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Please do not repost anywhere, if you want to use any art as a part of your profile, PLEASE credit me somewhere :D

made a few simple icon for my main OCs ^^, they’re like a quadruple best friend stuffs like that haha. and here’s the link to their reference sheet and bio if you interested to know about them more :)

and here’s the tag to trace their related art, doodle, story and stuffs XD.

there she is folks, my Zorasona!

Renele is a small and sweet Zora, and gets excited very easily. While very kind and caring, she can sometimes get overexcited to the point of being annoying or just too loud/aggressive. However, under that bubbly laugh is a very anxious Zora who is quite scared of bothering others. She wears a warm little bandana instead of jewelry, and enjoys collecting shiny things.


Hello :v Remember like, an actual year ago when i drew more sfw art, and therefore used my sfw sona and used a different sona for my nsfw blog? Well today i wanted to draw something cute, and it ended up kinda turning out like my seal sona’s feral form??? i guesS??? anyway i like it and wanted to share :v

Yes this ended up heavily inspired by Shark Puppy, who is freakin adorable, although she seems more like a seal guinea pig to me XD a Guinea Seal! :v