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The Ultimate Dossier: Fenra Winterwolf

So! I decided to work on my own personal profile format. It isn’t -completely- done and I may do some tweaking later on, but I love what has come from it! I had my fair share of inspiration and combinations here and there. Do use if you wish!! I enjoyed this development process.

“ Better stand tall when they’re calling you out

Don’t bend, don’t break, baby, don’t back down…”


· Full Name: Fenra Winterwolf

· Pronunciation: { FEN-rAH }

· Pseudonym: The Hailstorm | Wolf Heart | Lady Black Jack | Silver Song | Wiltthota ( Wild Daughter)

· Nicknames: Fen - Fenny - Littlefoot - Halfbreed/Halfblood

· Age: Thirty-Five Moons

· Name Day: 12th Sun of the 1rd Astral Moon

· Birthplace: Ala Mhigo

· Guardian: Halone, the Fury

· Residence: Fairly Nomadic


· Motto:  “Leave something they can remember you by.”

· Theme Song: It’s My Life - Bon Jovi

· Face Claim: Taraji P. Henson


· Gender: Female

· Race: 50% Highlander (Hyur) // 50% Sea Wolf (Roegadyn)

· Height: Five Feet - Five Inches

· Weight: One Hundred Eighty Six Pounds

· Eyes: Honey-Amber - Almond Shaped - Wolfish

· Hair: Snow White - Layered - Shoulder Length (Constantly cut.)

· Skin: Cocoa Bean Brown

· Build: Athletic - Muscle Toned - Buxom / Curvaceous

· Scars: Right Eye. Plenty others.

· Tattoos/Marks: White Ala Mhigan Inscription on Left Cheek | Ebony Ala Mhigan Tribals on Entire (Right Side Neck - Heel)

· At First Glance (+5):

  • That Look: For     starters? Yes, she has eyebrows. It is the cool stare from those     molten-gold colored hues that makes any man or woman stop in their tracks.     Although it would appear as though she is always glaring at others around     her, it is a mere facade. She is generally quite approachable. The look in     her eyes can either speak volumes or leave much to be imagined. The     question is, how often does one wish to take that first step towards the     unknown? One thing is for sure. There are more than a few reasons who she     is referred to as the Wolf Heart.


  • Say What?: To any in her     general area, they’re going to notice the heavy Limosian Accent. In some     ways, it has even managed to blend into that of what was left of her Ala     Mhigan accent as well. While she is able to interchange the fashion in     which she dictates her speech, she is far more comfortable speaking in her     seaside drawl and vast amount of vulgar allegories.
  • White as Snow: The     ashen colored hair for one who bares the darkened skin tone of an     Highlander is something that already turns quite a few heads. For the most     part, the sight is rare. Quite rare. Her hair isn’t a golden blond as most     have proven to be, nor a natural brunette, ginger or dyed. Instead, it     billows a white so brilliant in color that it nearly can pass for platinum     in certain light angles. This is a clear a part of half-breed genetics: a     combination of her Sea Wolf blood, inherited by her late father. To even     -think- of referring it to blonde would be an utter understatement. Even     snow would be jealous.


  • Half-Pint: Ironically,     for her breeding, Fenra is not a towering hulk of a woman. Her average     size is a bit of a shock to most once they realize her lineage. Most     would’ve assumed her to be built like that of some warrior goddess if they     were to imagine another outcome. But what the Hailstorm doesn’t have in     size, she makes up in strength, speed and dexterity. The blood of     Highlanders passed on before her has formulated her into formidable ally     with the shattering strength of a well-trained Sea Wolf.  Short     version? She’ll send you a punch that will knock you back to your first     Name Day.
  • Smells… sweet?: The     mixture of aged ales, wild herbs and scented cigars gives this woman a     different kind of scent. While she should reek of alcohol on a consistent     basis, she appears closer to that of wild honey from a spicy or floral     nectar source, not fully purified. Mingle that with a bit of salt from the     sea and the musk of the desert sands, and one would find that she is quite     filled with interesting surprises. Oh! And blood. Let’s never forget     blood.


  • Forget-Me-Nots: There     are many treasures from Fen’s travels that she holds absolutely dear to     her heart. However, there are only a few that she carries with her on a     constant basis that keeps her spirits up. While she does have her golden     signature flask, it is one that she would not be too disheartened if she’d     lost it.

·        The first of them would be that of her father’s antique pocket compass. The brass casing of the device isn’t anything particularly special to look at, aside from its design. The image of an intricately engraved wolf on the face had bee planted to the cover, encrusted in clusters of tiny lines that formed its features. If one were to open said compass, they would find a small portrait of herself as a girl betwixt the loving hold of both her mother and father.

·        The second, a small carving of Halone’s symbol (the three spears) given to her by her first instructor and mentor, Maren Stormfist. The moment a child is able to -walk- in Ala Mhigo, they can fight. Where most did not wish to train the half-breed, Maren saw great potential. She bestowed to her a talisman of the Guardian Patron she’d been born under as protection. Ishgardians would certainly recognize the symbl. As  having been born within Ala Mhigo who’s patron god is Rhalgr, Maren’s made sure to carve his symbol (flaming meteor) on the opposite side of said talisman. She’d gifted the wooden piece to her Fenra when she’d reached age five as a pendant, connected to a thin leather rope. She’s worn it ever since. Maren, though having put up a ferocious defense, is one of the many who perished during the Garlean attacks while resisting and defending her homeland.

·        The third, the feather of a chocobo. This had not been merely any chocobo, but that of her late mentor, Glitont Bresane. The name of the bird had been Daliah, a beloved companion to the drunken archer. Daliah had been killed viciously in an Ixal attack while defending her eldest friend. Upon Glitont’s deathbed, he passed on both her feather and her only egg to his beloved (although unwanted) student. The feather is often worn by her, or tucked away somewhere as it had been fashioned into a quill pen.  

·        The fourth installment to her collection of keepsakes is that of a particular ring. This obsidian band is arrange with the talent of an experienced jewelcrafter. It shows in it’s craftsmanship. However, it is kept simple… baring only that of a ruby stone at the center of its crux. If someone were to ever remove it, the words “Bound in Blood: Wolf Heart ” would be written within. The meaning behind this is unknown by many and recognized by a very select few.

·        The fifth and final item is that of which that had been given to her by her only child, Elin. Her daughter often sends many items to her mother via Moogle Mail, with the help of her grandmother, uncle and aunt. She fancies items she finds on the beach, considering it to be a connection to her mother’s love of the sea. Ironically to Fenra, a the adventurous tyke’s first gift had been that of shark teeth. There was so much excitement from the five year old at the time that she fashioned it into a necklace made of beads, old fish bones and stones. It accompanies Maren’s pendant. To add to the irony, Elin gave this gift to her at the age of five whereas Maren gifted her the talisman at five as well.


· Occupation: Freelance Pirate - Sharpshooter

· Specialties: Jack of all Criminal Trades: Assassination, Bounty Hunting, Smuggling, Extortion, Theft and Con Artistry.

· Skills: Handywoman | Botanical/Alchemic Know-How


· Education: Studied the art of the Monk in Ala Mhigo | - Self-Taught Otherwise

· Favored Weapon(s): Armored Gauntlets - Assorted Daggers

· Secondary Weapon(s): Le Buteur (Striker) - An Ishgardian Heart Breaker Bow  

                                           Ove  (Full of Terror) and Elid (Merciful) -  Machinist Guns

· Magic Abilities: Innate Aether - Slight Elemental Manipulation

· Magic Strengths: Chakra ( Other, unknown.)


· Sexual Preference: Primarily Heterosexual | Occasional Opportunist

· Romantic Identification: Potentially Polyamorous

· Relationship Status: Solitary and Content

· Sweet on: None

· Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

· Allies: The Wyrmguard Coalition // The Sanguine Syndicate (??)

· Enemies: Garleans | Uncle | Youngest Brother


· Maternal: Astrid Wolfheart - (alive)

· Parental: Maetiwint ( Mighty Winter)- Maelstrom: Captain within the Knights of the Barracuda - (lost at sea)

· Step-Parental: Rumwaldr Fiske - (deceased)

· Grandmother (Maternal): Glinda Wolfheart (deceased)

· Grandfather (Maternal): Fenrir Wolfheart (deceased)

· Uncle (Maternal): - Ulfin Wolfheart (alive) - Garlean Lieutenant

· Grandmother (Paternal): Unknown

· Grandfather (Parental): Unknown

· Half-Sibling(s) Maternal: Four Brothers: Avaldr Fiske (alive) | Varin & Valgard Fiske (alive) | Emund Fiske (alive) |

· Half-Sibling(s) Paternal: Three Sisters:  Blangeim Thubyrswys (Dark Jewel Magic Sister- Sea Wolf) - (alive) | Maetigeim Thubyrswys (Mighty Jewel Magic Sister - Sea Wolf) - (alive) |  Rhotgeim Thubyrswys (Red Jewel Magic Sister- Sea Wolf) - (alive)

· Sister - in - Law: Agatha Fiske (Midlander/Housewife - alive) - Wife of Avaldr

· Former Spouse: None

· Offspring: Elin Stormfist (alive / age 6yrs)

· Mentor - Maren Stormfist - Ala Mhigan Grandmaster Monk | Affiliated with the Fist of Rhalgr - (deceased)

· Mentor - Glitont Bresane - Ishgardian Elezen / Drunk - Retired Quiverman / Teacher - (deceased)

· Associates: Sand Shark (Hellsguard) - (whereabouts unknown)

                        Torrad Fireblood (Highlander) - (whereabouts unknown)

                       Ragnarr Flamefist (Highlander) - (whereabouts unknown)

                       Seni'to Wisnenhi (Keeper of the Moon) - (whereabouts unknown)

     ( List of others )

· Childhood Friend (s): Standing Oak - Hellsguard

· Companion(s): Kupfskaet aka Copper Shadow - (Griffin) - Lyngwolk aka Long Cloud (Chocobo) - Luckyfeet ( Rescued Pygmy Dodo ) - Valka (Hunting Hawk)  - Zipper ( Sparrow )


· Social Level: Painfully Observant. Fairly Approachable. Usually Blunt. Particularly Vulgar. Wary of Most.

· Optimistic View(s): Life is an oyster. Pry it open and take out the gems of the world.

· Pessimistic View(s): Comfort is complacency.

· One  Positive Personality Trait:  Generally, you could talk to Fenra about damn near anything. She’s open about receiving information and assisting those who need an ear. She won’t judge and would hardly give any advice unless she actually asked of it. Expect that cool stance, and studying gaze while she does listen, too. She wants to make sure she gets every part of the story and breaks it down into her head into a multitude of pieces for internal obervation. After all, learning is what she does best.

· One Negative Personality Trait: Honesty is the best policy for most… but when it comes to Fenra, she can be a little -too- honest. If you can’t handle that, it be best to keep your distance. While she will bite her tongue awhile until she feels the need to speak freely, she has moments when she can simply do herself an injustice if she does NOT speak her mind. Many have not known how to handle it and therefore my withdraw, lash back or otherwise.

· One Personality Warning: Do not pry with this woman. If Fenra hasn’t told you directly, then attempting to draw it out of her won’t help. In fact, you’re likely to piss her all the way off. Fenra takes her personal life rather seriously and will die to defend it by all costs. All the torture in the world won’t bring it out of her. You’d do better to cut your losses and let it go before she beats that ass to a pulp.

· Random Quirk: Loves to Laugh.

· Hobbies: Aerial and Seafaring Enthusiast - Martial Artist - Avid Angler  - Culinary Creations - Alchemic Studies - Gardening Secrets - Traveling - Multi-Cultural Information - Robbing from the Rich, Feeding to the Poor

· Addictions: Drinking Liquor | Smoking Cigars & Exotic Herbs | Making Coin | Freedom | Eating | Work-a-Holic

· Habits: Sarcasm. Privy to Violence. Usually Jovial. Unintentional Flirt. Swearing Extrodinare.

· Pleasures: Good Food - Precious Jewels - Fancy Wares - Adopting Avian Creatures - Collecting Sea Debris - Meditating - Sex

· Appreciates (List 5+):

  • Strength
  • Well-Used Power
  • Genuine Personalities
  • Lewd Humor
  • Tempered Weapons
  • Determination
  • Will-Power
  • Freedom
  • True to Self
  • Hard Work
  • Bravery

· Dislikes (List 5+):

  • Constant Complaining
  • Whining
  • Ignorance
  • Bullies
  • Medical Instruments
  • Unnecessary Noise
  • Weakness
  • Begging/Groveling
  • Pastel Colors
  • Noble Assholes
  • Repetition
  • Pathetic Desperation
  • Spinless Cowards

· Strengths (List 5+):

  • Smart Mouth. Smooth Talker.
  • Incredible Shot
  • Contemplative. Thoughtful.
  • Amazing Listener
  • Trustworthy (once earned)
  • True to her word.
  • Speaks her Mind
  • Headstrong
  • Incredible Pain Tolerance

· Weaknesses (List 5+):

  • Trust / Commitment Issues
  • Twitchy in Closed Spaces
  • Heavy Alcoholic
  • Extremely Work-Oriented
  • Prone to Migraines
  • Her Temper & Mouth
  • Limited Patience
  • -Slight- Hints of  OCD
  • Risk Taker
  • Accelerated Adrenaline
  • A good lay.

· Fears (List 5+):

  • Losing her Family
  • Becoming Grounded
  • Becoming Dependant on -Anyone-
  • Running out of Alcohol
  • Dying without Accomplishments
  • Not Fulfilling her Goals


· Favorite Food(s): La Noscean Oranges, Lowland Grapes, Aldgoat Steak, Cheese and Biscuits, Most Seafood Cuisines

· Favorite Drink(s): Primarily Ale / Rum / Bourbon | Distilled Water | Orange Juice

· Favorite Scent(s): Sweet Herbs - Lingering Ale - Salt of the Sea

· Favorite Colors: Variations of - White, Black, Red & Gold


  • If one truly paid attention, they’d     notice that within Fenra’s attire, there is almost a streak of red     -somewhere- involved. The assortment greatly varies, but she never seems     to not wear it. If asked, she’d merely state that she enjoys the color.     However, it is obvious that there is more involved behind the choice aside     from a fashion statement. Getting that information from her will not be a     simple task. If for some strange reason her attire is lacking in a slight     crimson streak, that she makes up for it by wearing the ruby ring on her     right hand.


  • While she may not be some sort of     extravagant singer, she does know how to string a line the way any decent     Bard should. It wasn’t intended to be as such. Spending a great deal of     time in La Noscea (particularly Limsa Lominsa) has caused her to know more     than her fair share of sea chanties. In fact, she has created a few     herself. Her reasoning behind it is to keep her mind focused on whatever     task is at hand without any distractions.
  • Unknown to many, Fenra was actually     born deaf in her right ear. Most of what is heard in that ear is an     assortment of muffles, mutters or nothing at all. She’ll usually turn her     head ever so slightly in order to hear her party’s words or read lips to     make out what she potentially missed. This has left her left ear to be     incredibly sharp. While hunting, she’s learned to hone in on her other     senses in order to accomplish her work effectively. This “handicap” had     been one of the many odds against her once she was born in Ala Mhigo, who     prided strength in their descendants.


  • To be frank, Fenra has only a vague     idea on who the father of Elin MIGHT be, but is still quite unsure. She     granted her daughter the surname of her after that of her late mentor,     ensuring that her lineage would not be linked to her in particular. Elin     now lives and is being raised by her mother, younger (but eldest of the     four) step-brother, Avaldr. Her family lives quiet lives, allowing Elin to     grow up as a normal child in a safe home. Her safety is one of Fen’s     primary priorities in life. Keeping her safe and remaining distant, all     the while ensuring that she spends time with and cares for her when she is     laying low. Elin resembles her mother strongly except for the fact that     one eye is silver and the other being golden. Her hair is a rich sable hue     with natural silver highlights contrasting against it. She is incredibly     close to her daughter and on a casual basis, Fenra will hardly (if ever)     mention her daughter for fear of risking her safety.
  • Fenra has quite a vast wardrobe. She     may not be the fanciest of dressers, but she makes sure that she looks     damned good wherever she goes. That is why it is quite interesting to know     that behind closed doors, she despises wearing clothes. Perhaps it is the     fact that she is constantly armed wherever she goes that the feeling of     being bare is quite refreshing. One should be aware that even in her most     nude state, her body has always been her most deadliest weapon before she     grabs her firearm or blade.


  • While she has sailed with pirates on     quite a few occasions, she has never Captained a ship. The opportunities     have risen, the offers have been granted. She’s even been elected on some     scenarios and even has had to assume roles of authority on multiple     points. However, leadership is not something that she has become     comfortable with despite the fact that others may see it in her. She     doesn’t bare enough confidence in her skills to willingly take part in     becoming more than where she remains stationed at. Much of this has come     to rise with her creation and involvement in the Sanguine Syndicate.
  • The Sky? Always. The Desert? Doable.     The Sea? Of course. What the Hailstorm has a problem with is two things… closed     in spaces such as caves, closets and the sort being one. If it’s     confining, she panics. Twitchy, nerve wrecking, and likely to resort to     knee jerk reactions. Fire is the next. There is a very particular distaste     for fire when it comes to this half-blood. The greatest reason having been     that when she and her mother escaped Ala Mhigo from under Garlean rule,     their home had been torched while many of her family members were sleep.     The flames took away many other resistance members, leaving she and her mother     to be trapped. While she may not be inconsolable around fire, she is     visibly wary of large flames. Luckily, the two were lead away just in     time. Fenra still remembers the smell of burning flesh in her mind.     Ironically, she picked up heavy smoking later on in life.


  • Due to not sleeping often, it has     become common knowledge that she is an incredibly light sleeper. So much     so that the slightest noise will wake her. Years of experience have taught     her never to fall asleep too hard, let alone long. This is constituted by     a constant array of light naps that she tends to have during the day and     night. For someone who is half deaf, her left ear is incredibly sensitive.    
  • This little hothead is actually     quite well read. Something that likely had been doubted due to her outward     personality and common accent. She doesn’t mind. Letting the enemy wonder     as to how intelligent she really was had come to be something of a game to     her. The kind that keeps most around her guessing and adds to the shroud     of mystery that is Fenra Winterwolf. Back within her study, she has     allowed herself to always keep books and logs on hand. Logs of her work,     books on a variety of subjects. She is something of a collector in that     attribute. Her love for literature also calls her to keeping hold to     artifacts, relics, souveniers, and other trinkets from her travels.


  • Primarily, Fen’s talents range in     expert martial arts and ranged physical combat while studying Bard     techniques taught to her by her late mentor. Outside of that, however, she     has come to notice that there may be a bit more power within her that she     is unsure how to manage. Fenra’s , grandfather, great-grandfather and so     forth on her mother’s side were all well-known Red Magi. A gift and order     that is not particularly easily handled by many. It would be good to note     that her half-sisters and most of her Sea Wolf side of the family had a     preference in sorcery as well. Fenra, personally, had yet to see any spark     of magical aether up until very recently. She noticed certain changes in     her abilities along with a few menacing headaches here and there. She     hasn’t explored that side of her growing power just yet but she has an     idea that she may have to soon enough.


Server: Mateus

Timezone: EST

Muse: Female / 31yrs

Experience: Veteran Role-player of 17+ years. Format: (Novella  - MultiPara - Para - Flexible) In-Game / Discord Friendly.

Type of RP: Adventure // Action // Mystery // Dark // Comedy // Fighting // Sensual // Rated - R ( Longterm Storylines Preferred)

Looking for: Criminal Network (Pirates Preferred) - Friends - Family - Enemies - One Night Stands - Etc.

Tagging: Anyone~


-I have constant nightmares and I’ve always had someone to cuddle with. Now, I realize we’re not on that level but you’re only one here and I’m really scared to go to sleep.

-You’re severely depressed these days and I’m too scared to leave you alone so yes this is the only solution please accept my hugs

-The heater broke and I’m freezing get over here

-Hey dude I read that cuddling helps you sleep better, you wanna try it out?

-The Classic™: The hotel only has a king sized bed, I guess we’re sharing.

-We fell asleep on the couch together on accident, how did my hand end up in your hair? Were you breathing on my neck?! (Why did I get tingly???????)

-You’re staying over, take my bed, I’ll sleep on the couch, yes i am yes i am yes i am yes i am no you’re not yes i am FINE WE’LL BOTH TAKE THE BED, happy!!??

-We’ve had this tradition as besties to have a sleepover once a year but this year….it feels different…were your pajamas always this cute??…did I always have butterflies???

Back To School Tips Master Post!

I had a few people asking me to do a back to school tips/ how to do well in school post so here it is. I’m a sophomore in college and an honors student so I plan on sharing the things that have helped me succeed. Even though these tips are things I use now in college, most of them I also used in high school so it can be applied there as well. 

Organization                                                                                                           The most beneficial thing you can do is stay organized.

  1. Get a planner.- I bought mine this year at Walgreens for around $7 but it has a plastic cover so all paper ones are even cheaper. A planner is good for keeping track of when everything is due. When I get my syllabi for my classes I go through them and write down the due dates of homework, essays, tests, etc, on the day they are due. You can color code your classes or just write the class next to the assignment. This way you can look at a whole week and see everything you have due for all of your classes in one place. It’s also easier to add in things or make changes if your professor decides to due so.
  2. Use a white board- I know white boards can be expensive, so if you can’t afford one, expo markers will write on laminated paper which you can get for around $4 on Amazon. I use this to keep on my wall and write the next really important date for each class. So I have all my classes listed on the board and let’s say my next big date in Psych is a test. I’d write that date on the board, then after the test, I’d erase it and write the next important date. These dates should be in your planner as well but it’s nice to have them right in front of you at all times so you don’t turn to the next week in your planner and realize you have a test on Monday. 
  3. Buy durable folders- If you’re going to be using your folders all year make sure they’ll last all year. You want to lose any of your assignments. I get plastic folders at Office Depot for $0.39 a piece. I chose a color for each class and write the class at the top in sharpie and I’m good to go!
  4. Notebooks too!- You’re going to be taking a lot of notes so make sure to keep a notebook for each class as well. Mine were $3 each at Office Depot but they have a plastic cover so if you need to save some money get the paper covers because you most likely wont reuse a notebook.
  5. Get a pack of loose leaf paper- Sometimes you have to turn things in and if you’re like me then you hate tearing it out of your notebook. But if you don’t have a problem with that then don’t worry about it!
  6. Use some sort of bag/backpack- This will help you not lose anything plus you can put water, snacks, etc in it as well!

Study Tips                                                                                                               Tests are often the biggest portion of your grade so knowing the best ways to study will help you out the most. 

  1. Figure out what type of learner you are- This can greatly improve your study skills. There are visual learners; these people learn best with charts, graphs, and anything that show a visual relationship between information. So if you’re this type of person, to help study you could make charts, graphs, tables, draws arrows between points of information, or watch videos. Anything to help you see it. There are also auditory learners; these people learn best when hearing the information. So the best way for these people to study is to recite information out loud, or if your course has an audio book to listen to it. You could also have a friend read information to you and you say it as well. Some people are reading/writing learners; they do best when reading the text and writing down important points/taking notes. This is the type of learner I am so to help me study, I write out my own flashcards, I copy power points into my notes, and as I read my chapters I write the important information.  Something else that is good for these kind of learners is to make little quizzes for yourself. There are also kinesthetic learners; they learn best with more hands on activities. This can be hard to do especially with some subjects. If you can physically do what you’re studying then do it. If not, make a game out of it. For example, ask yourself questions and if you get it right take a shot at a basketball hoop or a soccer goal (if you don’t have these things use a paper ball and your trashcan or anything you can substitute. Figuring out which learner you are will greatly improve how you study.
  2. Don’t wait until right before a test- Cramming your brain with all the information a few days before a test will not help you remember and only stress you out. This is called Massed Practice and is proven to be a waste of time and information is not retained well. Study a little everyday or every other day. This is called the Spacing Effect and is proven to improve retention and recall of information. So it is best to do short sessions of study over a long period of time rather than a long session all at once.
  3. Find a good place to study- If you like quiet places and your house/dorm is too loud go to a library or outside if it’ s a nice day.  If you like a lot of background noise play some music or go to a coffee shop.

Overall Tips                                                                                                            These tips are still really important but I don’t have enough that fit together to make another header.

  1. Work on what’s due first- Some people think it’s always best to work on the important things first but that’s not always the case. If your essay is due in two weeks and you have an assignment due in a few days then finish the assignment first. You’ll still have plenty of time for your essay. I suggest doing all your work but if something happens to where you just can’t then yes do the more important thing because it’ll be a bigger part of your grade.
  2. Writing Centers- A lot of colleges/universities have writing centers.  If you’re not the best at writing or just need some help you can make an appointment at the writing center where someone highly qualified in writing will read your paper/essay and help you with grammar, punctuation, idea flow, overall organization etc. I highly suggest checking to see if your school has one of these.
  3. Check your email/Blackboard/whatever your professor uses- This is where they may add extra assignments/ cancel class and not mention it in class. It’s always important to check.
  4. Try to relax- I know it can be hard, especially for students with depression, anxiety, and other mental/physical illnesses but it’s important to always take a moment and calm down. Take breaks from your work and do something you enjoy for at least a few minutes everyday. If you need a nap, take a nap. just set an alarm to pick back up on your work later.
  5. Don’t worry about being perfect- This is still something I’m working on myself but getting better at. Last semester I got a B for the first time since my sophomore year of high school and it bothered me to no end. But, I told myself I did my best, and as a person with bad social anxiety I’m okay with my B in public speaking. So for anyone else who feels like they have to keep their 4.0 all 4 years, don’ t panic if you don’t. There’s nothing wrong with not being perfect, almost no one graduates college with a 4.0. Always do your best, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself. I cannot stress this enough.
  6. Take classes you enjoy- Hopefully you’re in a major that you enjoy so you wont hate your classes too much but it’s still important to try to take a fun class every once in awhile. If you like art, take an art class. Then, you’re still doing work but also doing something you like.
  7. Get a tutor- If you’re not doing as well in a class as you would like, don’t be afraid to get a tutor. Most universities offer tutors who are students that would love to help you and wont be judgmental at all. There’s nothing wrong with getting a little extra help and tutors are often people who have already passed the class with an A so they’ll be very good resources.
  8. Take care of yourself- Overall, make sure you’re eating well and drinking water throughout the day. Sometimes it’s impossible, but try to get enough sleep. If you go out to party watch out for yourself and others. Practice self care and if things get too stressful and you need help don’t be afraid to ask.

I know this post is very long, but I wanted to share everything I could for anyone who wanted help. If I think of anything else I’ll definitely add it later. I hope everyone has a great semester and school year! Good luck to everyone!

motivation moment ^_^

guys can we just appreciate how far Thomas and the Zag team have gone with Miraculous? So like from this:

Ladybug PV (2012)

To this:

Miraculous Ladybug concept art (201?)

To this:

Miraculous Ladybug (2015)

To this:

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir concept art (2015)

To finally, this:

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir season 2, episode 5 (2017) gif by @ladysbugs btw

So that’s a 5 year span between the PV and the last ep, without counting the years it took Thomas to develop the idea and seal the deal with Jeremy Zag. 

Hard work pays. Let’s remember that next time we feel unmotivated about our own projects <3

Moon in Aries intimacy: Being vulnerable together. Sharing your deepest fears with another person 

Moon in Taurus intimacy: Being nourished together by life’s sugary delights like cooking and eating together, sharing their bodies, sharing a home and finances

Moon in Gemini intimacy: Late night deep and meaningfuls as the moon rises, understanding each other’s emotional language and the things that can’t be said

Moon in Cancer intimacy: Being completely defenseless together and sheltering each other, coming home to one another 

Moon in Leo intimacy: Being proud of eachother and independently inspiring sharing ultra high times honorable, and gold, and respecting each other through personal wars of self contempt and dependency

Moon in Virgo intimacy: Feeling comfortable enough together to dispel shyness, awkwardness, and trepidation. Somebody who accepts their flaws, revealing their personal idiosycronies and habits

Moon in Libra intimacy: Being comfortable enough together that two bodies melt into one organism, filling each other in, chasing away the empty feelings, unifying as one, being equal

Moon in Scorpio intimacy: A face without makeup and two minds where the padlocks have been undone and their deepest secrets, fears, traumas, memories, and dreams are only accessible to one another 

Moon in Sagittarius intimacy: Free to roam alone or together, trusts one another to fly unescorted and know with faith and confidence they will return 

Moon in Capricorn intimacy: Knowing each other’s history, doubts, and greatest aspirations, fighting for them together and not having to prove anything 

Moon in Aquarius intimacy: Complete acceptance and respect for one another’s independence, private needs, and personal habits, standing unfied, as equal and never intruding on eachother 

Moon in Pisces intimacy: Sleeping together, dreaming together, creating together, using the other to escape with the addiction they have to one another 


Effort makes you. You will regret someday if you don’t do your best now. Don’t think it’s too late but keep working on it. It may take time, but there’s nothing that gets worse due to practising. So practise. You may get depressed, but its evidence that you are doing good.

Jeon Jungkook

‘A message for those who are stepping forward to a new beginning and challenges’ (BTS begins program book)


Day 4: Draw your OTP as an au

Heres the coffee Shop AU that no one asked for.

Just gonna throw this over here

facebook: here’s another bad inspirational quote shared by that coworker you don’t talk to. now here’s an unfunny meme liked by that guy you met once at a party 5 years ago
me: please just tell me how my friends are doing
facebook: fuck off