shark submarine

Five years ago the finale episode of “LOST” aired.

Back then I drew this little collage in my calendar because it was by far my favorite show. And even now it still holds a special place in my heart. ;) Hopefully I will get around to a complete rewatch later this year. Namaste!


Phase 1: Was hot af, had normal skin, wasn’t a pickle yet, gray long-sleeve shirt, upside-down cross necklace, brown boots were his life, played his bass, needed to have his license taken away, drove the Geep, seemed to like smirking a lot, teeth were on point, sharp af, one red eye and one red nail, love blowing sh*t up, hated moose creatures, supported moose abuse, hair was on fleek, never seen his eyebrows, STOP IT BANGING, eels, hip thrusts intensifies, had the best outfit in Rock The House, was thick af, a ball got stuck in his booty, didn’t seem as abusive, UPSIDE-DOWN RUBBER CROSS

Phase 2:Was still hot af, Winnebago, shirtless intensifies, had no shame in his body, on stage with his draws on, real Egyptian silk, tried to hit on the camera man, brown boots were still his life, he had giblets, he still had his red eye, capes, capes, and more capes, still played his bass, still wasn’t changing colors yet, had normal skin, owned pet crows, had an obsession with skull products, canes, purple seemed to be his favorite color, hates children, low-key abuses child in Dirty Harry, this was him cutting an onion, owns photo of himself cutting vegetables, had bad breath, he couldn’t talk right now, he’s naked, bird sh*t fell in his eye, booty on point, style on fleek, did an indent in jail, rubber gloves, prison food was rubbish, still wasn’t abusive, but he was on the verge

Phase 3: Loses sanity, creates a house in the middle of the ocean, loves recycling, red eye is missing, eye back to normal, skin is now green, pickle man is created, pirates, submarines, forced people to collaborate on his album, kidnapped 2D, abusiveness starts, hates 2D, makes everyone cry, is chased by the boogieman, made false deals with devils, still has his license, mumbles to himself while driving, sailor hats, long sleeve sweaters, RUM, jeans, brown boots were still his life, red bandanna, smoking pipe, thinks he’s a sailor, is loony af, bass disappears, car can turn into a shark submarine, turned into an inventor, knows how to make clones out of DNA, makes a cyborg of Noodle, nails are long af, looses all of his coolness, turns that in for being a drunk, insane uncle who’s green

Phase 4: Eyebrows are finally visible, thinks he’s Mr. Rogers, not a drunk uncle anymore, still crazy af, doesn’t act like a satanist, is menacing, is good friends with 2D now, relocated the band somewhere else, doesn’t like brown boots anymore, leather jackets are his life, eyes are bigger than his nose, smiles more often, life is doing him some good, abusiveness is gone, but he savage af, blue and black striped shirts, and black and white striped shirts are his life too, eyeball coordination is on point, cackling intensifies, has no shame in showing his body, has the ability to breathe in outer space, flies around Saturnz Barz naked, has fully evolved into Pickle Man, created memes, believes in THE BATH, no one can take him seriously anymore, is still driving, Phase 1 and 2 Murdoc would be very disappointed 


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954), 1976 French poster by Tom Simpson


(@ 6:20) Some Bruce and Chum (and Anchor if you squint) in the Finding Nemo: Submarine Voyage! Yet again, just some more of Bruce ‘playing around’ with the audience. 

Transcription @ 6:20-7:20:

Bruce: [growling? he does something before he laughs] Hello, morsels! There’s nothing I like better than canned food… Oh, don’t worry! I’m not gonna eat you. At least not all at once! [laughs]

Chum: No, no, Bruce! Remember the pledge!

Bruce: Right then.

Chum and Bruce: ‘I am a nice shark, not a mindless eating machine. People are friends, not food.’

Bruce: Right there, mates. Easy does it! You wouldn’t want one of these ‘balloons’ to pop…

Chum: [nervous shutter]

Bruce: That’s it. Easy


Bruce: -Oh..

Chum: Swim away!


On Melancholy Hill in a nutshell

Noodle - Smuggles a shotgun onto a yacht, murders flying pirates with bad dental hygiene, didn’t bother helping the Room Service guy, has El Manana flashbacks due to explosion, somehow swims to a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean, discovers Russel underwater.

Murdoc - Drives a shark-shaped submarine, has an intense look on his face, turns a darker shade of green, has an excellent sense of fashion, chews on a pipe through half of the video, has half of the featured artists on the album following him through the ocean floor, has the shark-shaped submarine do a back flip over the ocean and falls back into the water, has a golden telescope, gets triggered when he sees Sun Moon Stars, orders Cyborg to shoot him, is disappointed when it doesn’t work.

2D - Scared of Cyborg Noodle, looks over Murdoc’s seat while Murdoc isn’t looking, somehow grows his two front teeth back, stares into oblivion while the video ends, nonexistent.

Cyborg Noodle - Swallows a octopus while in the submarine, regurgitates said octopus, mean-mugs 2D, mean-mugs the camera in the next scene, gives Murdoc a salute, has a shotgun stuck up her electric va-jay-jay, shoots the Boogieman and misses with said shotgun, is disappointed because she failed her master. 

Snoop Dogg - High af in the ocean, driving a submarine that runs on waterproof weed.

Russel - Swimming through half of the video, finds Noodle, is huge, somehow swallowed toxic waste.

Room Service Guy - Ded 

Manatee: Has crippling depression, has a fancy sombrero that falls into the water.

Boogieman - Has no purpose to the plot, shows up out of nowhere, no one asked for him, stalking Murdoc, steals the manatee and drowns

Octopus: Tries to have sex with Cyborg Noodle’s face, is ded from lack of water oxygen