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webgott, baberoe, luztoye, winnix, speirton as parents? *cat from shrek eyes*

ya know I’m always weak at big cat’s eyes so here goes

  • baberoe
  • sweet child of mine, eugene roe is the kind of dad that will be such a fool for his daughter fight me on this like he’s that person that could sit on his ass for hours if his daughter says, “daddy, lets play make up!” and he will go through hours of eyelash curler and really shocking pink on his lips and really sparkly green on his nails and he won’t complain at all.
  • babe on the other hand, will be the kind of dad that encourage his child to fight. “what dayamean the boy pull your hair? next time pull his hair back and kick his butt too!”
  • roe is pretty sure their daughter will end up in the principle office one of these days but babe assures him that “everything will be fine, gene. our daughter is a saint! like you!”
  • (hannah totally ends up in the principle office for standing up against the class bully. she actually kicks him in the gonads when he tries to yank her book from her hand. babe is so proud that he ends up buying her strawberry sundae but gene makes her promises not to do it again because it’s dangerous)
  • luztoye
  • the coolest parents in town like everyone loves george because he is funny and he makes voices whenever sean’s friends are at their house for a sleepover to entertain them when he reads them storybook.
  • and even though joe is totally still a grump, sean loves him because his dad is such a badass? he has cool tattoos and all these medals from boxing and different colors in karate belt so sean’s friends are in awe with joe too.
  • joe totally trains his son to be a boxer like pls imagine sean’s tiny hands making fists and him lightly punching his dad’s tummy and joe pretending to howl in pain while george is on the floor laughing his head off.
  • also please imagine george raining kisses on sean’s cute face whenever he’s pouting and has a scowl exactly like his dad oh my god mini joe toye.
  • winnix
  • listen, dick and nix’s kid would be the richest kid in town fight me on this but little edward is always a sweet, soft-spoken child that everyone loves him.
  • nix spoils edward rotten so dick has the task to be the strict parent by giving anything only when edward is deemed worthy i.e “if you help me around the farm for the whole day, i’ll let you play with ps4 for 3 hours.”
  • also dick is such a nice dad but he’s also unintentionally funny because he’s kinda old school so sometimes edward has to teach him how to use the latest technology while nix goes ooh and ahh my boy is such a smart boy, dick look at our son at the backgroud.
  • although he spoils his son, nix actually only wants what’s best for edward so sometime when he sees edward goes all quiet and contemplating; he will sit next to his son and wait for him until he talks about what’s bothering him and you know nix will give edward a very sound advice bc he’s done some fucked up things in life too so he will always be here to help edward.
  • speirton
  • oh god ron speirs the most extra father of the year; he’s basically the dad that will yell at the referee just because his daughter doesn’t get enough time with the ball and he’s also that parent that will get time out lmao.
  • carwood on the other hand is the loveliest dad ever oh my god so sweet and encouraging and daisy has his mannerism but also ron’s totally badass attitude.
  • so you know when something happens, if she cannot solve it with logical reasoning; she will resort in using her fist DJDHSKD
  • also please imagine ron going trick-o-treating with daisy and by the end of the night, daisy has the heaviest sack full of candies/chocolates bc ron eyebrowed everyone so they ended up tipping the bowl and all of its content into the sack.
  • webgott
  • listen… sarah has to play referee whenever her parents argue i kid you not like when her dad and daddy are sulking at each other, she literally becomes the middle woman, going back and forth to convey their messages to one another until she snaps and drags her fathers’ hands in hers and demands that they make up and kiss right now or I will tell grandma evie!
  • sarah’s love for sharks actually steams from her daddy because web is obsessed with everything sharks even her room turns out to be a shark memorabilia place.
  • but sarah also enjoys reading comic books that her dad provides for her and they always end up cuddling on her tiny bed (with the shark bedsheet), reading together while they wait for web to come home.
  • also sarah growing up being bilingual because she also speaks german at home and the first word that she understands is “liebling” because that’s what her dad calls her daddy and her daddy always has this soft smush smile on his face before he leans in to kiss her dad which is gross by the way but sarah always sees them kiss so it’s not a big deal.
Book 4: The Message, Chapters 13-14

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Chapter 13

The day after their encounter with the Jesus Whale, Cassie drops in on Marco to see how he’s doing. Marco gets very weird/avoidant about letting Cassie into his house, and we’re reminded that Marco’s dad is not doing super well since his mother’s death.   Aww, Marco.  Poor guy.

(Also, I’m just so opposed to dropping by people’s houses without warning.  But I recognize that was not the case when I was Cassie’s age, so I’m going to let it go without scolding Cassie too badly.)

Marco suggests a walk outside instead of hanging out in his apartment, and they head out.  Cassie’s feeling a whole lot of feelings about Marco almost getting killed on a mission that was ultimately Cassie’s decision.  Marco doesn’t have a ton of patience for Cassie’s feeling of culpability - he points out that he made the choice to go with them.

They bond a little bit about being terrified of basically everything all the time these days, and then have a bit of a hysterical-laughter breakdown about the ridiculousness of their enemy list now including Visser Three, Taxxons, Hork-Bajir, and sharks.  SHARKS. WHAT EVEN ARE THEIR LIVES ANYMORE.

Once they’ve blown off some steam with shark-hysteria, Marco gets seriousness and tells Cassie that he saw stories in the newspaper that morning about a treasure-hunter and a marine biologist who’ve both suddenly decided to do a whole bunch of exploration right off the coast.  Which is probably not even slightly dodgy, or suspicious, surely, just boats everywhere all of a sudden.  Between this and the Definitely Not A Cult youth group and the Random Park Patrols Kicking People Out Of The Park At The Same Time Every Day thing, the aliens are actually sort of terrible at keeping a low profile, honestly.

They both agree they’re going to have to go out again and try to find the underwater Andalite before the Yeerk cover-story boats can.  Cassie’s pretty upset about shoving her friends into danger again based only on her dreams, but Marco points out that their other option is doing nothing and that inaction is its own choice.

Aww, Marco.  You’re kind of jerky sometimes but this was a good chapter for you.  Good job, buddy.

Chapter 14

Everyone meets up at Jake’s house to discuss Marco’s discovery of the sudden convergence of parties interested in the bottom of the ocean, and the fact that they’re currently taking direction from a whale.  Which frankly is only like the fourth weirdest thing about their lives right now.

Cassie’s been trying to match up maps with the information she got from the whale, which was not so much “precise GPS coordinates”, and she’s pretty sure that the location of the underwater Andalite is too far out for them to get there and back in under two hours.  Rachel’s got a clever plan, though: Morph into seagulls, fly out into the shipping channel and hitch a ride on a ship, find a place to hide on the ship in human form until they get into the right area, then morph into dolphins and swim the rest of the way.

No discussion of how they get back. I guess they’re just gonna reverse the process and hope they can catch another ship in time?  Hope the Andalite has a human morph kicking around, or let it morph into one of them or something?  …..huh.  Well, now I want to know what would happen if the Andalite tried to get Tobias’ morph, would he end up a hawk or a human?  Maybe we’ll find out.

Everyone’s in, even Marco, who has reverted to snarky form in a group setting and is just like “look, we all know we’re gonna do this, I just wanted to have the experience of not being the fighty one for once, don’t get used to it.”

Tobias tries to abstain since he won’t be able to participate due to his inability to go underwater, but he’s eventually coaxed into admitting that he thinks they should go.  After the Animorphs go their separate ways with an agreement to meet up for these shenanigans tomorrow, Cassie and Jake talk about reassuring Tobias that he’s valuable and important to them so he doesn’t feel left out.  

They are Good Eggs, these two, and I’m rooting for them, which I assume means something terrible will happen to one or both of them any time now.  KAA doesn’t help this feeling any when she has Cassie tell Jake not to ever get hurt, and he’s like, no worries, babe, nothing is ever going to happen to me while Tobias flies overhead, living proof that any of them could have their lives altered irreversibly at a moment’s notice.

This is fine, everything is fine, I’m not worried at all, I’ll just be over here clutching my pillow to my chest anxiously.

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Sharklos and Seacil both enjoy an ice cream date, each attempting to out-cute the other <3

Welcome Regalecimon! Witch of Deep Sea and Deep Space!


Phantom Shark-
Shoots magical steam projections like missiles that cling and “chew” on the opponent.

Re-Galaxy Dive-
Summons water around them that morphs into a dragon as they fly through the air into their opponent.




A very shitty quality video with awful audio! BUT IT’S THE WHOLE THING!

The audio is so bad because the speaker was behind me… Also:

The voice you hear singing is the wonderful meefling so yeah.