shark novels

Some books of Deeana’s office ind 5x12 

1. GREEN (Enough said)

2. Frankenstein (Also enough said)

3. And Then Tiger Told the Shark is a novel full of golf stories. Why does this matter? Well…Anyone remember a golf course?

4. Wide is the Gate is a novel in a series by Upton Sinclair, and in this, one of the main characters, Trudy, supposedly loses her husband, Rudy, when he isarrested by the Gestapo. She doesn’t see him die, but is convinced he is dead. Sounds like another character we know who’s arrested by awful officers and presumed dead.

5. Black Spring. The info on this book was a bit vague, but as far as I could tell, the author who wrote this is known for exploring humanity and, more often,sexuality.

6. A Brief History of Nearly Everything. A brief history of nearly everything could possible be hinting that Beth will return, but with memory loss and she gets a brief history about who she is and who her family is and everything that has happened.

7. DUSK And a Voice Singing. Okay. We all know a certain blonde who sings at dusk, once seen singing in a funeral parlor to a lonely country boy.

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