“Swimming With Sharks” by Alex Schaefer

Getting stuck in open water is terrifying to me not because of how expansive it is, but because you can’t see what’s beneath you. I hate that feeling!

So it got me thinking about how I could relate that fear back to my own life. And to me the idea of being stuck in open water reminds me of a creative limbo where there’s really no sense of direction and always a fear of what could happen around you. It reminds me that with sharing your work often comes a fear of abandonment, but that embracing that fear only makes you a better artist.


The location I used to shoot this image was a small lake near my house. When I got there to shoot, I had an unexpected surprise- the entire area of the lake where I was going to shoot was covered in lily pads. Oops! The last time I shot there was for my portrait “Anchor” and that was last March.

tyrannokiing asked:

‘ROUGH TOUCH’ [ for River c: ]

Rough Touch [[ accepting ]]
muse. river 
3 . Your muse suddenly grips my muse’s hair.

it went from bad to worse from 0-100 real quick. 
somehow, you had met the other without even meaning to and you snarled to yourself as you 
heard Him coming closer. you had no talons or quickness, you relayed on your swim skills. 
and now, you were a shark out of water.

moving too late you felt a rough hand yank on your hair and you instinctively moved your elbow back to connect with His body. you needed to get out of here, needed the weapons you had gained over the years of being a splice without the talons of a Swift-Talon or the strength of a Rex. 



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