shark tank tops

the legacy of b. knight

“It’s Ford’s first meal at the Haus, so everyone be on your best behaviors, alright?” Bitty bustled around the kitchen, a bowl of biscuit dough tucked under one arm as he gave the gravy on the stove a stir. Though it wasn’t an official Team Brunch, Bitty was pulling out all the stops for Ford: biscuits and gravy, fruit salad, hash browns, Canadian and normal bacon, as much coffee as could be brewed at one time… 

“We’re always on our best behavior,” Holster said with a yawn. He and Ransom were slumped together at the counter, lethargically slicing fruit at Bitty’s command. 

“Yeah, Bits, we’re upstanding gentlemen,” Ransom said, grabbing Holster’s hand before he sliced his own finger. Holster gave him a sheepish grin and reluctantly put his glasses on.  

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A minor hiccup ((closed rp))

(( @daddyhiccup )) -A 6 foot great white shark in a black tank top, khakis, and combat boots with G-cups was welding two pieces of metal together as someone tapped her on the shoulder she jumped squealing a bit and turns around quickly- Hey, what’s the big idea!? You know how dangerous that couldve been if i was working on something explosive!? What do you want?