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Apologies if this has been asked a thousand times before or already been covered in the FAQ, but I'm a currently closed transman going through shark week and my dysphoria is so through the roof it's not funny. What do you all normally do to help deal with this? Any advice/uplifting tips is welcome. Thanks for your time and have a great day. :)

Hey! This actually is covered in our FAQ if you want to go check it out, we have plenty of tips for it. As for personal advice? I’d say just to take it easy. Shark week needs to be a time for self care and making sure you stay in a good and healthy mindset, and just know it won’t last forever. It’ll be ok!!

See You Next Summer

A super-quick Finaleversary fic. Thanks to Scribe for being willing to beta fics I toss at her with zero warning at the spur of the moment. Love to her, and to everyone I’ve met through Gravity Falls.


The end of summer. 2012.

Candy and Grenda go back to Grenda’s place after seeing Mabel off. They’d planned a sleepover in advance, knowing that they’d need several hours of cuddling, cookie dough and playing dress up with Grenda’s lizard to ease the sting of saying goodbye. Candy sits up on Grenda’s shoulders, because they need Grendy to help themselves feel big and tough right now, and Grenda makes howling and roaring sounds for all she’s worth, but it’s still a sad day.

They pass Pacifica sitting out on the curb. She looks like she might be waiting for someone. Actually, by the way she’s sitting with her face in her hands, she looks like she might have been waiting for a while. Candy glances down at Grenda, and a look passes between them. Should they ask if something’s wrong? Somehow even after living through the end of the world, after seeing all social order turned upside down, it would still feel weird to go up to the most popular girl in school (the same girl who’s cut them up with cruel words more times than they can count) and ask if she’s all right.

Mabel would have done it. But Mabel isn’t there, and Candy and Grenda both badly want to get home to the blanket nest and stack of videos they know is waiting for them, so they walk on and leave Pacifica alone.

2013. The end of summer.

Pacifica isn’t exactly friends with Candy and Grenda. No, no, she’d never call them that. But, you know. Hanging out with them makes her look good by comparison.

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UF, UT, and US Papyrus's reactions to their child making them something "cause they are the coolest Dad ever!" I need fluffy.

(AWWW my maternal side is dying rn. Bless the children)


“Daddy!!” the little girl came bouncing in from the living room holding a drawing in her hands. Her hair was slightly askew and there were marker streaks of every color on her cheeks and hands.

“YES?” Papyrus turned from his work to look down at his daughter.

She was tiny, only four years old with a wide and bright (and human) smile. She stood on her tiptoes and held her arms out, Papyrus immediately obliged in hoisting her up onto his lap.

“I drawed you. See? and here’s mommy, and there’s me..” she spoke slowly and deliberately as she held it out for him to see and pointed out each of the little scribbled figures on the paper.

Papyrus smiled and felt his chest swell with pride and utter adoration for his daughter. There were little marker hearts all around the three of them holding hands.

“And there’s uncle Sans on the house. He’s fixing the roof! And i gave you big shark teeths.” She turned to her father and bared her own in a tiny and admittedly very adorable snarl. He laughed.


He stuck it on the fridge with a little smiley face magnet. His daughter squealed delighted and laughed happily. Perfect.


Papyrus was picking his daughter up from safety school. ((in my town we have this program for incoming kindergartners to teach them about safety stuff like fires and roads. they get to meet firefighters and police officers so!!))

She came running towards him brandishing a coloring page and giggling. “Daddy!”

Papyrus laughed and picked her up as she ran into his arms. “HELLO SWEETIE, DID YOU GET TO MEET MY FRIENDS FROM THE POLICE STATION TODAY?”

“Yes! Look I colored you on the police officer!” She handed him the coloring page of a police officer with a blank face (so they could draw it on themselves) She had drawn a sloppy skull inside the lines and stars all around the little figure. 

Papyrus was almost in tears.


“Aunt Undyne told me to say hi too! I got to hold her flashlight and press the siren in her car!”



He was helping his tiny daughter get down from the biggest step on the bus when she told him she had made him something at school. 

They walked hand in hand back to the house, her backpack seeming very large against her tiny frame as she animatedly told him about her day. He smiled down at her and ruffled her hair.

When they got back she dashed inside and  told him to close his eyes and sit at the table.

“heh, ok honey.”

He obliged and waited patiently as he heard rustling and then tiny footsteps quickly and clumsily coming to stand in front of him.

“Ok open!!”

She held out a sleeping mask with big cartoonish eyes drawn on the front in fabric marker.

“It’s for naptime!! I wanted to make it silly” she handed it to him.

Papyrus started laughing so hard that tears sprung to his eyes.

“heh, oh..,oh my god, wait til I show mommy.  she’s gonna love this.”

He scooped his daughter up in a hug and nuzzled her close as she giggled.

Zimbits Airport AU Part 2

read it on ao3 here | Part 1

They share earbuds for the rest of their time waiting to board— Bitty’s never been so grateful for his portable charger before. With some time and effort, he takes a page or so of notes on his Food Science reading, but he’s not actually convinced he’s absorbed any of it. His mind is too busy screaming because in a matter of minutes, Jack Zimmermann had met him, come out to him, listened to Beyonce with him, and asked him to come to a hockey game Saturday night. Bitty will be hard put to get any sleep on the flight if this keeps up.

He must have dozed off at some point, because Bitty knows he was just jotting down a couple more notes, but the next thing he knows, his notebook has slid off his lap onto the floor and Jack is tapping his shoulder. “Bitty? It’s almost time to board.”

“Oh, is it?” Bitty says once he’s had a chance to look around at his surroundings a bit more. The people on their flight seem to be the only ones left in the airport, spread out in the chairs or sprawled on the ground to take a nap. “I must have drifted off, sorry.”

And there’s that smile again, considerably wider and brighter than any he’s ever seen from Jack on TV. “It’s okay. But we’re boarding soon, so you might want to pack your things up?”


“What seat do you have?”

Bitty digs his boarding pass out of his backpack. “23C.”

“Oh,” Jack says, looking a bit put out. “I’m in business class.”

“You’d have to be to have enough room to stretch your legs out, now, wouldn’t you?” Bitty jokes, but he understands Jack’s tiny pout, which, by the way, is adorable— moving on. “Not all of us are over six feet tall.”

“No, I guess you aren’t.” Jack frowns for a moment as he thinks, then says, “Wait here” before getting up and going to the desk where the flight attendants are standing, looking as equally bored and tired as their passengers.

Bitty sincerely hopes he isn’t changing his seat to economy. He knows from his teammates (particularly Holster) that for most hockey players, himself excluded, cramming one’s legs into an economy seat is just not feasible for any flight longer than an hour or two. As much as he’d like to be able to sit by Jack during the flight, Jack has a game tomorrow. Surely he should know that’s a bad idea.

He packs up his things anyway, since there are only ten or so minutes until boarding, and watches as Jack discusses something with the flight attendant talking to him. They’re too far away for Bitty to hear a word they’re saying, but he sees the flight attendant nod and Jack smile. He comes back with a piece of paper in hand and offers it to Bitty.

“This is a boarding pass.”

Jack nods.

“With my name on it, and it says business class.”

Jack nods again.

“Jack Zimmermann, I hope you are not saying that you paid to upgrade my seat to business class. I can’t pay you back!”

“I asked them to transfer my frequent flier miles to your account,” Jack says. “There were enough for a free upgrade. Didn’t cost a cent.”

“I am flabbergasted.”

“Oh.” There it is again, the sad eyes that remind Bitty of a puppy and break his heart simultaneously. “I can take it back if you—”

“No, no, I wasn’t saying that,” Bitty says hurriedly. “But… it’s kind of a lot, isn’t it?”

“No, I always fly business class,” Jack says matter-of-factly. “I didn’t have a use for that upgrade anyway. And I wanted to keep talking to you.”

Good lord. Jack is blushing again and Bitty really is not sure he can handle it. What on earth is he supposed to say to that?

“Well, thank you very much, but I hope you don’t regret it,” Bitty’s mouth says of its own will. “I can get very chatty, which I don’t think is desirable for red-eye flights.”

Then he curses himself. That was definitely not the expression of gratitude he wanted to say.

“That’s okay,” Jack says. “I like hearing you talk.”

“You are going to be the death of me if you keep saying things like that, Mr. Zimmermann.”

“I fully intend to.”

The flight attendant calls for first class to board, and then business class and it’s time for them to go. Bitty holds out his new boarding pass to the flight attendant, who smiles at him and Jack and says “Enjoy the flight.”

“We will,” Jack says, and Bitty can’t keep himself from smiling.

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Another preview?:

Yuuri launched nto his quad flip, and then the chaos began. A shark crashed through the roof, spiralling down to the ice, and Viktor didn’t have time to scream before it reached Yuuri. Yuuri did the only thing he could think of, closing his eyes as he stretched his leg out, much further than he had to for a flip. Once, twice, thrice, four times he spun, smacking that shark in the face with the fourth, knocking it into the ice as he landed perfectly, his chest heaving as he  made his final pose. Yuuri had just landed the first (and hopefully last) Quad Shark. The crowd went wild - not applauding, screaming. Yuuri was a great skater, but there were sharks falling through the roof.

let’s talk about polyfrogs and farmer
  • just because chowder is dating nursey and dex doesn’t mean he and farmer can’t still be together
    • and tbh i fucking love charmer i don’t want my polyfrogs without farmer
  • speaking as a poly person, the most fucking important things in these kinds of relationships is friendship and communication
    • these people are all so fucking close and such good friends ok they love each other to bits
  • (this got long so it’s under a cut)

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Out of Context - Memorable Lines From Drama Class

Here is a lovely collection of my favorite lines from my four years of Drama and Musical Theater classes in high school.

If you want the tale behind the line , send the line to my ask box and you’ll get the story behind it !

“ I have , by some grand miscalculation, managed to glue my hand to a chair and I’m supposed to be onstage in two minutes. ”

“ Do you think Brayden will be upset with me if I tell him that I’m really distracted by his forest green eyes when he’s wearing the mask ? Because I’m really distracted and I can’t do my lines when he’s looking at me with those eyes. ”

“ ….I have five copies of the same hat in case I lose one. And yet , with my scene in 90 seconds, I….. I have no hats . ”

-mildly concerned voice -“ Jaron why is your script on fire ?”

-completely calm disinterested tone -“ Oh. That would explain why my finger is hot. ”

“ Indi !”

“ Yes? ”
“ Why is my favorite hat taped to a rafter?”

“ Listen , I don’t care how it got in here , but get the live bat out of here now. ”

“ For the last time , we are not changing the ball scene dance to the Macarena. ”


“ Heath , I will take away your finger gun privileges right now. Don’t test me , young man.”

“ All right, who put ’ death match opera’ in the suggestion box ?”

“…. Oh no , I’ve developed an allergy to oxygen ! -lies down - ”

“ Look , man, I’ve had a bad day and I will kill you with this muffin. ”

“….. Tony yelled angrily , as I continue to narrate, amused by his fury. Aubrey subtly gives me a thumbs up , much to my liking . Scott glares at me , making very offensive hand gestures. ”

“-glides in on wheelies- Phantom is back , ladies. This time with wheels. ”

“ Chef , there’s an eye in my soup. I think it’s mine. ”

“ Oh no , he’s a service dog , sir. He fought Hitler. ”

“ I might be a rogue , but I have morals. For instance , I didn’t kill that mage back there because he had poor fashion sense. He deserves a chance to find himself. Sure , he killed half our group , but we don’t know his story. You do you, mage. ”

“ Of all the people I could have been stuck talking to as I bleed out , it had to be you. ”

“- loud screaming in background- Please tell me Stede is messing with us again. ”

“Please don’t play with the corpse. ”

“ Is there a reason you’ve perfected a Colonial American accent and decided to use it in Fiddler on The Roof?”

“ New rule- mentioning Sharks or jets is banned. ”
- aggressive snapping -
-a ca pella singing -’ WHEN YOU’RE A JET-’

“ Can you dance , Byron? Wait , why are you in a baseball uniform- OH NO ”

“ -gets stabbed- I’ll have you know I’m allergic to blood loss , sir ”

“ Officer it seems this unfortunate idiot managed to strangle himself with his headphones . Cause of death - Jammed out too hard. ”

“ I’ve gone ten minutes without murdering someone,you should reward me. ”


“ The cake was not a lie but it WAS poisoned. ”

“ Stede stop telling audience members that ’ all deaths are actual deaths ’ and that ’ the funerals will be held after the performance’.”

“ How is a cheerleader supposed to fight a Dragon? Do I smack it with my pompom? ”

“ Yo , demon , I know you’re trying to be all terrifying and deadly but I’m watching the latest Sherlock can you chill for like an hour and THEN kill me? ”

“ I can’t be murdered today I have a test in bio. ”

“ If you insist on speaking Klingon you have to translate what you said so I know you’re not insulting me. ”

“ I have a complicated relationship with my father . See, he’s my brother and he’s also my mom’s uncle. And he’s cousin twice removed by death. It’s complicated. ”

“ VILLAIN I HAVE DONE YOUR MOTHER- a favor by fixing that pesky broken fence around her garden. We’re tight . ”

“ -gunfire- Would now be a bad time to sing "Shots”?“

” Yeah I’m a zombie but I’m still chill you know. I just want a bite of you and then we can play Mario. If you’re not dead , that is. “

” -Looking their killer dead in the eyes- I hope you can live with yourself knowing you just orphaned a puppy. -gasp-… A….really…..cute…..puppy…..“

” I didn’t set out to be a vigilante today but you just stole my autographed selfie with my favorite celebrity- IT’S ON NOW “

” If you try hard enough , kids , you can die doing just about anything. “

” Stop changing the name of the baby doll . His name is James. “

” I HAVE SUCCESSFULLY LOCKED US IN! - panicked shouting - “

” I know ! 😁"

“ I want you to put ” She was the bomb “ on my grave as a huge middle finger to my assassin ”

“ ….Aubrey , stop challenging people to poetry slams , we’re trying to get this murder right ”

“ Somewhere in this very auditorium , I have hidden your self confidence ”

“ I may or may not have hidden numerous small alarms throughout the auditorium set to go off whenever someone passes the motion sensor ….”

“ We now present : Jurassic Park Ten - Jurassic Lawsuit. Why anyone ever allowed this horror show of a family fun zone continue is beyond us. ”

“ Plot twist , Chewbacca is just a guy stuck in a fur suit and he’s got a speech impediment. ”

“ 911 , what is the nature of your emergency ? …. Ma'am. ..I’m sorry but ’ Micheal Bay is making a live action TMNT movie ’ is not an emergency. ”

“ Is the phantom actually a phantom ? How does he get food down in the sewers? And clean water? It’s full of rats and disease. Phantom is dead , yo.”

“ Can you quit singing ’ Don’t Cry For Me Argentina ’ every time someone dies?”



“ All arguments today must be settled in song form. It’s Musical Monday. ”

“ Whoever keeps adding ’ with great sarcasm ’ after the words ’ he dies’ in the script needs to stop. ”

“ I’m not gonna let you murder me today , I haven’t finished my Minecraft house. ”

“ If you can quote at least one historical figure who wasn’t white, I won’t shoot you. ”

“- in a slow motion voice - No don’t throw knives , you’ll get blood on my throw rugs ”

“ Well , I’m dying but at least I don’t have to go to work tomorrow ”

“ Never thought the way to avoid death was by complimenting my would-be killer”

“ You’re under arrest for being a smartmouth”
“ Oh, am I?”


“ Yo , Prince , don’t kiss her before you date her first . She’s a sleeping beauty not a paid escort. ”

“ I’m immortal , and I’m here to tell you your ancestors are disappointed. ”


“ I managed to walk off the roof by accident ”

Zexal Month Day 4--Favourite Moment(s) in Anime/Manga

I was gone Thursday-Sunday morning, so I’m going to try to post a few things I thought of for week 1 (might bleed into week 2). 

So, here’s this award-winning scene:

What we see here is:

1.       Astral has wings. Astral can already fly. (This is honestly what sold me on this shot.)

2.       Obomi is manually ringing a bell that was apparently set up for this event, defeating the purpose of church bells.

3.       No one is any older. Yuuma and Rio are getting married in middle school.

4.       Surprise guests include Dr. Faker (who is standing several rows behind his sons), the tomato duelist, Dog-chan, and the heavy machinery duelists. I don’t believe Tetsuo has ever met some of these people.

5.       Notable absences include Kotori and Cathy.

6.       No one else is in formalwear.

Honorable mention (too lazy to find picture): that time Kaito flew over to the hospital to see Yuuma and Shark, and when he saw that they were okay after dueling on the roof was just like “Oh thank god now I don’t have to go see them and let them know I care thank fuck”

i cant stop thinking about the vice quadrant as a stage production like 

  • the entire back wall is a huge projector screen that’s used for a bunch of different things, it starts out black at the beginning but during “the vice does tight” the cosmos are slowly unveiled behind the robots
  • usually has various space/galaxy scenes projected on it that changes with the songs (like im thinking mostly red/purple tones for ‘the vice does tight’ sharp electric green/blue for ‘progress and technology’ etc) 
  • also is used for the space giant and the space whales and stuff like that, they’re huge projections and someone backstage is doing a voiceover for them
  • giant moon in the background for “over the moon” 
  • W.I.N.K is essentially a puppet that is controlled from somewhere above the stage and he’s got a light in him so his face/eye/w/e flashes as he’s talking 
  • intro to “WINK the satellite” is rabbit and the spine in the background with the lights dimmed on them and hatchworth in the center, the space background is a really light blue with shooting stars that go by now and then, WINK floats down from the ceiling 
  • intro to “burning in the stratosphere” is the silhouette of walter and holly on the projector screen, you don’t actually see their faces
  • the skysharks are either projections or are like. made to be controlled by puppeteers up on sticks like those chinese dragons you see in parades. maybe a combination of both
  • the introduction to skysharks is professor elemental slowly ascending up on a platform that raises up from the floor (a radio tower or something maybe?) 
  • stage is a setting of london on fire/in ruins, random actors running and trying in vain to fight the sharks with really weird/comical weapons like. well, wooden sticks and whiffle balls. maybe inflatable hammers and stuff like that
  • maybe have a storefront of a long john silvers that a shark bursts through the roof of
  • daughter of space+the astronaut songs are either dances with the cosmos on the wall behind them or maybe they could actually suspend the actors in the air so they’re actually flying through space, ive seen plays do that kinda thing before 
  • i havent really seen much of the GG puppet in action but she has to be held at all times doesnt she. maybe they could have her sitting on a platform that someone is actually controlling her from underneath it or something and you just cant see them and then when steve comes in he picks her up and is controlling her for the song idk. i feel like it’d stand out too much to have her as a projection for the whole song and there’s no one else in the scene to carry her since qwerty’s just a computer and that wouldnt make sense, but steve’s not there at the beginning. and it would look weird if he was controlling her from behind a curtain and then suddenly popped out right behind her, holding her, so i. dont know 
  • rav in the background listening during “starlight starshine” and at first he’s just sorta bobbing his head to the music but gets increasingly more into it though the entire stage focus is on the robots (sorta like. done as if he doesnt realize you can see him and maybe gets startled by gidget or someone at the end and acts like he wasnt just dancing a second ago)

im NOt sure how they’d handle the necrostar. im thinking maybe like. when the astronaut dies he falls onto the floor and is lying there and. either his helmet has a thing in it that makes it so at “so THIS….is PAIN” a green light turns on inside it or maybe they do a clever thing to switch out his helmet for one thats black inside with glowing green lights for eyes but im not sure how you’d be able to see through that

he stumbles and slowly gets up and then gets raised up on a platform that has. long sweeping black/green cloth hanging off it maybe, lots of smoke machines, maybe they could do something with the projector screen to make it look like he’s bursting with darkness and negative energy 

The Memories of Dead Stars

Title: The Memories of Dead Stars

Rating: T

Parings: sharkbaitshipping (can be taken as romantic or platonic but it’s there)

Word Count: 2000

Summary: It was all a horrible dream, wasn’t it? Shark would never leave him.

Warnings: there are just some songs you shouldn’t listen to while sharkbaiting after an episode like that, set kinda after he end but at the same time before the Abyss duel, spoilers!

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  • Harry & Jesse: Well I guess we're stuck living at STAR Labs, in this big empty room where no one else would ever want to live.
  • Joe, Barry & Iris: *poke their heads in the door* Hey guys, a giant man-shark kinda took our roof off, so we're going to set up camp over here.
  • Wally: *shows up with a tent* I just realized I don't actually have anywhere to live in Central City.
  • Cisco: *drops his bags on the floor* I had a fight with my parents.
  • Caitlin: *hauls in another bed* My apartment reminds me of all my dead boyfriends.
  • Zoom, Jay Garrick & Hunter Zolomon: *jump through a portal* You know, our lair is actually super cold and unsanitary.
  • Harry & Jesse: ...
  • Harry & Jesse: We're moving out.

The Curious family has a long and rich scientific legacy. They’ve been inventors, researchers, doctors, and for the past few generations, they’ve been very enamored with aliens.

In fact, much like a certain general down the hill, the Curious family has a little bit of an obsession. Maybe even a big obsession. General Grunt may have uprooted his family and alienated his wife (pun absolutely intended) so he could stalk the greener members Smith family, but he’s never gotten himself knocked up by any of them.

The Curious brothers, on the other hand, weren’t satisfied with two half alien sisters and an alien brother-in-law. Now they’re expecting a little green miracle all their own. (P.T. was nice enough to recommend them to his colleagues as excellent breeding stock.)

But the big event is still a few weeks off, and there’s lots of other science to be done. Pascal’s had to put his geological excavations on hold (he just can’t handle all that squatting in the dirt these days) but Lazlo always has plenty of botanical experiments in progress. (And a doctoral degree to complete. And lots of manga to read.)

And if Vidcund loses out again to Loki Beaker’s entry at the convention this year, he’s going to Frankenstein something together that will destroy the whole town. When he’s not modifying shark DNA or teaching courses at La Fiesta Tech, Vidcund’s up on the roof trying to attract alien attention. After all, why should Pascal get all the attention? Vidcund’s the one with the sturdy birthing hips.

Three brothers and an alien baby. They’re expecting a sitcom offer any day now.