oceans and even claims he is against the finning of sharks. The issue is, he still believes that sharks in Reunion Island should be culled for their attacks on humans. What he fails to mention, though, is that 5 of these attacks did not injure the person involved and quite a few others were at the fault of the human. They knew sharks were present, they knew the waters were unsafe and yet they still went out to the ocean. This is bigger than the attacks on humans. We are talking about the murder of tens or hundreds of sharks. We are destroying our oceans and I can’t sit back to watch.
There are other options to prevent shark attacks! There are other options to save humans and to save the sharks. We must work together to come up with these options and it will make a world of difference. One million starts with one and I’m here to fight the good fight.

Please share to spread awareness. This is extremely important to me but even more important to these sharks.


How many bands did Neal Schon perform with in the ‘80s? Never really pegged him as a hair metal dude but Hardline certain had the hair part down. A Shark Island/Hardline double bill in 1990 would have been pretty amazing, right?


Shark Island

Population of 0; part of Australia; 0.0058 square miles.

Interesting fact: the island is so called because it’s shape is thought to resemble that of a shark.

(via Shark Island, Sydney Harbour National Park, Australia | Flickr - Photo Sharing!)

aesthetic666aliens  asked:

Hi I was wondering if you had a few suggestions on how to make money or how to make my town look a lot better thank you ♡

@aesthetic666aliens​, my apologies for posting this publicly. I thought it might be helpful to the rest of my followers too!

I’m going to assume you’re meaning non-hacking techniques.

For making Bells:

  1. Catch beetles from palm trees on the island (and sharks). These are the most valuable creatures to catch and are present most commonly after 7pm. If you don’t mind destroying your island a bit: removing the flowers, bushes, and non-palm trees will make the palm tree beetles spawn more. Don’t bother filling your basket with anything else and a full one will get you a couple hundred thousand Bells per trip.
  2. The “stalk market” (making money from selling turnips) can make you a lot of Bells if you know how to work it, but I’d definitely make sure you’ve found a good forum for turnip prices before trying this. Otherwise, you risk losing Bells.
  3. Create an orchard of perfect fruit, collect all of them, and sell them at a friend’s town if they have a different native fruit to you. Perfect fruit sells for quite a lot in other towns if it’s not native, so if you have absolutely loads you’ll make a ton! For fairness, let them sell their perfect fruit in your town too.

For decorating:

This is a little harder to give tips on since everybody has different ideas of what a good town looks like, but I’ll try.

  • To get more flower hybrids, you can use this guide by me.
  • To get better villager placements, you can use my plot reset guide.
  • Combining chopped bamboo and shrubs can make cute little decorative areas:
  • Laying out flowers in organised ways, even if it’s just grouping matching/complementary colours together, really can make an area look so much better.
  • If your town is going to have paths, lay the paths out first and then decide where you want public works projects to go afterwards. Otherwise you might end up awkwardly snaking the path around the projects.
  • Save lucky clovers and mushrooms if you pick them up (if you have storage space). Once you have a few you can use them for landscaping, and if you don’t want them I imagine you could sell them to other town owners if they’re in relatively large numbers for extra Bells.
  • Use the beautiful town ordinance so your flowers won’t wilt if you don’t play for a while.

Maracas bay. North Coast. Trinidad and Tobago.

Maracas Bay is one of Trinidad’s most famous beaches. A deep bay protects this palm-fringed strip of golden sand, one of the most beautiful beaches close to the city. From Port of Spain, the scenic drive through mountainous rainforest provides breathtaking views of lush peninsulas jutting into the sea. Food vendors and showers are available by the beach and once the weather is nice and sunny, one will surely enjoy a day at the bay.

Tiny White Tip Reef Shark relaxing after a hard day reefing in the Perhentian Islands, Malaysia. 

requin marteau by PierreLobel When you dive in cocos Island, hammerhead sharks are everywhere, even upon you! :-) This is really wildlife!

Lorsque vous plongez à Cocos, les requins marteaux sont tout autour de vous, même au dessus de votre tête. C'est la nature sauvage dans toute sa splendeur…

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