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Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator Sentence Starters

  • “Betrayed by my own butt yet again.”
  • “Can you explain memes to me?”
  • “Contrary to popular belief, penguins are… birds.”
  • “Did you think I was gonna stab you just now?”
  • “Don’t cry. Don’t cry. I swear to god if you cry again.”
  • “Don’t write checks your dick can’t cash.”
  • “Here’s to bad decisions and relaxed moral values.”
  • “How’s the…… jeeeeeeeeeesus?”
  • “I am a happy little cheese monster.”
  • “I am spinning a web of lies that I fear will one day consume me.”
  • “I don’t want your stupid fruit leather.”
  • “I have to get a solid two to three hours of brooding in per day. Filling quotas.”
  • “It’s called ‘string cheese’ and not ‘chompy cheese’ for a reason.”
  • “I’ll probably end up standing uncomfortably in the corner with a plate of food and hope that nobody talks to me.”
  • “I’m so many levels of irony deep I’ve forgotten what humour is.”
  • “I’m suddenly struck with the overwhelming need to crawl back into bed.”
  • “Mothman is bullshit.”
  • “My ultimate sexual fantasy is sleeping in on a Saturday.”
  • “See you in class… bitch.”
  • “Sharks are tight.”
  • “So, you ever kill a man?”
  • “Stop being so desperate to please your hot friend.”
  • “That… that is a good butt.”
  • “The key to being cool is acting like you don’t care about anything but actually care very deeply about everything to the point where it’s debilitating.”
  • “This ice cream cake is my new boyfriend.”
  • “This is where I come to masturbate.”
  • “Wait, I’m a wreck.”
  • “You can never be too careful. See that baby in that stroller over there? Government operative.”
  • “Your face… is… good.”
  • “Your unending thirst will be your ultimate downfall.”

I finally watched the Prince of Egypt last night and I saw this scene in context and realised what it actually was.

People thought it was a whale, then they thought it was a Megalodon Shark which made sense to me when I saw the gif except for the fact that they died out millions of years before this story. And then seeing the reaction of the little girl and her Grandma, the kid is terrified but her Gran reassures her like it’s nothing to worry about which is what really helped me figure it out. That kid thought it was a huge Shark too. Well no, it ain’t and Grandma knows what it is, she knows that it’s harmless.

One thing I always noticed was that it’s got the tail of a shark but the head of a whale. Now what has a whale head and a shark tail? A WHALE SHARK. They inhabit the Red Sea and the largest Whale Shark on record was 12.2 metres long but they believe them to grow even bigger, to the size of a bus. Ergo it has to be a Whale Shark.

Case closed; Class dismissed.

🌊  Daymarer  🌊

School was a weird time.

Also if anyone happens to be in Turin, Italy on 4-5 November some of my work is being featured in an exhibition there.


4 November: NESXT @Q35 19.00 – 1.00

5 November: Cinema Massimo - Museo Nazionale del Cinema di Torino 16.00 – 19.30

Also having just read the news, I hope that if you are in Italy you are safe and unaffected by earthquakes.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MOST BEAUTIFUL, CUTEST, NICEST, STRONGEST, MANLIEST, HARDEST RED ROCK SHARK BOY!!!!! May the Class 1-A shower you with love today!!!!!! And any other day

In case anyone is wondering(which probably no one is, but whatever), Momo and Jirou’s present is a Bakugou plushie/figure. Momo didn’t know what to get Kiri for his b-day and Jirou said jokingly something like “what about a Bakugou he can sleep with every night”; and so Momo used her quirk to do it. She was so proud of her work, Jirou didn’t have the heart to tell her it was a joke.

Anyways! Happy birthday Best Boy!!!!!!!

The End of it All

For @mushroomminded eyyyy

The hoodie was taking over, and for once, Matt knew it. Jon stopped walking along the sidewalk to turn to his friend, the pale blue dolphin hoodie’s slight twitching unnoticed.

“Hey, Matt, you okay?- O-Oh my God..” The ginger was shaking as the sleeves melted, becoming a dark goop which slowly began climbing his legs. Purple seeped into the denim fabric and onto his skin. Matt screamed in pain, looking at Jon with pleading eyes.

“Run!! NOW!”

Jon wavered as tears began cascading down his rosey cheeks. “No! I’m not leaving you!”

The color faded from Matt’s face as he repeated his plea. Within moments, the teen fell to the ground. The shark-faced hood let out a low throaty growl, that sounded like a haunting laugh. The mess of a hoodie quickly encased Matt, and rose from the concrete. It’s skin crawled as it ripples into waves, slowly hardening into a tough, leathery skin. Jon froze, eyes wide and mouth agape. The monster looked like it was grinning as it’s small beast eyes multiplied. It’s gravelly voice rand our through the street, sounding as if many voices were speaking at once.

“Its too late for you now, Boy.”

Jon’s scream was cut off as the shark-like monster leapt on him. The blue fabric of his hoodie quickly reacted. It morphed to cover Jon, barely protecting him from the obsidian claws of the beast above him. Said beast let out an angered howl as he jumped off the newly changing creature. The purple monster seethed as the blue hoodie finished changing into a similar creature. The two growled a challenge and circled each other. The shark made the first move, and tackled the dolphin, lashing out with large claws.

For a few, excruciatingly drawn out moments, Matt couldn’t see or feel anything. Then he felt weightless, and the calm rush of fluid against his skin. He could barely breathe. Opening his eyes to darkness, Matt reached his hand out to something that wasn’t there. There was only thing going through his numb mind.

I wanna go home…”

Jon had been conscious for a while. Well, he never lost it. He’d quickly curled up, and had been hearing the muffled growls outside the void he floated in. After a few moments he heard a screech. Below him, a cavity opened up. Light cascaded around him as he fell into something else. Similar fluid rushed over him and for a second he forgot how to breathe. Jon’s back brushed against something, and he reached out. His fingers met fabric, then the wisps of hair.

A hand clasped tiredly over his wrist, and the boy engulfed his friend in a tight hug. Matt smiled feebly to himself as he passed out a second time, exhausted. Jon remained holding his friend close. The two remained floating, weightless, in the void for a few more slow moments until everything suddenly became quiet. The fluid they were in felt like it had jerked down, then became thicker. Eventually, Jon felt hard concrete under him, and the goop receded around him and Matt. Jon positioned himself so Matt’s head was resting on his lap, breathing in even breaths.

The blue dolphinesque monster stood a bit away, torn up and beaten. It won, and the shark hoodie was no more, as it slowly dried up. The winning creature began melting as well, and after a few minutes, all that remained was a small blue-grey cat. It limply trotted to the boys, resting its head against Matt’s thigh. As a familiar car halted beside some rubble, Jon smiled.

“Let’s get you home.”

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hello! what harry potter houses would you place the wanna one members in and what type of students would they be? thanks in advance!

House: hufflepuff 
Patronus: mongoose  
Favorite Class: apparition 
Type of Student: is outgoing and silly, which makes people initially assume he’s a gryffindor, but he has such a humble and selfless nature that he’s become the most popular upperclassman in hufflepuff. is so sociable, he has friends in all four houses. likes apparition because he’ll do the thing where he pops up out of nowhere to scare woojin or daehwi. 

House: gryffindor 
Patronus: sparrow 
Favorite Class: muggle music 
Type of Student: is hardworking and dedicated, but has a strong will to be the best. likes to spend time doing physical magic that involves your body, not a big charms or potions guy. muggle music is his favorite not because of the instruments, but because of the dancing. was recruited by the professors to help teach others to dance for the yule ball. 

House: ravenclaw 
Patronus: mare  
Favorite Class: potions 
Type of Student: super sweet and reliable, but is also into some weird hobbies like tarot card reading and ancient ruin magic. wants to know everything there is too know about potions, overwhelms the teacher just a bit. is really nice and shows care for underclassman, but he’s also competitive and smiles to himself when he sees he placed first in his class. (but also apologizes to the house ghost like everyday for forgetting to greet them in the morning, what an interesting boy) 

House: gryffindor 
Patronus:  chimpanzee 
Favorite Class: defense against the dark arts 
Type of Student: the sorting hat wanted to put him into slytherin because seongwoo is greAT at coming up with good plans and schemes, but his personality just yells gryffindor. is a beater for the quidditch team and keeps trying to get the defense against the dark arts teacher to tell him about forbidden curses. which,,,,,,,is not going to happen.

House: ravenclaw 
Patronus: magpie 
Favorite Class: frog choir 
Type of Student: really intelligent and capable of becoming a great wizard, but he’s much more interested in his musical talent. has learned over 200 different songs, all in different languages, from different wizarding schools and sects from around the world. wants to get the school to fund a band aside from frog choir, keeps trying to bribe seongwoo with food for him to be the bands drummer. 

House: hufflepuff 
Patronus: hammer-head shark 
Favorite Class: care of magical creatures 
Type of Student: is the pride and joy of hufflepuff’s quidditch team because they’ve never had such a good seeker in the history of their house. but amazingly, daniel gets super shy when complimented. has love letters from people in all four houses. people think his favorite subject is flying or dark arts, but he loves animals a lot and owns like three copies of fantastic beasts and where to find them. 

House: slytherin 
Patronus: salamander 
Favorite Class: astronomy 
Type of Student: relatively day-dreamy in class, always has something cute pinned to his robes, and is a pretty big deal with the local press that visit hogwarts because,,,,,,visual? visual. he likes astronomy because he thinks the stars and outer space is fascinating and probably reads horoscopes at breakfast even though everyone tells him that stuffs fake. people jokingly say he really doesn’t give off a slytherin vibe but he’s the best kept person on campus, with a resourcefulness that sometimes beats daehwi’s. 

House: gryffindor 
Patronus: brown hare 
Favorite Class: transfiguration 
Type of Student: is actually rather talented at dueling with a wand, he can easily catch on to charms and spells, but for some reason he likes to be a class clown along with jisung. he does have a really high interest in human transfiguration, since he isn’t a metamorphmagus, he studies and practices really hard to get the spell down. jisung asked him once why he wanted to learn it so bad and woojin was like so i can transform into minhyun and see what its like to look like that for a day LOL. 

House: slytherin 
Patronus: boomslang snake 
Favorite Class: alchemy 
Type of Student: likes to read and spend time in the library, but his choice of material is always quite odd. he thinks slytherin has the most interesting background and therefore has read almost EVERYTHING there is on its history, his personal favorite wizard is Merlin who was also a slytherin so jinyoung was actually super stocked about being sorted into the same house. he likes alchemy because it’s a close study of the elements of nature which is fundamentally where magic comes from. someone once teased him for it, but ever since it got out that his patronus was a literal venomous snake, people have backed off. 

House: slytherin 
Patronus: jaguar 
Favorite Class: charms 
Type of Student: even at such a young age, he’s already become a registered animagus, able to turn into a jaguar which is also his patronus. his love of charms comes from the infinite amounts of ones to learn and perfect, and he dabbles in creating ones of his own. is highly praised by the teachers and people believe he’s going to be on his way to becoming a member of the ministry of magic soon enough. does a lot of flashy charms in the courtyard just because he can. 

Guan Lin
House: slytherin 
Patronus: orca 
Favorite Class: divination 
Type of Student: is a big fan of non-verbal magic and so you’ll never see him actually taking notes. he’ll just wave his wand around and put his head down for a nap while his quill does the rest. is from a pure-blood family who has been a staple of the slytherin house for years but he doesn’t show it off in the least. everyone thinks his patronus is freaking awesome like an orca??? how cool and guan lin is just like “it’s gigantic. i wish it was a gold fish or something.” 

Jealous Pt 2

Imagine: Nick tries to apologize. (Part Two of Jealous)

Part One

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It had been days since the whole Nick incident.

Alicia and Chris have done their best trying to cheer you up but you weren’t responding to their constant coddling. Nick avoided you like the bubonic plague and that only made you angrier. The jerk couldn’t even apologize for hurting your feelings? You sighed quietly as you dangled at the back of the boat with your feet in the cold water.

Were there sharks in these waters? You wondered looking at the pitch blackness of the sea. It was getting late and dinner had been over for at least two hours. Do they feast on the flesh of the dead? You asked yourself.

You always were a curious person and thinking odd things.

Your parents always encouraged your curious mind. You missed them dearly. You missed your father’s bear hugs before he died and your mother’s gentle forehead kisses when she was sober. You heard footsteps behind you and only assumed it was either Chris or Alicia. Without thinking you asked your question out loud, “Do you think sharks are still alive? And if they are…do they eat the flesh of the dead?”

There was silence and the footsteps ceased

You furrowed your eyebrows but waited for their response

Alicia would usually call you stupid for thinking such dumb questions but would eventually answer. Chris would laugh and tease you about your weird mind but no answer came immediately like you expected.

“I would think they are still alive,”

It wasn’t Alicia or Chris—it was Nick.

Your body froze and your body buzzed with anger and excitement. “I don’t know about them eating the bodies of the dead though. I remember in Biology class that Sharks do eat the carcasses of dead whales.”

You didn’t want to look at him—you refused.

You were still pissed and hurt at him for what he said. Perhaps you shouldn’t have even brought it up…Nick could be real nasty when he was irritated or angry. Could you be blamed though? You always liked Nick…Yes, he was a drug addict and he had his issues but you were always able to see pass that.

He would always come to you when he was hitting rock bottom.

You remember how he would sneak into your room late at night…scared and trembling. It broke your heart then…and still did now. You would lay with him and play with his hair until he was able to fall asleep…that’s how Madison would find you and Nick. She never said anything about it but you knew she was happy that at least Nick had you.

Madison knew that Nick didn’t trust her or Alicia enough.

“There were dolphins a few days ago…so I would assume—“

“What do you want?” You cut him off with an angry voice. Your heart gave a tug because you hated when you were mean to someone—especially Nick.

Nick was quiet and you almost felt like crying. You hated being an asshole but what Nick said really hit your heart and he didn’t even apologize for it! You shouldn’t expect an apology. You weren’t entitled to one.

“I hate when we fight,” Nick mumbles quietly, “You know I love you, right?”

Those three words make your heart jump and you squeeze your eyes shut. You couldn’t even feel your legs anymore because the icy water had numbed them. “Don’t say that.” You whispered loud enough for him to hear because those words did hurt especially after what happened a few days ago.

“What, that I love you?” Nick sounds upset now, “Fuck, Y/N, Alicia was right. I do fucking love you and of course I was jealous that Chris had all of your attention,” Nick wasn’t shouting but his voice was loud and you could hear the quietness back above deck, “You know for someone who got accepted to Harvard you can be pretty dumb sometimes.” He mumbled.

You pulled your legs out of the water. Your heart was racing as you turned to face him. His large, brown eyes were full of guilt and hurt….his handsome face looked so much healthier then it did just a few, short weeks ago. It was almost funny to see how different he had been when shit hit the fan and how he was now.

He was the Nick Clark you remember.

“What did you expect when you practically screamed in my face?” You remarked sourly crossing your arms over your chest in a stance of defiance.

Nick’s puppy brown eyes softened, “I’m sorry I exploded and said some harsh stuff…but I didn’t mean it…well, obviously because I just admitted my love for you.” He sighs while rubbing the back of his neck.

Your heart keeps beating like some Native American drum…You stare at him unsure what to even do. Of course you loved him…you always have. He was someone who always brought a smile to your face…always tried his best to make himself better…he trusted you more then anybody in this world.

“And what? You want me to admit that I love you too and run into your arms?” You say with a frown.

Nick’s eyes widen but then he nods, “Well, isn’t that what happens in the movies?” He replies sheepishly looking so damn cute.

You glare at him and he seems to deflate with hurt.

But then you smile brightly at him and he’s blown away. He hasn’t seen you smile like that in a long time. You step towards him and he steps towards you…his arms are wrapped around you in a hug that was long overdue. Your heart is singing an angel choir and your stomach is erupting with fairies and butterflies.

His face is in your hair taking in your familiar smell.

Your arms are around his mid-section and you can’t help but to tear up a bit. You never imagined…that you would be here—well, you were sure no one would imagine the dead rising up and things going to shit.

Anyway, you never imagine that Nick would actually love you back.

“Oh, god.” Alicia’s playfully disgusted voice was heard on the upper deck.

“This is better than a movie.” Strand’s deep voice mused.

“I told you they would kiss and make up and confess their undying love.” Travis chuckled.

“Yeah, I didn’t think he had the guts.” Chris sighed.

You turn to glare up at them and even notice that Daniel and Ofelia are there. “Don’t you nosey ass people have anything better to do?” You demanded.

“Obviously not,” Strand rolled his eyes, “There isn’t much to do on this stupid boat besides being nosey and taking bets on young love.” He smirks slyly and your face goes red.

Nick is laughing.

Perhaps…the end of the world wasn’t so bad?

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The Roommate, Pt. 2

(Part 1 HERE)

I’m figuring that I’ll update this thing at least once a day (maybe more if I get some really major ideas that I just gotta put out there) - maybe less if I’m busy. This is my first time writing a fanfic that’s a) longer than like a few pages and b) read by more people than just a few friends and my girlfriend. I’m very new, in that sense, to fanfic/fanfic culture (don’t have an AO3 or anything like that but if I’m satisfied with how this turns out, my gf has offered to let me put it up on hers, which I will take her up on :)) There are some original characters in here, cause it’s a fic where Adam’s at college, but also most of Maggie’s gang, either in person or in passing. Other than that, nothing to add, really, just that I’m really happy about the support this fic has gotten so far :D 

IN WHICH: Adam Avoids Personal Subjects, We Meet A Very Strong Young Woman, and College Students Share Some Existential Confusion

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