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Voltron Aesthetic: Ancient Rome AU

Gladiators seek to best all; It is the only way to survive in the arena.

Allura, daughter of the late Senator Alfor, serves as the presiding Domina over the House of Altea. Meanwhile her uncle Coran is head of their family’s Ludus, a trainer and trader for both the house gladiators and those leased by other families into his care. The reputation of their ludus is largely attributed to Shiro, who was once renowned as the undefeated and still hailed as The Champion despite no longer being active in the arena. His glory days ended after the loss of his arm to Zarkon, a fellow gladiator who belonged to the House of Galra. None the less he is now the Doctore to Altea’s gladiators, all respect him and fear the crack of his whip. Any wounds and injuries are tended to by the house Medicus, fondly called Pidge due to their keen eyes and small, pidgeon like stature. Their true name has been all but forgotten now. If not in their infirmary chances are they can be found out in the gardens or marketplace apothecary. Meals for the entire household, including the ludus, are prepared by the Archimagirus, Hunk, and a a small team of other house slaves. The Numidian had originally been purchased to fight in the arena, however his skills were found to be better use in the kitchen. Due to his affable personality he has developed close bonds with the entire household and does not tolerate any stealing of rations from the younger recruits. The House’s new rising champion is Lance, a Hispanian boy who had been within the ludus walls for nearly six years. His title as the Son of Neptune is a nod to his Retiarius fighting style, however it had stemmned from when he was first brought to Rome; the story goes that he was disciplined by being dragged behind his slave ship for a full day with few respites, yet didn’t drown nor fall prey to sharks. The truth is far more simple - he had been a pearl diver in his seaside village and was accustomed to holding his breath for extended periods. He is the self-declared rival of the last notable member of the ludus, a spitfire from the far East hailing from the same region as their Doctore. Keith’s title was born from his performances in the arena from where he would always emerge bathed in blood, both from his own fresh clawmarks and that spilled from whatever beast he had faced off. Unlike the others, he is not an Altea gladiator, he belongs to the House of Galra. His House is one notorious for producing skilled bestiarii such as himself and he had originially been sent to Coran’s ludus for the sole purpose of keeping an eye on his sire’s defeated rival…Not that the others need to know that particular detail.
Troubled Waters (Barry Allen x Reader)

Rating: G

Summary: After the Particle Accelerator exploded, many unsuspecting people began to show various and odd abilities. Following a vicious attack while night-surfing on that fateful day, you, the Reader, became one of those people. Thankfully, the brilliant minds at S.T.A.R. Labs (and the gorgeous Barry Allen) are willing to help you find your way and shield you from an intimidating organization.

‘Come to S.T.A.R. Labs,’ they said. 'It’ll be fun,’ they said.

You hadn’t known what to expect when Doctor Harrison Wells contacted you out of the blue one day regarding your incident almost ten months ago. But since there were these strange people stalking you around every corner, you were relieved to have somewhere to hide out. Although, being here in the labs, with three pairs of scientific eyes on you, you feel like an odd specimen. And though the members of S.T.A.R. Labs seemed to have gotten the gist of your current situation, they were still very intrigued to know the full details of your story. To know about your very special ability…

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Blood always returns no matter how much you might try to hide it away. Weiss will always be a reminder that the Schnee family was never perfect, and never will be.

I’m losing track of all the content for this AU, so here’s a place to collect it all!

FICS (full length):

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  4. enragement
  5. excursion (coming soon)
  6. emergent (coming soon)

FICS (short length):

  1. Teething Problems
  2. It’s Probably Mostly Polyester Anyway


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  1. rabbitmage
  2. directcomedian

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‘This AU is like a gift from god. Please continue what you are doing. this literally made my birthday when I fucking found this a few days ago.’ - catnip-regicide

‘hey i’m not even in the fucking rwby fandom but i’m here as Fuck for your great weiss shark au thanks for existing i love your work’ - anon


Blake is DMAB agender (they/them pronouns)! Also, this AU is primarily monochrome, though some shorter fics (like It’s Probably Mostly Polyester Anyway) may feature other ships i.e. freezerburn.

There are warnings for canon-related violence, but also mentions of historical (and recent) mutilation of Faunus, abuse in several forms, blood, injury and occasional explicit content. All fics on AO3 have specific warnings in the tags/author’s notes at the beginning of the fic.


The Akatsuki are amazing

First off, their design.
Their name means “Dawn” or “Daybreak”
Their symbol is a red cloud which is a pretty cool. It was chosen as a symbol because of the blood clouds the 3 founders witnessed as children. They were from the village hidden in the rain which is, as you guessed, usually raining. Their village was typically a middle ground for war where bigger nations marched through and battled and nobody cared. The 3 orphans who founded the Akatsuki grew up during a war period where there was so much war, so much violence, that the clouds turned red from blood.
Yeah. That’s pretty freaking awesome.

Each member has a black cloak with red clouds on them. Additionally, each member is given a ring with a symbol. There are only 10 rings, one for each finger, and there will never be any more than 10 Akatsuki members.

They all work in teams of two snd those teams compliment each other in great ways. A sort of thematic link and an odd sort of kinship and relationship between them.

Now onto the people.
The Akatsuki members were largely designed to be un-human.
An immortal stitched zombie who has 5 hearts.
An immortal puppet. He made a replica of his body that is upgraded with multiple weapons and hidden features. A puppet body that would never age.
An angel made from paper who serves a messiah.
A shark man with cold, lifeless eyes and a heartless disposition.
A man who is half pure black and half pure white. He is part god-tree and can meld into the ground.

You get the idea. There is only 1 person with a perfectly normal human body and she turns into paper. The rest are freaks and monsters and unsettling, just from their appearance alone.

Their goals
Something I find interesting about the Akatsuki is their freedom. They are pretty much all in it for themselves.
They join for plenty of reasons.
For security.
For purpose.
For power.

And their goals only align when it comes to sealing the Tailed Beasts which is part of their mutual goal. World domination.
They have conflicting personalities, different views, they are egotistical and pompous and prideful, but when they are needed they really will act as a team.

Their goals and ambitions and how they feel about them is particularly interesting.
They are honestly a lot like a typical hero in their genuine belief. They have fond regards to their aspirations and are actively chasing their dreams under a single flag.

They are all fucked up and power hungry and want to rule the world, but they aren’t so vicious when it actually comes to their feelings and dreams, save for this one religious fanatic.
Like most of them give off a hero vibe when it comes to dreams. Like “No. This is my truth and this is who I am and you can’t change me.”
And it’s really, really interesting to watch. They are horrible, terrible, abrasive people. They have killed dozens or even hundreds and have virtually no morals, but they speak about their aspirations so genuinely.
Most of their deaths are tied to their dreams in honestly, pretty poetic ways.

Sasori, the immortal puppet, was killed by two puppets he made of his dead parents. He made them because his parents were killed during the war. They were his favorites.
After his death another master puppeteer, one who used 3 of Sasori’s old models without even knowing, used his body. When Sasori was reincarnated the puppeteer said he had achieved immortality in his puppets, his art would last forever, which is what he always wanted.
Deidara was an explosives expert who believed that art was an explosion. A brief, temporary experience that would always be remembered and un-replicable.
In a last ditch effort to defeat his opponent he turned himself into a bomb, going out in a massive explosion. “This will be my ultimate piece of art. I’ll explode. I shall die and become art itself!”
Itachi had to kill his entire clan and spare his little brother or the government would kill everyone. Growing up he would tap his brother on the forehead and said “Maybe next time” because he was always busy. When fighting against his younger brother he was going blind and threatened to take his brother’s eyes, a clan tradition. At the end of the battle he touched his brother’s forehead, as if he was going to pull his eye out, and he says “I’m sorry. There won’t be a next time.”
Kisame, a shark man who believes truth means nothing, that people are just like sharks, solitary and vicious and little sense of kin. Overtime he grew to respect Itachi and admired him, knowing they were both bad people trying to create a reason for living. He was captured and his mind was being probed for the Akatsuki’s secrets. Before anything was revealed he broke free, used a jutsu to summon sharks, and realized he wasn’t as soulless and terrible as he once thought, that he was willing to die for a cause he believed in, which is something he was always searching for.

They all died like badasses and usually in pretty poetic ways.

The Akatsuki are just so freaking cool
A great organization name and style
Really cool character designs
Interesting characters with a wide range of morals and outlooks, and with cool and unique powers

The Akatsuki are great