sharing my music collection

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“This album for me is, lyrically, one of the most real albums I’ve ever heard. It’s witty, it’s funny, it’s sad, it’s vulnerable, it’s conversational, it’s poetic… It’s everything I adore about music in general. For me, this is where Amy Winehouse really found her voice and found who she was as an artist. I think it’s some of Mark Ronson’s best work as a producer, and I think they managed to capture that throwback sound. They weren’t imitating it, they were paying homage to it in a really respectful, cool, and fresh way that felt really authentic and genuine… Plus, I lived so many personal experiences and memories to this album, that now when I listen to it, it’s so deeply tied to me as a person.” - Troye Sivan on Amy Winehouse’s “Back To Black”  

  • Berceuse

Released in 2000 as a commemorative piece for the 5th Anniversary as well as the release of CODE:Veronica in Japan. A collaboration item between J.T.O Japan and Capcom. 

Thought I would share my vinyl collection with you guys! Here’s a list of everyone that I have

Nevermind~ Nirvana
Bleach~ Nirvana
Sounds Good Feels Good~ 5SOS
Suck It And See~ Arctic Monkeys
Aja- Steely Dan
Crimes of Passion~ Pat Benatar
Crown of Creation~ Jefferson Airplane
Bark~ Jefferson Airplane
Fun House~ the Stooges
Ramones~ End Of The Century
¡Uno!~ Green Day
The Velvet Underground live at Max’s Kansas City~ The Velvet Underground
Europe ‘72 Tour~ Grateful Dead
Workingman’s Dead~ Grateful Dead
Wake of the Flood~ Grateful Dead
Unknown Pleasures~ Joy Division
Killers~ Iron Maiden
The Number of the Beast~ Iron Maiden
The Book of Souls (limited edition European triple heavyweight)~ Iron Maiden
Low Budget~ The Kinks
Dark Side of the Mood~ Pink Floyd
Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band~ the Beatles
All the Time~ Culture Shock
Troops of Tomorrow~ the exploited
Fleetwood Mac~ Fleetwood Mac
Rumors~ Fleetwood Mac
L.A. Woman~ Doors