‘Torches and Pitchforks’ for Newsweek

Though admittedly, there are no pitchforks in his illustration. A piece I did for Newsweek bout Shark Week and their abandoning for educational programming, and awareness for the endangered species in favor of the image of monster killer dinosaur sharks.

Thanks to AD Jessica Fitzgerald!

  • Shark Documentary:a dead shark!!
  • Me:oh no
  • Shark Documentary:something kILLED IT!!
  • Me:it was an orca
  • Shark Documentary:WHAt killed this SHARK??!
  • Me:orca
  • Shark Documentary:It was not a man!!!
  • Me:orca
  • Shark Documentary:*flips a shark upside down*
  • Me:ok
  • Shark Documentary:there are some orcas living nearby
  • Me:yes good
  • Shark Documentary:what could this mean??
  • Me:orcas killed the shark
  • Shark Documentary:did orcas kill this shark??!
  • Me:yes
  • Shark Documentary:orcas killed the shark!!
  • Me:fascinating

The epaulette shark (Hemiscyllium ocellatum) is a small species of longtailed carpet shark found in shallow, tropical waters (typically coral reefs or in tidal pools). The common name of this shark comes from the very large, white-margined black spot behind each pectoral fin, which are reminiscent of military epaulettes. Something unique (and adorable!) about these sharks is that rather than swimming, sometimes they “walk” by wriggling their bodies and pushing with their paired fins.