shark hood

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Seriously though when are we going to discuss pajamas. I have very strong feelings about this. Is it onesies? Footies? Silly socks? A nightcap? what is it

Canonically the only time his sleepwear was described it’s implied it’s just lazy-ing around or work clothes he accidentally slept in and wore the next day (the Hawaiian shirt, leather pants, beehive hat deal). So yeah, this one is open to interpretation. 

Some possible options: 

A Shark Kigurumi (because I love playing up the Jaws fanboy thing)


This hooded pizza legging smock deal 

Any of the above.

Oh hey this one has a night cap and is a onsie. I’m having flashbacks to that weird rubber duck blog I got tagged in like a year ago. 

Then there’s the “sleeps in boxers” option

(I labeled these as shorts on my laptop to hide my shame)


Strike Team Coral Shark and their prizes.

I told ya I was gona do it. :P

(As for why Coral Sharks? Those things are vicious!)

“You walked into the wrong neighbourhood, heretic.” And I love hooded Scout Shark! ~ Robbie

the cast of foi literally includes:
-3ft tall birb jock (eagle)
-Rebellious Royalty™ (midnight)
-exasperated parent of Rebellious Royalty™ (eventide)
-waterbender child of a fire nation governer (ash)
-steven universe but with dragons (emerald)
-lonely autistic snake person who just wants An Single Friend she gets like six (snake)
-sid from toy story but a fundamentally good person (shark)
-robin hood but worse (lore)
-robin hood’s sister, javert (ire)
-Mentor Antagonist (Mentagonist)™ (ebon)