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[I’m sure this isn’t necessary, but I want to be clear anyway about the fact that I’m not declaring that Shenko ship is better than others. I respect all Shepard’s LIs!
This post is about my love (and of the other Shenko’s fans) for Kaidan Alenko, only about that. So please don’t use that as an excuse to reply with hate! Only LOVE!]

Nepmos - 2183

“COMMANDER!” In the blink of an eye the Lieutenant throws himself on her, dragging her down with him behind a cover, just in time to avoid being smashed by a huge stone falling from the ceiling.

“Are you ok, Shepard?”

“Y-Yes…” She stammers, shocked.

How could she be so careless? She’s always so fucking alert, nothing slips away from her attentive senses. So how is that possible she got distracted while venting against stupid…

Her train of thought is interrupted by the awareness Alenko’s strong body being all wrapped around hers, and she has to bite back a moan as she feels his warm breath over her hair.


They stay still for a few seconds that seem like an eternity, until the woman finally finds the strength to turn enough to allow her to stare at him. 


His right hand cups her face, his thumb touching lightly her cheek, and his full lips curl up into a shy smile. Even at the low lights of their flashlights he looks so damn handsome, with his messy dark curls and his sweaty olive skin, that she can barely control her shivers of desire.

Taken from “Day 24" of my "28 days of Commander Sharilin Shepard" drabbles. ❤️

February 14, 2188

It’s the first Valentine’s day Shepard and Kaidan spend together after the end of the Reapers war, and she’s still recovering from her injuries.

“I don’t… I don’t know if I’m able to dance…”

“Don’t worry, my love. I’m here for you.” And with that, Kaidan takes her in his arms, and begins to move following the sweet love song, lulling her into his embrace, “I’ll be always here for you.”

Awww my babies! It feels like ages since the last time I’ve made a render with them. I missed them so much! >___< I wish you all a happy Valentine’s day! :D

Deserved rest

They’re my babies! And they’re so cute and sweet and perfect together!

Probably people is tired of my silly renders with them (lost followers indeed), but well… so be it!
I’ll keep drowning in my perfect OTP feels.
Because what’s perfect is perfect.
Because of reasons.
End of the story.