shark tshirt


Just some quick cryptid!Rick warm up doodles from this morning.

A small experiment - pattern tshirts! These just arrived today and I’m pretty happy with them (I worried the purple microraptor wouldn’t print well especially but it looks fine, phew!!). I’ll have these for sale at Gold Coast Supanova in two weeks and based on how that goes, I’ll see about ordering more, and in a wider range of sizes. Could do a preorder, if there’s enough interest!

 I already have maaany ideas for new designs so I hope this goes okay. :3c 

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Hey guys! So shark week is approaching and August is one it’s way, so why not show your shark week pride with my new t-shirt design! Originally the shark was done for a customer, but he found himself unable to pay me and so the deal fell through. It was actually really great to get this design back and run with it in my own way. I’m so pleased with the result!

Available as a shirt and sticker too RIGHT HERE.

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