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Seriously though when are we going to discuss pajamas. I have very strong feelings about this. Is it onesies? Footies? Silly socks? A nightcap? what is it

Canonically the only time his sleepwear was described it’s implied it’s just lazy-ing around or work clothes he accidentally slept in and wore the next day (the Hawaiian shirt, leather pants, beehive hat deal). So yeah, this one is open to interpretation. 

Some possible options: 

A Shark Kigurumi (because I love playing up the Jaws fanboy thing)


This hooded pizza legging smock deal 

Any of the above.

Oh hey this one has a night cap and is a onsie. I’m having flashbacks to that weird rubber duck blog I got tagged in like a year ago. 

Then there’s the “sleeps in boxers” option

(I labeled these as shorts on my laptop to hide my shame)

The End of it All

For @mushroomminded eyyyy

The hoodie was taking over, and for once, Matt knew it. Jon stopped walking along the sidewalk to turn to his friend, the pale blue dolphin hoodie’s slight twitching unnoticed.

“Hey, Matt, you okay?- O-Oh my God..” The ginger was shaking as the sleeves melted, becoming a dark goop which slowly began climbing his legs. Purple seeped into the denim fabric and onto his skin. Matt screamed in pain, looking at Jon with pleading eyes.

“Run!! NOW!”

Jon wavered as tears began cascading down his rosey cheeks. “No! I’m not leaving you!”

The color faded from Matt’s face as he repeated his plea. Within moments, the teen fell to the ground. The shark-faced hood let out a low throaty growl, that sounded like a haunting laugh. The mess of a hoodie quickly encased Matt, and rose from the concrete. It’s skin crawled as it ripples into waves, slowly hardening into a tough, leathery skin. Jon froze, eyes wide and mouth agape. The monster looked like it was grinning as it’s small beast eyes multiplied. It’s gravelly voice rand our through the street, sounding as if many voices were speaking at once.

“Its too late for you now, Boy.”

Jon’s scream was cut off as the shark-like monster leapt on him. The blue fabric of his hoodie quickly reacted. It morphed to cover Jon, barely protecting him from the obsidian claws of the beast above him. Said beast let out an angered howl as he jumped off the newly changing creature. The purple monster seethed as the blue hoodie finished changing into a similar creature. The two growled a challenge and circled each other. The shark made the first move, and tackled the dolphin, lashing out with large claws.

For a few, excruciatingly drawn out moments, Matt couldn’t see or feel anything. Then he felt weightless, and the calm rush of fluid against his skin. He could barely breathe. Opening his eyes to darkness, Matt reached his hand out to something that wasn’t there. There was only thing going through his numb mind.

I wanna go home…”

Jon had been conscious for a while. Well, he never lost it. He’d quickly curled up, and had been hearing the muffled growls outside the void he floated in. After a few moments he heard a screech. Below him, a cavity opened up. Light cascaded around him as he fell into something else. Similar fluid rushed over him and for a second he forgot how to breathe. Jon’s back brushed against something, and he reached out. His fingers met fabric, then the wisps of hair.

A hand clasped tiredly over his wrist, and the boy engulfed his friend in a tight hug. Matt smiled feebly to himself as he passed out a second time, exhausted. Jon remained holding his friend close. The two remained floating, weightless, in the void for a few more slow moments until everything suddenly became quiet. The fluid they were in felt like it had jerked down, then became thicker. Eventually, Jon felt hard concrete under him, and the goop receded around him and Matt. Jon positioned himself so Matt’s head was resting on his lap, breathing in even breaths.

The blue dolphinesque monster stood a bit away, torn up and beaten. It won, and the shark hoodie was no more, as it slowly dried up. The winning creature began melting as well, and after a few minutes, all that remained was a small blue-grey cat. It limply trotted to the boys, resting its head against Matt’s thigh. As a familiar car halted beside some rubble, Jon smiled.

“Let’s get you home.”


Strike Team Coral Shark and their prizes.

I told ya I was gona do it. :P

(As for why Coral Sharks? Those things are vicious!)

“You walked into the wrong neighbourhood, heretic.” And I love hooded Scout Shark! ~ Robbie

Kirishima Pretends

Kirishima would so pretend to be a shark with his teeth.
He’d have one of those shark towel’s with the hood.
Going swimming and he’s there? Well, if you feel someone grab your leg it’s most likely him.
Hums the jaws theme song.
If he “attacks,” typically it’s a hug.


The final Halloween sweet was a realistic brain made from marshmallow! Ayachan carved up the brain with a knife, and she said she felt like she was Doctor X performing surgery! She said even though she knew it was just marshmallow, it was so realistic that it was sort of a traumatic experience!

She put the shark hood back up while she tried it, and they said it was like a shark enjoying eating a human! Ayachan tasted the brain, and it was actually apricot-orange flavored and tasted really good!