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Don’t panic about the big picture but rather, focus on the small things. Eventually the big things will fall into place.

Document things rather than just committing them to memory. Put your thoughts to paper because paper holds them better.

Take photos of things that move you. Share them with people so they can be moved as well.

Read more. And not just fanfiction. Don’t get stuck on books you don’t like. Put them down, start something new and maybe come back to them later.

Take time out of your day to actively put a smile on someone’s face. If you like someones clothes, tell them. If someone looks like they need help, ask them.

Eat healthier. But more importantly, only eat when you’re hungry and not because you’re bored. Food tastes so much better when your body needs it.

Draw more and don’t just discard things that don’t look aesthetically pleasing. Art doesn’t have to be beautiful to mean something to you.

Take care of your body, spend time on it. Realise that it is yours and that it deserves your attention. Take more baths. Be gentle with your skin.

Don’t be lazy. Every time you say “I’ll do it later”, take a deep breath and say “No, I’ll do it now”. The satisfaction of completing tasks will be worth the initial effort.

The sound of your phone buzzing doesn’t have to be a constant soundtrack. Get away from the internet every now and then; go on walks, enjoy the trees. Nature has so much to teach, if you are willing to listen.

—  (10 things i need to remember this year)
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