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Finn Balor - Prompt #45

Prompt: “You’re getting a vasectomy. That’s final.”
Requested: by @grappling-giraffe
Warnings: None
Words: 1200+
y/d/n: your daughters name.
y/eldest sons/n: your eldest sons name
y/younger sons/n: your younger sons name

You smiled at the sight in front of you. Your husband Finn ran around the kitchen with your 2 of your 3 kids in tow, two sons and a daughter, yelling and screaming. It was a normal Sunday, you made pancakes for the family, from the bottle of course because cooking really wasn’t your forte. 

“It’s my lego!” Finn yelled 

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So many jedistormpilot headcanons

Dumb (and by dumb, I mean amazeballs) movie.

  • Poe hanging around two giant space puppies more often than not, but being completely blindsided when Jess refers to Rey and Finn as his. And then smirking and thinking “damn right they are.” 
  • Finn not being terribly bothered by how strict his doctor and nurse are, because they’re not mean, and it’s structure. He’s free, but he needs that structure now that he’s not running on sheer adrenaline and while trying to find his fit with the Resistance. He can’t break a lifetime of habits in a few weeks, but he can take baby steps.
  • Poe having low key nightmares about Kylo Ren violating his mind, and waking up to find Rey standing over him. He accidentally kicks her in the gut the first time and it’s all a big mess, but eventually he just gets used to waking up to her being there and she gets it. 
  • Finn making friends with Snap Wexley and Admiral Statura, first because they’re going over the information Finn can give them and cataloging this knowledge, and then because Snap gets the bright idea to teach Finn how to play poker. “You have your people, and then you have your poker buddies, Finn. And your poker buddies will make sure Poe doesn’t fleece you for the shirt off your back, the rotten shark.”
  • Snap introducing Finn to fire whiskey. 
  • Poe laughing at Finn’s first hangover, but then getting him a painkiller and cuddling with him.
  • Finn trying sugary foods for the first time and loving them.
  • Snap realizing he can bribe Finn with candy, and ruthlessly exploiting it to win his prank war with Poe.
  • Poe teaching Finn to kiss, because his guy is ridiculously eager, but ridiculously awful at it. Not that Finn would have had a lot of time to practice in the First Order. Besides, Poe might have a teeny, tiny possessive streak, and be stupidly pleased he gets to teach him.
  • Rey being so absorbed with her Jedi training, and trying to figure out the Force and “be at one with it”, that it takes Poe and Finn some time to realize she has some capital I issues. 
  • Poe and Finn not figuring out two of these Issues until they’re sent on a rescue mission with her, Snap, Jess Pava, and fellow First Order deserter, Officer Phasma, to bust out Admiral Akbar. Namely that A) Rey can’t swim AT ALL and they crash land in a lake, and B) Rey is utterly ill-equipped to deal with the winter planet they’re on. (Which really, they should have thought about this sooner.)
  • This leads to a comedy of errors where Jess and Phasma have to go free the Admiral and rendezvous with them at the exit point, and Snap and Finn securing the exit point while Poe has to get Rey across that channel, clinging to his back like a baby monkey because the water is deep and there’s only a tiny underwater ledge they can inch by on, and she’s terrified. (And hypothermic and turning an alarming shade of blue.)
  • Finn, however, is very gallant and dashing and being an utter boss in making sure the exit gets secured and Poe and Rey are safe. Poe’s not even going to lie, he’s very turned on.
  • Rey being utterly mortified once they get back to base, and Finn refusing to let her be embarrassed, because he’s learned that’s what a team and a family are for. Covering your back when you’re down.
  • Finn learning astromech so he can understand what BB-8 keeps saying, but refusing to give up their special thumbs up signal. Poe realizes he’s about to be in trouble when he walks in on the two of them doing that.
  • Lt. Connix and Jess taking Rey out on leave trips, because Rey needs friends and Rey is a big dumb space puppy who hasn’t realized that Finn and Poe are not just friends, and that maybe she needs people to talk it out with that aren’t a Jedi master or the objects of her affections.
  • Rey can drink them both under the table, because the only alcohol back “home” was the equivalent of 100 proof moonshine, and you have to get used to it early.
  • Then they realize she doesn’t even know she’s been given an account with credits.
  • Lt. Connix and Jess realizing Rey might have an Issue about food, because she uses all of her credits to buy packs of really awful food rations, and she gives them out to people she cares about.
  • Poe and Finn have several packs of awful food rations, but they eat them proudly because they realize Rey is a big dumb space puppy and giving food is the highest form of showing affection she knows.
  • Poe was so very wrong. Rey is a ridiculously awful kisser. Still, that means there’s just that much more practice time for him and Finn.
  • Finn wrangling the other two into bed the way he likes it, so he’s the one facing the door. If someone comes in for them, they’ll have to get through him first. Besides, Rey’s softer, and gets cold at night. And if she’s in the middle, Poe’s arm settles around Finn’s waist at the perfect level that makes him feel safe, too.
  • Poe realizing that while courting is definitely a thing where he grew up, and with other cultures on the base, Finn and Rey have no clue what it is, and dammit, his dumb space puppies deserve to be courted properly.

Finn knows that they’re just friends, her and Archie. He doesn’t want to say best friends because he likes to think of himself special enough to be her best friend. But, the things is, is that they’re always talking to each other. Like, now. He’s trying his absolute hardest not to stare but the sun catches her hair and it’s like his eyes hasn’t seen anything more radiant. (It’s a fucking curse sometimes, being in love with Rae.)

Finn tries to pretend that there’s something wrong with one of the rods for the tents. He tilts his head this way and that, stretches it out until there’s no more rod left. Then he decides to poke Chop in his back just for fun and it takes his mind off the fact that Rae is all the way over there and he’s all the way over here. He feels pathetic for thinking that they’re worlds apart but he can’t fucking help it that he misses her even though she’s literally feet away from him. If he could kick himself in the ass for being such an attention-starved puppy, he totally would.

Chloe comes up to him then, and he must have been making a face the entire time because she looks at him all worried-like and says, “You alright?”

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?” Finn mumbles, bending down to grab the fabric of the tent. 

“Dunno, just-” she pauses for a second and Finn squints up at her. “You look a bit green.”

“Green.” he makes a face. “What are you talking about?”

“You know,” she makes a motion with her hands like he’s supposed to know what the fuck that means. “Jealous.”

“Jealous?” Finn stands and folds his arms over his chest defensively. “Of what, Chloe?”

Chloe tilts her head in the direction of Rae and Archie and when he looks over, he feels his blood boil. Archie’s got his fucking dirty hands on Rae’s goods. His Rae. Fuck best friends, he doesn’t care about that shit because Rae is his girlfriend and the only person allowed to touch any of her lady bits is him (even if he hasn’t had that pleasure of cupping them himself yet).

He stomps over to them, stopping just behind Archie. 

“Oi, what’s going on?" 

Archie spins around so fast it makes Finn dizzy. Or maybe that’s just all the blood rushing to his head, he doesn’t know or care. 

"I- Hey, Finn,” Archie sputters, laughing nervously and stuffing his hands into his pockets. “I was just- Erm. Camping. Hate it. Rae does too.”

Finn raises his eyebrows and stares his friend down, unwavering and without blinking. Archie starts to sweat, he can tell, and he tries not to laugh because if he’s gonna have the guts to touch his girl, he might as well have the guts to own up to it.

“What does that have to do with the fact that you had your hands on my girlfriend, Arch?”

“Finn, it’s not what it looked like.” Rae interjects, coming up in front of Archie to stand between them. 

“Yeah, it’s really not!” Archie shuffles awkwardly behind Rae, his head peeking out from the side. “I wasn’t copping a feel, I promise.”

“Oi, Finn it’s alright,” Chloe says from behind him. “Don’t flip your shit." 

Finn ignores her and clenches his jaw. He can hear her sigh and in the same second, she’s reaching out for Archie who takes her hand with a grateful smile, glad to have been pulled out of the shark tank.

"Really?” Finn eyes Rae up and he can feel himself toning down already and he hates that she can do this to him so easily. He hates that he can’t stay mad at her for longer than a few second. He sighs defeatedly and even has a hint of a smile on his face when Rae places a warm hand to his cheek. “What was it all about then?”

Rae purses her lips together and groans, rolling her eyes as she does so. 

“I bought-” she puffs out her cheeks and flattens her hands out to her sides. “I bought stupid underwear that is literally not supporting these fucking boulders at all and it was supposed to be a surprise but I haven’t had a moment alone to show you and Archie came and he was just trying to relieve some of the ache and keeping me from punching myself in the face multiple times." 

When Rae finishes, she does this great big inhale because she said all of this in one breath. Her chest heaves and now that he knows she bought new underwear (probably the really pretty kind with bows and frilly things), Finn’s mouth does not drop open, it really doesn’t. 

Okay, it does but just a little and that’s only because now he’s picturing Rae in nothing but underwear and, yeah. He can’t really blame Archie. (Even though he still does.)

Finn takes a step closer to her and kisses her deeply, his tongue licking its way into her mouth. He’s not sure if it’s from the kiss or the anger that’s settling down now, or if it’s from the sun blazing his back but he feels this certain kind of heat along his skin that he wants to hold on to for a bit. When he pulls away and his face is only mere centimeters from hers, the free hand that’s not on the back of her neck smoothes down her chest, moving over the slope of her breast,  cupping it with his palm and squeezing gently.

He can see the way she bites her lip and he smiles (because Archie didn’t cause her to make that face. It was him, all Finn.), his mouth hovering over hers.

"By the way,” he says, nudging her temple with his nose. “This is mine, yeah? No one’s allowed to touch you like this except for me.”

Rae nods and Finn kisses her again until they’re being teased about PDA.

I'mma Rip His Dick Off

So basically, I gave in and decided it was finally time for me to start writing some MMFD stuff. This is my first ever MMFD piece and I don’t really know if I’ve grasped the characters that well yet, but I hope to improve with some practice, so be nice (I know you will)

Also, I’m the kinda person that really like prompts because I need something to spark an idea, so if you’re finding that you have prompts that all the really good writers haven’t gotten around to yet because they are too amazing, shoot it to me if you like. 

Summary: Finn finds out about Saul. Warning: Some coarse language, may be triggering I dunno. 

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