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Iconic Hannibal Fics Rec:

Cause we all deserve a little re-taste of the classics, right? 


Shark Tank

What Dreams (Series)


Rubies (Series)

Ladders (Series)

The Way A Knife Loves A Heart

Crystal Ship (Series)

The Business (Series)

House Guest

Beasts Of the Earth According To Their Kinds (Series)

Ya’aburnee (Series)



Nice Work If You Can Get It (Series)

Say Stop

Demolition Lovers

Food For Thought


Warrior (Series)

And, of course, Every Hannigram Fic Ever: The Crack Compendium (Series)



Well, re-enjoy, in this case. 

anonymous asked:

Never trust a man who constantly offers to do things for you but the second he asks you to do one simple thing (like wash his laundry for him) and you say you don't have time he gets all defensive and complains that you MAKE him do things for you ALL the time. LIKE DUDE. I. HAVE. NEVER. ASKED. YOU. TO. DO. ANYTHING. FOR. ME. Offering to buy me food (without ANY prompting) when I'm busy af does not mean you are entitled to make me do your fucking chores, asshole. I'm so bitter.

Read The Gift of Fear. This is classic loan sharking. Also, see this really good summary:

Bake and Shark. Maracas bay. Trinbagonain food. Trinidad and Tobago.

Bake and Shark is a classic street food dish that is sold at a multitude of food stalls and cookshops all over Trinidad and Tobago. It consists of a fried flatbread (“bake”) filled with fried pieces of shark meat and various other ingredients and sauces. The dish is widely associated with Maracas beach on the Northern coast as it features a multitude of bake and shark stands, and the needed shark is caught in the offshore surf.