shark week!

priscilliagaming  asked:

OMG YOU LIKE DINOSAURS TOO?! SAME HERE!!! Is that why you draw alphys alot?

Probably, I’m not really sure XD 

But, in all honesty, everything started with planning a comic and some rough sketches, last year. Initially, after playing around with Sans refs, I was “forced” to learn to draw Alphys as flexible as I could every now and then. Even if didn’t like Alphys from game very much, I really had no choice, and not only that her presence is very important for story plots. Or else it will be difficult if Alphys isn’t involved in Timetale story and Sans has nobody to interact with when it’s all about science problems and such, that either if he’s in BOSS charge.

So yeaaaah, that’s how it happened back then and how I fell in love with that so-lovely character, that I’m beginning to view her as dinosaur more than lizard. XD Noooow, all thanks to Alphys, I’m fangurling over dinosaurs once again after years. And prolly still doing now~ :D


“I was supposed to give you guys a curfew, but I didn’t. Our little secret, yeah? Stay out all night for all I care. Not my problem - you guys can take care of yourselves.”

With that, TWELVE snaps the wooden box shut and returns it to reception. Turning to face you, he gives you another bright smile that betrays the words that follow.

“Now, fuck off, will you? I’ve got shit to do, and you lot should make friends with one another, or whatever. If you want to hang out, you’ve got my number. Later~!”

…Now what?

10  reasons Tanisha Thomas is a gift from God

1. She taught us about loving ourselves AND BE PROUD OF WHO WE ARE

And that self-confidense is everything

2. she proved that there’s nothing wrong with calling out a bitch

3. She also knows the importance of food

4. She is the QUEEN of style

5. She knows PRIORITIES

6. She knows how to make people respect her

7. She would make an awesome friend

8. She’s also the queen of sass

 9. she’s the definition of Boss Ass Bitch