shark drop

Little Artist 💚🖍⭐️
  • Me: does a drawing
  • CG: *peeks over to look at it*
  • CG: OH WOW !! That is the best thing I have ever seen! I'm so proud of you my little artist, this is going on the fridge!! What a clever little one *squishes cheeks* well done baby!! *showers in kisses*
  • Me: *gasp* i... i got the praise
  • Me: *collapses into biggest goofiest grin & uncontrollable giggles*
  • Me: it's just a little drawing *hold self proudly*
  • Me: *skips around happily for rest of the day, tells my teddies all about it & can't stop smiling*
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original writing

so… i’ve decided to swim in the ocean and most likely drown. and by that i mean i’ve decided to write a book. and by that i mean i’ve decided to swim in the ocean and most likely be eaten by a shark. 


here’s the thing. i plan on having a lot of diversity, but i want to probably write everything and I DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES want to be offensive or misrepresent anyone or fall into hurtful stereotypes. 

that’s where you guys come in or people that you know come in. i need your help. i do plan on doing research, but i also want to talk to some people. 

my characters:

bisexual guy

note: no slutty bisexual trope i swear on my own grave that will surely be an early one because this book… just may kill me. 

pansexual guy

note: i want to be able to make a clear difference between bisexual and pansexual because they are NOT the same thing. 

asexual girl 

note: i am staying far away from the disgusting “soulless monsters” trope. this character is honestly one of my top three favorites and i want to do her so much justice. 

sapphic girls 

note: i plan on having a f/f ship, which will actually be the main ship friends-to-lovers trope, since you guys are so underrepresented in YA and god i don’t want to mess up, but i still want to try.

black muslim girl 

note: tell me if this makes sense depending on the context of my book, thanks.

asian girl

note: i want to do so much research on this because ‘asian’ is a pretty big category and i know its easily to be offensive and misrepresent but i don’t want that to stop me from writing

this story is going to be a greek mythology inspired story (as long as i don’t get eaten by a shark and drop it). i don’t want to explain everything because its still in the very early drafts and it’s a bunch of rough ideas and scraps. 

the main plot is ascension and self-discovery (unless i drown and this story drowns with me). even if its still greek myth its my world and i want to make all of these work as well as i can. 

please message me or send me links or anything that you think will help me write these characters as best i can without being offensive. thank you for reading and for helping.

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alright so the smh decide to start a vine account

  • first it’s filled with hockey practices, goals from past games, the works
  • then it slowly descends into madness
  • it starts with a vine of someone yelling “GO SHARKS” and chowder automatically dropping into the splits
    • that boy is magical
  • there’s a whole series where ransom and holster go around faber and introduce things incorrectly
    • this is the defunkifyer *points to laundry machine*
    • *on the ice*  this is our cold ass swimming pool
  • after that they start filming at the haus
  • this begins the occasional vine of one of them walking along the sidewalk or on the front porch yelling “FUCK YOU LAX BROS” across the street
  • endless kegster vines, obviously
  • also a series of lardo beating the shit out of people at beer pong
    • someone (dex probably) edits the videos so denzel curry’s ultimate plays in the background and when she wins the bass gets really loud… you know the ones
  • speaking of dex sometimes when he and nursey are fighting someone will start filming and then roll their eyes at the camera
    • one time their fight ends in them furiously making out on the couch
    • they’re all scarred
    • the rest of the team (all of them, they have to use a selfie stick) roll their eyes and shake their heads 
  • another series where it’s just tango asking questions into the camera
  • whenever bitty’s in the kitchen baking someone will run in and start blasting beyoncé to get bitty to drop everything and dance
    • holster: *walks into kitchen*
    • bitty: holster I’m not putting this down the cream has to be whipped continuously or else it won’t hold
    • holster:
    • bitty:
    • holster: *starts playing partition*
    • bitty: goddammi-
    • holster: FOR THE VINE, BITTY, F O R THE V I N E
  • going to the murder stop and shop and striking weird poses in the aisles
    • nursey is a Pro at this
  • when jack comes to visit there’s always at least one vine of someone saying “is that jack zimmermann?” directed to a random object before it pans to jack just staring at the camera
    • ransom: *points to lamp* OH MY GOD IS THAT JACK ZIMMERMANN???
    • jack: *looks to the camera like he’s in the office*
  • whenever one of them sees another across campus they’ll whip put their phone and start yelling the others name while zooming in on them
  • someone films bitty talking one time and he manages to say y’all 4 times within 6 seconds
    • they go around the team and everyone just looks at the camera and says with the most serious face “y’all”
  • when shitty comes to visit someone from the team films him just slowly losing his clothes
  • whiskey and tango makes vines of them lip synching in the car (with whisky driving, and tango in the passenger seat)
    • songs range from I look to you by whitney houston to love is an open door from frozen to wake me up by evanescence
    • sometimes one of the frogs will join them and they’ll have choreography and everything
    • its impressive 

anyways so this got out of hand but my main point here is that the entire smh are meme loving fucks that laugh at their own vines


I made my own version of the touch meme… it’s old, I know, but oh whale 🐳

Feel free to use the blank version as long as you give credit and aren’t anything I list in my banner 🦄

I just thought this was a good idea for people to get to know me and spread awareness that not everyone is comfortable with touch 💛