shark bara

callout post for piningmarco/gwendolyn™
  • wants to succ big bara shark prince
  • probably a furry too
  • probably called someone daddy unironically
  • says ny'all
  • told me to drive to where she lives to buy her mcdicks bc she’s Hongry even tho i told her i am BROKE bitch
  • always texts me a sentence and ends it with BITCH or some variation of it in all caps
  • did not warn me abt a guardian in breath of the wild and nearly caused me to have heart failure
  • cutest selfies???????? fuck outta here hoe……. take stupid selfies like the rest of us bitch ass noodle head
  • “when u remember u cant eat ur fave characters ass bc they aren’t real” – gwen, 2017
  • “YES BOTCH id eat the hell out of his ass” – gwen, 2017
  • extremely problematic bc she made me love her unconditionally with my entire heart like bitch did i ask :/