shark rescue

years in the future bitty gets a text from caitlin farmer-chow and it’s just an underwater picture of chowder with thumbs up in his wetsuit and sharks hanging in the back and bitty wants to print, frame and hang the picture because the boy has never looked happier

let’s play a game where i list several outlandish fake things that could have happened in All Hail King Julien and yall have to guess which one is actually real!

  • Mort is revealed to be an interdimensional traveller, absorbing alternate Morts that exist in the multiverse to steal their powers
  • Maurice turns out to be “the chosen one” among a species of mysterious subterranean bell creatures that turn out to be snails hiding from the French
  • King Julien briefly dies and is sent to a courtroom where fruits and vegetables decide whether he should stay dead or be sent back to the world of the living
  • Mort battles his evil half “Morticas Khan” to take control over an army of Morts
  • Russian space chimpanzees sent to a small island to die after the cold war ended build a blimp out of spaceship debris and balloons to return home to the motherland
  • King Julien’s bodyguard Clover accidentally switches bodies with her on again off again beau Sage and is instructed to murder him by his old guru, a talking fish
  • King Julien and Maurice help a group of sharks rescue their king from a band of evil dolphins

if you guessed they were all actually true and real things that happened then congratulations! you win!!!

Gayle Waters-Waters {Sentence Starters}

  • “I want this place looking like Disney on Ice in ONE minute!”
  • “We all need to look our best. That’s why I suggest we each wear two pantsuits.”
  • “So I get in my car and start flooring it in reverse down the highway, flipping the bird out my sunroof…”
  • “Look at me, I’m a monster. I’ve destroyed something beautiful.”
  • “I’m fine. Got a little singed in there, but not the end of the world.”
  • “So, I stole a pig, blamed _____ for it, and he/she spent a night in the big house.”
  • “I’ve never felt more out of place and more uncomfortable.”
  • “It’s the kind of embarrassment that you feel in your ass. Most embarrassment you feel in your stomach. This is ass embarrassment.”
  • “You see, I’d been up the past two days and nights trying to make a bread suit so I could sneak into the sold out crouton expo.”
  • “I’d take him out in the backyard and mess him up like a leaf pile.”
  • “Quiche is just pizza that went to private school.”
  • “Well, I got news for you asshole: I rigged that thing with C-4 so that when I go, it goes.”
  • “So, I black out from the rage. Then I come to covered in Hollandaise sauce.”
  • “Get rid of the couches! We can’t let people know we SIT!”
  • “If _____ rescued a pitbull, then I’m rescuing a shark!”
  • “I can’t go in until this song’s over!”
  • “This is a dish towel. We need a hand towel! What are we, BARBARIANS?”
  • “I won’t be for long if you keep looking so damn fine.”
  • “Nothing gets me hot like a decorative twig bundle.”
  • “What would you have done?”
  • “I called the Coast Guard and asked them to airlift me out, but they won’t.”

Hi my name is Savvy and I love the ocean! I just came back from California where I had the chance to see much of the wildlife that comes from the Pacific Ocean in multiple aquariums and even a Marine Mammal Rescue center! Sharks are a gift to this world and anyone that doesn’t think so can fight me.


so far i have:

  • screamed about culinarian recipes
  • gotten very confused over the appearance of the crafting lvling gear
  • cried a total of 3 times over the monk quest alone (i swear that quest was made of dreams)
  • unlocked rdm (super hyped for this questline!!)
  • swam!! with a shark!!!!
  • had aoife use rescue on me and miss sfjh
  • taken a total of 116 screenshots (RIP MY USB)
  • aaand unlocked rhalgr’s reach and promptly ceased to function

my rdm is only at 52 but i have never been so in love with a dow/m job questline in my life it’s so good (the class itself is interesting but my motivation entirely lies in the quests lmao)

i paused msq directly after arriving in rhalgr’s reach but i’ll go back after doing a few other things on my bucket list 

also part of my heart broke when rothe saw rhalgr’s reach this is too much


Fisherman disentangles a bull shark!

Sharks have amazing immune systems and once the wire is taken off and they can move properly they have a good chance at recovering!  

Thank you to the fisherman and good luck to the bull shark!