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The OjiKiri friendship might as well be my favorite not-exactly-canon thing in bnha this part made me so happy - and 1B kids shenanigans too!! I’m g l a d

Me, since my team has been eliminated from the playoffs:

Playoffs? What playoffs? 

It’s pain Expansion Draft Time™

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What are your favorite shark facts?

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Super Awesome Shark Facts


Sharks showed up 400 million years ago in the Devonian 358.9–298.9 aka “The Age of Fish” between the geological Silurian (443.8–419.2 million years ago) and the Carboniferous Periods (358.9–298.9 million years ago). By the time of the Carboniferous, we had amphibians and other small vertebrate creatures capable of crawling about on land. It’s during the Carboniferous Period that the continent of Pangaea first began to form (let that sink in for a second, the sharks were about before Pangaea even began to look like a continent, that’s how long these creatures have been about jfc). 


To date they’ve survived FIVE massive planet extinction events… ya know, those things that KILL PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING ON THE PLANET?? YEAH, THEM. We know of one that happened pretty recently in geological history; 65 million years ago when the dinosaurs went bye-bye. How fucking badass is that, Jesus Christ!


There’s currently over 500 types of Shark in the ocean at present (though not for long if people don’t stop KILLING THEM! CAN YOU NOT?!??). The most famous, of course, is the Great White (Carcharodon carcharias) and the Hammerhead (family: Sphyrnidae). For all that there’s a variety of Species, there are, of course, similarities in form and shape including cartilaginous skeletons (they’re literally made of the same stuff as the ridge of your nose is), enhanced electro-static senses (on their nose which is cute but also reason why if you boop them on the nose they ‘nope’ it out of the place; consider it not too dissimilar to bashing your funny bone and deciding to avoid that damned door in the future, same sort of logic tbh).


You can pet a Shark on the nose. This isn’t really a fact so much as an interesting aside that I think is cute and adorable as shit so like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

[The still looks scary but honestly, he’s just giving the Tiger Shark a snack lol]

[I believe these are Lemon Sharks, which are fucking cute and I would cuddle one of them to the end of my life (I don’t have self-preservation instincts tho soooo)]


You have a higher chance of dying from being attacked by hornets, wasps, bees, dogs and even a fucking coconut (if you live in Asia) than you do of being killed by a Shark. How’s that for some mad stats?


As I’ve said, Sharks have survived FIVE massive planet extinction events but, currently, 20-30% of Sharks are close to extinction because of us, humans. Commercial fishing means Sharks get caught on hooks and nets; homeopathic remedies that require parts of Sharks for them to ‘work’; and Shark Fin Soup all contribute to the decline of these amazing creatures that have lived on this planet longer than even our most distant ancestor has.


Thanks to the media and stupid ass people who think they know everything from a movie marathon of the Jaws series, people think all Sharks are man-eating monsters that want to murder anyone who dares go for a swim in the open water. Here’s the thing though, 97% of over 500 Shark species are HARMLESS to us. The ones that ARE harmful tends to be because we’re in THEIR space and fucking up THEIR shit (personally, I’d beat your ass too if you came near my home so IDK why anyone thinks Sharks are evil; they’re just animals).


The reason why so many Shark attacks happen in California and places like South Africa is simply because of the abundance of food for Sharks; Great Whites especially. Seals, Sea Lions, and Sea Otters are all on the menu for the Great White and us pesky ass humans keep getting in their way. It’s not their fault they mistake us for food. Honest mistake.


Connected to EIGHT. Most of the time, people die from a Shark BITE but the Shark doesn’t come back for a second time (usually) because, unlike pretty much every other species that’s evolved on this planet, Sharks don’t have the opportunity to test what something is before using their teeth on it. Humans bleed out horrendously fast, especially in water, so the cause of death for most Shark attacks is blood loss and shock, not actually being eaten by a Shark.


Whale Sharks are the largest Sharks on record out of all current, living Shark species. They can be over 13 metres in length and, while they look scary considering how humans usually don’t go past 2 metres (imagine seven people stood on top of each other and you’ve got an idea of how long a Whale Shark is), Whale Sharks are the most docile creatures ever. They’re quite similar to Whales (hence the name) that live on plankton, for example the Blue Whale, and are absolutely gorgeous.


Hopefully these have been somewhat educational (while interspersed with my delightful attitude) and everyone can go on with their lives a little more aware and knowledgeable about Sharks.

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Sorry to say this, but Kelly Slater and other surfers saying that sharks should be culled in big numbers are in the wrong. In the last 10 years 80 people have been killed by sharks. That’s not a huge imbalance or a big threat. There are areas where a handful attacks by sharks on humans happen every year and people are warned to not enter these waters. (The area which Kelly Slater talks about apparently saw 20 attacks since 2011, 8 of them deadly.) Yet that is still such a small number, compared to real common threats. More people get killed by dogs every single year. (Apparently 25.000 a year.) No one asks that all dogs should be killed. And are surfers forgetting that the ocean is the natural environment of sharks and NOT of humans?

You are entering the natural habitat of a dangerous (because of its anatomy, not because it loves to attack humans) animal, that can kill you if it mistakenly attacks you, and then you call for it to be extinct, so you can have some fun. That’s pretty ironic…

going baroque vs. jumping the shark

on twitter the other day, i was trying to articulate my affinity for the baroque eras of longer stories. the late seasons of tv shows, the later books in a series—and often even in non-narrative mediums, later albums, later paintings. later installments will naturally have a larger context than earlier ones. their context, the information they can refer to, includes everything the work (or artist) did earlier. these later works don’t necessarily contain more artistic information, more densely, because that’s a matter of execution, but they also won’t really “work” unless they take their expanded context into account. if an earlier work solved one problem, then a later one that solves it again looks pointless.

this situation of having to integrate more information means that baroque eras tend to ask harder, weirder questions. they also tend to be more elaborate—more characters, more plot lines, more (and fancier) words. i think of this elaborateness as akin to expanding the container of the artwork in order to handle the increase in information. of course, because integrating a lot of information is difficult, baroque eras also tend to be less tight and less precise. but they will often be more satisfying because there is more there there, in total, and because baroqueness indicates an artist biting the bullet of the implications of what they’ve made so far.

for example: the later seasons of buffy try to address the question of “what happens after archetypal heroism?” the question is still within the realm of buffy’s desire to subvert hero stories, but goes one step of subversion further. earlier lecter books show monsters failing to transform. so hannibal tries to address the question of “ok, so what would a monster successfully transforming themselves look like?” similarly, the third iteration of a meme will reveal one more level of absurdity, while still retaining its basic structure.

jumping the shark is what happens when a work fails to integrate information, either because it gets lazy and doesn’t try, or because the problem is too hard for the artist to pull off. or some combination of the two. jumping the shark is usually caused by bloat, but is more generally just a loss of structural integrity. if an artwork is a helium balloon, the baroque is what happens when the balloon is just full to bursting. jumping the shark can be both a burst balloon or a shitty one that has a hole.


Were/ Are you a Sherlock fan?

Were/ Are you a Supernatural fan?

Were/ Are you a doctor who fan?

Do you need another couple pairs to ship and ruin your life with hoping and praying to all and any gods/ demons that the gay representation you’ve wanted for so long is going to happen?


It’s a BBC America show featuring Samuel Barrnet (an openly gay actor and also the essence of the post “have you ever seen a man so beautiful you started crying”) playing as Dirk Gently, a lovable cinnamon roll and his grumpy assis-friend Todd Brotzman (played by Elijah Wood)!
Not to mention the other amazing characters like Amanda, Todd’s sister who’s not only a badass but takes no shit and needs a break, Farah (also known as my wife who also deserves a break), Bart (my murder daughter), Ken (actual innocent child who came here to have a good time), the Rowdy Three (but there are four of them… we are all aware- also one of them is Osric Chau who’s Kevin in supernatural), and many more amazing characters with a diverse cast! The director is Max Landis and if you don’t know him I’ll give you a hint, he was the guy at Comic con with the rainbow hair and the twitter account you’ve probably seen in tumblr posts. Crazy shit happens, there’s shark cats, detective work, a corgi, creepy bald dudes, time travel, murder, and it’s starting its second season soon! So I suggest you jump on the train now and watch the first season which is already out!

Seriously I love this show it most definitely does not get enough attention. so I’m willing to take the chance to get hurt again with no representation ;u;.

BUT don’t take my word for it, watch the trailer and read the reviews and if it’s not for you well that’s totally okay!

(Also if I fucked up any facts send me a message and I’ll fix it)

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Hi my name is Savvy and I love the ocean! I just came back from California where I had the chance to see much of the wildlife that comes from the Pacific Ocean in multiple aquariums and even a Marine Mammal Rescue center! Sharks are a gift to this world and anyone that doesn’t think so can fight me.

Hey friendly reminder that I have an angsty bmc/deh crossover fic 

[The Forgotten Friend Club]

The Forgotten Friends Club, the not-real club where forgotten friends reminisce about the good times and the bad times. The place where forgotten friends discover their true feelings about the friends that abandoned them, and where they develop new feelings for the other members. Jared and Michael are the only two members.Then there’s the guilty friends club, where Jeremy and Evan learn to deal with their guilt and anxiety together and learn that even good people do bad things, and that’s what makes them human.

Earth is Dying - and it's Our Fault.

I need to fully develop my conservation blog and post things like this there. But here’s the deal.

We are in the midst of the planet’s sixth mass extinction.

These are incredibly rare, and yes, it is what you think it is - when hundreds, thousands of species go extinct within a short period of time. But if it’s happened before, why is this one so bad?

Because the five before this have been due to completely natural causes. The warming or cooling of the planet, volcano eruptions, floods, droughts…

But this time, HUMANS are the primary problem. That’s right, us. You and I.

Sure, we are not the only reason for species going extinct, but everything we do harms the environment. Our hunger for expansion and a higher standard of living has caused us to keep destroying nature just so we can build on it.

So, habitat destruction is a HUGE problem. Along with littering, overpopulation, overusage of water, fragmentation, and carbon emissions (which contribute to global warming). We are invading and destroying rainforests - even the protected biodiversity hotspots are difficult to preserve - and disaster falls.

We are wiping out keystone species, plants and animals that could trigger the collapse of an entire ecosystem because they’re so important. We are losing species of plants that may have undiscovered medicinal value (like a cure for cancer).

Species are disappearing faster than we can blink. What will we do when the bees are gone? The sea turtles, the sharks? What happens when you wake up in the morning and the birds aren’t singing, what happens when you go to the beach and instead of clean sand and rocks, it’s filled with litter and trash?

So, yes. We are destroying our planet and ensuring the downfall of both us and future generations.

So how can we stop this?
1.) Conserve resources. The lower the demand is for products, the less people will go out and harvest them. Try and save water, drive less (public transportation may be a better option for example), save electricity by turning lights off. The littlest things can help.

2.) Don’t litter. This should be easy. But apparently, people haven’t been getting the message. Those garbage patches in the ocean can’t just be cleaned up.

3.) RECYCLE!! This is so important, and so easy! I’m astonished at the amount of people I know who don’t recycle. Please encourage everyone you know to participate, too.

4.) Educate. We have the world at our fingertips. Visit the IUCN red list, which documents all species of animals, and names their status. Look at other websites. Learn. Teach people. Let them know what’s happening.

5.) Donate. This can be the hardest to do because, well - money is hard to come by. But I urge you all to send this money to a good cause. There are soooo many environmental and conservation groups out there to donate to. Your money will be well spent. Just make sure you research each project before donating to ensure it’s not a scam.

Thank you for listening - and I urge you all to speak up about this. We need this planet. It doesn’t need us.

Sharks: Not Vicious, Just Mouthy and Inquisitive

In lieu of all of the sensationalist shark media occurring out there this summer, let’s talk about shark behavior and, in specific, shark attacks and white shark.

Some basic white shark facts (and yes, Carcharodon carcharias is often also officially called the great white, but that just exacerbates all the media attention, so white shark it is). Whites are huge pelagic (open water) sharks that get on average 4-5 meters long, and their only known predator as an adult are orcas. They’re one of the longest lived cartilaginous fish known with a lifespan that appears to extend into their 70′s. They have hella tons of teeth and lots of rows of them, so that when one pops out the next just pops into place as if on a conveyor belt. A white shark’s bite force is something like 4000 pounds per square inch from a six-foot-long animal. (Thanks to wiki for all the basic facts). 

Have a white shark anatomical drawing from wiki, because while it’s nightmare-inducing, it’s the only thing about sharks that should be. 

People love to talk about sharks as these horrible monsters of the deep, eating everything they come across with gruesome abandon. This is just ‘perfect’ for summer, when sharks start showing up on beaches in the US and scaring the bejeezus out of basically everyone. 

Luckily, those people are making things up. You’re more likely to die because you shook a vending machine and it fell on top of you than you are to get bitten (note: not attacked) by a white shark. There’s a couple things you’re got to know about how sharks function to understand why worrying about getting nommed on by one at the beach is pretty silly. 

To start, they’re not man-eaters. Sharks don’t even know what a human is. We’re not aquatic organisms and they’ve probably only rarely encountered humans before, so there’s no reason to assume they’re going to be like ‘omg tasty hooman’ and charge over for a snack We don’t fit into what sharks consider prey, so they’re not going to prey on us intentionally. 

However, they do prey on seals. Tasty, blubbery, freaking-stupidly-clever-and-fast seals. And a human on a surfboard (which is when almost all shark encounters happen that result in injury) happens to look mightily like a seal if all you can see is a silhouette. More importantly, it’s a slow, stationary seal, which implies an easy meal. Most of the time, sharks ‘attack’ surfers thinking they’re seals. And guess what? Humans do not have all that tasty, energy-loaded blubber that seals do. We’re pretty bony and we’re on these weird plastic things that have got to taste nasty as hell. Most shark ‘attacks’ last for one bite, because the shark pretty quickly realizes that we’re not the pinniped it thought we were, and those bones aren’t worth the effort, and it leaves. Not great for the surfer who is now missing lots of bits, but hey, the shark isn’t purposefully being an asshole. It was a case of mistaken identity!

But there are lots of encounters where people don’t get hurt, right? They just get the shit scared out of them when a shark starts face-punching their arm, and panic, and call the media, and suddenly it’s an attack again. This is actually because most of a shark’s sensory organs are on it’s face. 

All those red dots are organs called the ampullae of lorenzini, and they sense electrical stimulus. They’re the organs that all cartilaginous fish use to locate food - when you see a ray sweeping it’s rostrum across the sand, it’s using it’s ampullae to search for buried critters. So if a shark is curious about something, say, a human, the first response is to nose it to get more information. That’s not aggression, it’s curiosity. Then, unfortunately, if it still wants more information, it’ll go and take a nibble - because, if you look above, there are more dots right around the mouth than anywhere else. Sharks are basically the really sharp aquatic equivalent of that annoying baby who has to put everything in it’s mouth. 

Because humanity is collectively terrified of anything that has more naturally provided pointy bits than we do, everything has to demonize sharks, and that ends really badly. Everything gets interpreted as aggression. This, for instance, is a video in which a shark attempts to figure out what a pontoon boat is and gets stuck in the float. The people watching it of course put JAWS music on and captioned it as an attack, but that’s just a stressed shark going ‘wtf is this weird thing and why won’t it give me my teeth back’. 

It’s shark season, but that doesn’t mean they’re out to eat us. We’re a bony, problematic food that likes to play mean tricks by pretending to be seals. If you don’t want to get attacked by a shark? Be careful about being in the water, and don’t surf at sunset or sunrise. If you see a shark being inquisitive, just bop it. They’re not used to any sort of physical contact from something that isn’t either food, a predator, or a mate, so they’ll generally just leave immediately.

Tl;dr, sharks are mouthy babies who aren’t good at differentiating humans from seals, and we certainly don’t help them any.

Illuminating Beauty (Evan H. x Reader)

Wow okay posting a thing at 1:10 am is not very smart when I have a DBT and an exam tomorrow in the morning lol,, But hey I had an idea, so I might as well work on it while I can! I hope you enjoy this, it actually took me longer than I thought haha c:

Words- 1513

Warnings- Fluff, awkwardness, and some more awkwardness

Aquariums are some of the most magical places to you. There is just something so amazing about going to a place filled with oceanic creatures of all shapes and sizes. Creatures that we might not even totally know about, and that keep surprising us every day. There is just something about the way all of the creatures float around and interact with each other that just makes you at peace. So it was only natural that you would want to share this experience with someone.

So, who better than your best friend and crush, Evan Hansen? You know that he is comfortable around other people, which would make the aquarium a perfect place for him. You hope anyways.

To: Evan TreeFriend

hey!! R u doing anything today?

From: Evan TreeFriend

I don’t think so.

To: Evan TreeFriend

Great! Wanna join me for a visit to the aquarium?

From: Evan TreeFriend

Sure o: I’ll be over in 10 minutes if that’s okay?

To: Evan TreeFriend

Of course! See u then c:

You smile to yourself and start to get dressed. Any reason to hang out Evan is good reason to hang out. You finish getting dressed and walk outside to wait for Evan.

“Hey (Y/N). H-how are you?” Evan says, waving as he walks over to your house.

“Hey! I’m doing great! Are you ready for your first visit to the aquarium? I promise it’ll be great”

“I… I guess so? I’m not really sure to expect. But, if you say it’ll be fun, then I’m sure it will be!” Evan smiles and runs a hand through his hair.

You nod and smile. “c’mon!” You hop into your car and wait for Evan before driving off.

The drive to the aquarium wasn’t very eventful. You weren’t even sure what you were expecting, maybe some sort of excitement? However, Evan seemed to be more nervous than usual. You didn’t think he would be, considering he is normally a bit calmer when you are with him, but the drive was a different case. It might have just been because he would be visiting a new environment. Whatever the case may be, you just hope he enjoys himself.

The moment you two entered the aquarium, you could not contain your excitement. The place is a huge catch and release center, filled with all kinds of different sea creatures. You let out a small squeal as you gently take Evan’s hand.

“Dude, let’s go check out the sharks!”


You giggle, and gently pull him towards to exhibit. Of course the aquarium didn’t have a place for just sharks, there were all kinds of other creatures. All kinds of rays and fish traveled around, followed by different sharks. Your eyes lit up as you watch all of the animals swim around, occasionally letting out a few squeak of admiration.

All while you were doing this, Evan had most of his focus on you. The way your eyes lit up as you watched the animals, and they way that the buildings lighting illuminated your face, made you look absolutely stunning. The way your warm hand held onto his own clammy hand just felt so right.

You look at Evan and tilt your head. “You doing okay, Evan?”

“Y-yeah! Y-you’re re- I mean e-everything is really pretty!”

Laughing, you take your phone out. “Photo?”

Evan nods, so you take a photo of the both you in front of the class. When you looked at the photo, you laughed. A few rays and a shark happened to slide in the photo. “A few friends wanted to join our photo.”

“Uhm, (Y/N), isn’t there a touch tank o-or something?”

Your eyes widened as you nod. “Yeah! Stingrays and then a touch tank with other little creatures.” You say, leading Evan towards the tanks, still not letting go of his hand. “W-wait, you’re okay with me hold your hand, right?”

Evan follows you and nods. “Y-yeah! That’s fine, if you want to.” He could tell his hands were still clammy, but your hands felt so nice that he didn’t want to let go.

You lead Evan to the stingray touch tank and let go of his hand. You watch as Evan slowly reaches his hand out to gently touch a stingray. He pulls back once he realizes how cold the water is.

“It’s really cold! A-and don’t stingrays sting? (Y/N) wh-why would we touch things that would sting us!”

You giggle and gently pet a small stingray. “Evan, the water is cold so the stingrays can live, and don’t worry! The little dudes can’t sting! These guys don’t have any stingers.”

Nodding, he slowly reaches around and gently slides his fingers across the stingray. “Slimy…”

Even though the stingray is slimy, Evan continues to pet a few different stingrays with a small smile on his face. So far, the stingrays were defiantly one of his favorite parts of the whole visit.

The two of you continue to pet the stingrays and steal small glances of each other.

After a while of enjoying the stingrays and touch tank, you make your way to the jellyfish.

Before you enter, you look at Evan. “Okay, it’s really dark in here, but the jellyfish make it completely worth it. You okay with going in?”

Evan looks at you and smiles. “if you’re going in, th-then I want to go.”

Smiling, you take his hand once more and lead him inside the room. Instantly, you are engulfed in darkness, and hear Evan let out a small squeak. You continue you walking, and suddenly there are little blobs of light. The jellyfish carelessly float around, different colors illuminating the water and room.

The two of you were completely entranced, watching the jellyfish dance before your very eyes. There was faint, calming music being played as you viewed the image displayed before you.

Suddenly, you felt a small squeeze of Evan’s hand. You looked at him, and he was smiling. A completely, sincere smile, Evan’s pupils were dilated slightly, his eyebrows raised, and he just looked so happy. You honestly considered just pausing time to make this moment last forever. You never wanted to let Evan’s hand go, or leave this area.

However, Evan had other ideas.

“H-hey, maybe we should go and see what else there is? If we stay here, we might stay here forever- If you want to of course!”

“Alright, follow me.” You lead Evan out of the jellyfish exhibit, and to and open room. The room had glass reaching from the bottom of the walls, all the way to the ceiling. The two of you, surrounded by water and oceanic sea creatures. The entire layout was absolutely perfect.

Evan’s mouth gaped open slightly as he looked around. He had never seen anything like this before.

You watch as Evan walks around the long room, looking at each of the creatures swim around at their own paces and flowing as one, large system. The two of you could spend hours watching the creatures, and you did.

The two of you sat on one of the many benches, watching the creatures and talking quietly.

“Hey, (Y/N)?” Evan whispered, not meeting your eyes.

“Yeah, Evan?” You whisper back, looking at him.

“Y-you… You remind me of this exhibit… And the jellyfish one.” Evan mumbles, playing with the hem of his shirt.

Letting out a small laugh, you tilt your head. “Why is that?”

“B-because you’re so pretty… And r-really enchanting, and I could look at you for hours.”

You pause and blush profusely. You didn’t know what to say, so you just stared at Evan, eyes widened. Evan instantly assumed that this meant that you were freaked out by his words.

“I-I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have said that, I can just-“

You cut him off with a gentle hug.

Evan’s breathing hitches slightly as he slowly wraps his arms around you.

“Evan, I really like you.”

“I-I like you to!” He starts, “Y-you’re my best friend.”

“No, Evan. I mean… I like, like you.”

He gasps and looks at you. “Oh.” He pauses and his face heats up. “I l-like, like you too! Like, a lot.” He splutters.

You laugh and look at him. “Can… Can we consider this a date?”

Evan nods, and gently places his hand on top of yours. “If you… If you want to, then yeah. Let’s make this a date.

The two of you hold hands as you continue to view the oceanic creatures. However, now the two of you have scooted closer, and make small, not-so-sly comments about each other. As you are looking at on particularly interested fish, Evan presses a gentle kiss to your knuckles.

“Thank you for bringing me here, (Y/N). I’m really enjoying this.”

“No problem, Evan. I’m enjoying this too… We should really do it more often.”

“If it means being able to watch your face light up the way it is now, then I’ll always come with you here.”

You laugh and gently squeeze his hand.

You two will defiantly be visiting the aquarium more often.

  • Shinoa: *is handed the phone* Hello~?
  • Guren: *on the phone* "Shut up?" Shut up?! You don't tell me shut up, I tell you shut up! *hears phone dialing* What-?
  • Yuu: Hi, how you doing? I'll have a large pie, everything on it, anchovies, meatballs, mushrooms...
  • Guren: Yuu!
  • Yuu: Oh... Uh, hi, Guren! What're you doing working at a pizza joint?
  • Guren: Get off the phone!
  • Yuu: But I'm hungry.