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Donation match: You donate your blood and I'll donate my money to Bloodwise

For every person who donates blood between now and the end of 2016, I’ll donate £5 to Bloodwise.

Just submit a picture of your post-donation bandaged arm (or a picture of you at the donation centre, if you want!) to my inbox, I’ll keep a tally and on the 31st of December I’ll make a donation matching the number of people involved.

This offer is open for up to 40 people, to a total value of £200. Please share and get involved!

We got a request to participate in a study to determine if chronically ill adults sharing information through social media is beneficial or harmful. They want us to share our personal information while sending the request from a blank blog who’s only post is linked to a PUBLIC Facebook page.  The only other information is an email address and a link to a couple of documents on Google drive.  They didn’t even sign their name.

I mean this is either shady as hell or just extremely sloppy.  How they can promise to protect private information when they don’t even know how to create a closed group, is beyond me.  Or they do know how to create a group which would link back to their personal information which they are not willing to share.

I am extremely uncomfortable that someone would think it’s acceptable to request medical and personal information from a target demographic which is routinely preyed upon while hiding behind anonymity.

Admin J

Did anyone else get a request to participate in this?

Can you believe Sana Bakkoush

took the fucking time to do solid research on homosexuality and evolution after she had the discussion with Isak and then the rumours about him being gay started and she felt bad so she went and did the research and shared a fucking article with Isak and admitted that she was wrong!!! not only that but she also talked about religion’s stance on homosexuality and assured Isak that he is valid.

she might not show it but she cares about Isak sooo much!!!  i cried watching the clip

Sana is good and pure and perfect. 

Hey Voltron fandom - what do you call the things inside these circles?

Are these - handles? Control sticks? Control levers? Joysticks? Handle bars? Push-pull-things?

What are these?

I know I’ve joked about how strange to me it would be for them to have Z-moves in the (hopeful) remake of Diamond/Pearl (Platinum too because I better see Distortion world in 3D!) because Cyrus doing the dance is so weird to me.

 However, in SuMo we have Nanu who shows you can do a Z-move dance while feeling practically nothing on the inside and somehow this has made me change my mind a little.

Originally posted by bananahwormz

Minus the smile at the end we would have Cyrus.

ENFP Things
  • being an emotional sponge 
    • you’re sad? Now I’m sad! You’re excited? So am I!
  • having really really intense ideas that you HAVE to write down RIGHT NOW but the moment you actually start working on them, you have another idea and this one is boring now
  • loving social interactions at the time, but being exhausted the moment you’re home
  • needing other people’s company in your general area, even if you don’t want to interact
  • 40000 unfinished projects
  • reading all of wikipedia
  • hours and hours of research on things that are meaningless to everyone except you
  • wanting to share said research, but getting boredom in response and your entire brain flashing sirens and going “ABORT ABORT” but you still talk anyway
  • having a great memory for random trivia, but important things are gone instantly
  • interalizing negative feelings for 80000 years
  • your entire day being ruined because just one person disagreed with you on a very Important Moral Thing and you want to explode with unbridled rage
  • being a very nice person up until someone disagrees with you on something very important to you
  • being very confused by people with no care for their fellow human
  • taking a couple thousand personality tests because !!!!!! what am I

Feel free to add on!


When black holes collide, the energy of the event generates intense gravitational waves. These waves were predicted by Einstein in his theories, but scientists have only recently been able to detect them experimentally. In this SciCafe, Barnard College professor and astronomer Janna Levin shares her scientific research on the first recordings of a gravitational wave from the collision of two black holes 1.3 billion years ago.


I’m not going lie. This was very, very, very FUN.

I wasn’t born in the 80s but I was raised on Spielberg, John Hughes, Devo, the Cars, and Duran Duran. I think I have good a good handle on the source material.

Despite that, I did do my share of research for making Elwood’s room look like an authentic 80s boy’s bedroom. That meant looking up screencaps of kid’s bedrooms from E.T., Close Encounters, Adventures in Babysitting, The Goonies, and the opening of Princess Bride (That kid’s room is packed with great material!). Not to mention the crazy research on 80s toys using forums and ebay (You won’t believe how much people are selling those things for!)

So yea, blah blah blah I did the research. 

BUT the most exciting part about designing this room was how much of myself I put in this thing. When I was a kid born in 91, I never had all the cool crap that kids in the movies had. I mostly had cheap 99 cent knockoffs and a few lucky finds from Goodwill. The spirit of this piece involved harnessing my inner kid to discover what Elwood and I would have in our dream room. We both share an interest in sci-fi, music, junk food, and airplanes. I’d imagine we’d both have the same room upkeep. 

So here’s to bringing out your inner child and letting him or her inspire your work. *raises imaginary glass of rootbeer*

males in pokeball inheritance

I’ve seen people say that males/genderless pokemon can now pass on Pokeballs in SuMo, but no specifics about it. So I did some experimenting.

Males can pass down Pokeballs if paired with a ditto or a female of the same species. (In the second case, it seems to be a good chance of either of them passing down their pokeball.) 

Males cannot pass down pokeballs to other species. The mother will pass down the pokeball 100% in that case.

Genderless pokemon will pass down pokeballs if paired with ditto. If paired with any other pokemon, they’ll decide to focus on their career instead of having children.

To break it down:

  • Beldum (heavy ball) + Ditto = offspring in heavy balls
  • Cyndaquil♂ (friend ball) + Ditto = offspring in level balls
  • Cyndaquil♂ (friend ball) + Cyndaquil♀ (nest ball) = offspring in friend or nest balls
  • Cyndaquil♂ (friend ball) + Eevee♀ (love ball) = offspring in love ball
  • This doesn’t affect hidden ability inheritance in any way.

Figured I’d share this research in case anyone was curious! This will open the door to a lot of amazing combinations once Bank is available.

shoutout to Boska and Alli for helping me with this

An Introduction to X-ray and CT imaging, starring Mx. C. Bean.

The lab was really quiet, okay, and the researchers I share a kitchen with have an extremely intense coffee making… thing. (can you tell I don’t understand coffee halp) So I stole a bean.

Plastic, like other mostly-carbon things, is relatively transparent in CT, so plastic microcentrifuge tubes and wooden sticks are just fine in the scanner.

In the CT. If you’ve been in a medical CT you’ll know that the x-ray source and detector swirl around you while you hold still, but in this instrument, the sample rotates. This means you have to be careful to center the sample, and make sure that it doesn’t have any bumps that will crash into the detector! There’s a camera to help you look at what’s going on while the x-rays are firing (It’s the black round thing in the back left of the image.)

The little white square behind the bean is the detector, which lights up with visible-wavelength light when x-rays hit it. The smaller one on the turret has the same number of pixels in a smaller area, and that’s how we can zoom in. The big square in the foreground also has the same number of pixels and lets you look at a relatively large area all at once.

When you close the leaded doors and turn on the x-ray light source, you can get things set up. This is the same coffee bean in x-ray fluoroscopy mode (aka “what you think of when you think of the word “x-ray”).

In x-ray fluoroscopy, what you’re really looking at is the shadow cast by whatever is in the path of the x-ray light. How x-rays get absorbed is based on a bunch of factors, but the main two factors in this picture are density and average atomic number. Air is low-density and low atomic number, so what you’re seeing on the outside of the tube is pretty much all the photons that can get recorded by the detector. Stuff that’s mostly hydrocarbon has a fairly uniform atomic number and density; you can see that the tube and the coffee bean absorb a similar amount of radiation. (If there’d been piece of metal or bone (calcium!) or salt (NaCl!) in there, it would have shown up much darker.)

(If you are a nerd you are probably wondering about, like, silicone, or Teflon, or HDPE vs. LDPE, or fat vs. muscle, or any other number of things outside the scope of bone vs soft tissue which most people think of when they think of x-rays. Yes, those can be distinguished from each other if you have a good scan.)

In retrospect I probably would have glued the bean to a stick or put a little bubble wrap in there, so that everything could be more easily separated, visually. But it was fine.

A cross section of the coffee bean, taken from a similar angle as the views above, and about halfway through (for scale, this image is about 1.5 cm across). This CT image is composed of about 1600 fluoroscopy views taken at different angles. The software reconstructs the information at all those different angles to figure out which pixels in a 3D volume are bright and dark, a process called reconstruction. What you get is spatially-resolved features, obtained non-destructively. At this resolution you can just make out some little holes; the coffee bean looks a bit like a sponge.

Here’s a higher-res picture (scale bar in mm). Those pores are more obvious here, and we can see some more structure to the skin that got left behind in the crack of the bean. I’m not a biologist or a coffee drinker, so “that looks like bean skin” is about as much structural analysis as you can get out of me. The pores are 50-100 microns across. That’s also a pretty typical size for cells, so what I’m assuming we are seeing is what’s left of the cell walls after everything else gets dried and roasted away.

Also: If you imagine grinding this bean up into little 1 mm pieces, you can see that’s a HUGE amount of surface area for aromatics to evaporate out of. Every edge is just full of bumps and things. No wonder coffee beans have such a powerful smell.

Here’s a a more three-dimensional view of the same resolution sample. You don’t have to just look at a single layer at a time; if you have the right software you can look at any part of the scan in context of whatever is around it. In this case it’s pretty uniform, but it’s helpful with some samples.

Okay, one more.

I did one scan at the highest-practical resolution. You can see a partial 3D reconstruction above. It didn’t show much more than what you could see at the medium resolution, but if we wanted to know the cell wall thickness we could figure it out from here.

I think that covers that basics of CT and x-rays. In case you couldn’t tell, I really enjoy taking cool pictures all day. If you think of something that might look interesting, send me a note and maybe I’ll scan it the next time I have some free instrument time.


Six tales of extinctions, and what collections can tell us about life on our planet. Six researchers share 60-second stories about organisms that may be gone, but not forgotten. Watch #ShelfLife Episode 12 before today’s Season 2 premiere!


                                                         [Sorting Series]

                                               Grantaire     .      Ravenclaw

“Grantaire was a man who took great care not to believe anything. He was actually one of the students who had learned most during their stay in Paris; he knew the best coffee was at Café Lemblin, and the best billiard table at Café Voltaire. […] He knew the good places for everything; beyond that, boxing, tennis, some dances, and he was a knowledgeable cudgel player. To top it off, a great drinker. “

                                                                (Les Misérables)

Hi there! It’s Grace, nice to meet ya!

I’m currently a university student and I find that having a tablet or laptop proves to be immensely useful.

I received an iPad as a gift from my aunts and uncles who collectively pitched in to help purchase it! Although I am only in my second semester, I depend heavily on my iPad.

After receiving it, I did some research to find note-taking applications and other resourceful educational apps.

*****I hope this masterpost helps you out! Feel free to send me any questions you have regarding the apps that are bolded, as those are the ones I use and love! All apps listed are fre on the Apple App Store unless otherwise stated!*****

Please note that the apps linked below are found on the Apple App Store. If you would like the Android/Google Play version (if it is available) please let me know!

Learning + Studying

  • Duolingo (learn languages)
  • Khan Academy (clear and thorough tutorials)
  • TED (fascinating talks about almost everything. you learn awesome things as well as how to better your presentation skills if you’d like to imitate the styles of some speakers!)
  • Quizlet (digital flashcards–LOVE this app and site!)
  • Periodic Table (colorful and interactive and has fun facts about the elements!



Another thread I want: Lena spending time with Hanzo/Ana/Genji and learning how they make tea and the differing types of tea bc the tea bag bit is pretty popular in London and even if there’s brewed tea in a pot it’s often full of caffeine or chemicals. Plus British tea tends to be more flavorful I think.

scapegoatart  asked:

I Haven't had the opportunity to say this yet but I figured it was a decent time to tell you that the style and story of your webcomic is amazing and I think it's super cool how fascinated you are with spirituality and spreading knowledge of culture. Also your fashion sense is on point, and you're a huge inspiration to me as I want to develop a webcomic in the future!

Aw thank you so much!! It’s only sensible that I should share some of the research I do (I say some because most of my resources are from university access to academic journals). I love learning about something new whenever I read, so I wanna replicate the experience through my webcomic. ^^

Also good luck with your comic!! Cherish it and enjoy the ride as you develop your story/characters. And don’t be afraid to start!

If, for example, the society is studying geology, all will contribute to the exploration of the earth’s strata; each member will take his share in research, and ten thousand observers where we have now only a hundred, will do more in a year than we can do in twenty years. And when their works are to be published, ten thousand men and women, skilled in different trades, will be ready to draw maps, engrave designs, compose, and print the books. With gladness will they give their leisure — in summer to exploration in winter to indoor work. And when their works appear, they will find not only a hundred, but ten thousand readers interested in their common work.

This is the direction in which progress is already moving. Even to-day, when England felt the need of a complete dictionary of the English language, the birth of a Littré, who would devote his life to this work, was not waited for. Volunteers were appealed to, and a thousand men offered their services, spontaneously and gratuitously, to ransack the libraries, to take notes, and to accomplish in a few years a work which one man could not complete in his lifetime. In all branches of human intelligence the same spirit is breaking forth, and we should have a very limited knowledge of humanity could we not guess that the future is announcing itself in such tentative co-operation, which is gradually taking the place of individual work.

—  The Conquest of Bread, Pëtr Kropotkin

Starting tomorrow (actually, in a few hours), MoMA curators Michelle Millar Fisher (L) and Paola Antonelli ® will be taking over MoMA’s Instagram account over the coming days to share photos from their research trips to Africa and India, respectively, in preparation for their fall 2017 exhibition “Items: Is Fashion Modern? You can find their photos and follow along here

The first MoMA exhibition dedicated to design and fashion in more than 70 years, #ItemsMoMA will explore the present, past, and future of 99 items garments, accessories, and accoutrements—from Levi’s 501s to the keffiyeh—that have had a strong impact on history and society in the 20th and 21st centuries, and continue to hold currency today. Read up on the topic at and via #ItemsMoMA.