shark dressed as human

ask-merman-usa  asked:

"Yo! What's with all the red stuff? You look like a Hunan shark! Other humans dress like that too?"

*coming to drop a body in a nearby lake*

Oh? ah! HI there little guy! Um, the red stuff on me is blood, human blood to be specific. I, murder people, little fishy. I’d dress in something else if I had other clothing! A lot of other humans are way cleaner than me. Your not, freaked out, are you?

Shark week is my favorite week ever but like c'mon now natgeo and discovery.

Instead of shows like “crazed killer sharks!!” maybe we could actually do important shows like idk - 

Humans kill 100 million sharks a year for fucking tasteless soup and stupid jewelry for tourists.

or Sharks are fucking bad ass and humans are weak.

or Human gets into the home of other animals, usually dressed in an outfit that resembles sharks prey food, gets bit. Humans then go and kill the shark.

or like We need sharks in our ocean, and not enough people give a shit. Here’s why we should:

Just throwin’ some ideas out there.

I’d also like to see rare species, Great whites are amazing but like there’s other bad ass sharks out there, that most people have no clue about.