Me: lmao im not a crazy hockey fan like some people

Also Me: wears team merch all day everyday, constantly checks social media accounts about fav team, cant go 10 minutes without bringing up something about hockey,constantly broke from buying hockey merch, cant live a normal life because of hockey


Never ending Disneyland of Hot men I want to Lick 

playoffs? more like panic! at the puck drop

NHL Captains of the 2016-17 Season

Note: There are no captains for the Hurricanes or Maple Leafs used alternate captains.

Yay Hockey! 

Five years ago the finale episode of “LOST” aired.

Back then I drew this little collage in my calendar because it was by far my favorite show. And even now it still holds a special place in my heart. ;) Hopefully I will get around to a complete rewatch later this year. Namaste!


How many bands did Neal Schon perform with in the ‘80s? Never really pegged him as a hair metal dude but Hardline certain had the hair part down. A Shark Island/Hardline double bill in 1990 would have been pretty amazing, right?