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I hope you and your girlfriend have a lovely time. Emit glorious colors humans cannot see, let alone name. Reflect the ethereal sparkle in her eyes back at her until you both create a private nebula above you. And when the greedy thieves come for your magic, together you can consume their flesh and work on your bone collection. Because it's important to share some hobbies.

AND i’m going to give her chocolate

Yesterday concluded my series of mask posts this month. I will be using today’s post to inform you that this blog will be on a temporary hiatus, the length of which I do not know. I am hoping I will be able to make more posts sometime in the middle of next month, but there are no guarantees that I will have the free time to do so. In the meantime, my messages are open to anyone that would like to speak to me. Before I go I would like to thank the people that have followed me and liked any of my posts. It means a lot that I can share my hobby with others who enjoy it.

Good bye! I hope to be back soon.

on a lighter note, i love that needlepoint is a canon hobby of Jack’s. can you imagine: there’s a bunch of embroidered cushions and framed needlepoint throughout the house with little ghost hunting tips sewn on them. there’s also cute things too: an accurate star chart that Jack worked on for weeks for Danny’s birthday; a framed reminder for Jazz of steps to de-escalate a coming panic attack; a list of silly things that Jack loves about Maddie on her nightstand.

there are patterns passed down through the family too - a border design that resembles a ring of bloodblossoms, symbols resembling ghostly artifacts, and an alphabet that they all thought was some crazy family code but was really from an ancient ghost language.

  • Psychic: *reads my mind*
  • My mind: whenever I'm alone or if I'm feeling gray, there's one place I can go to brighten up my day it makes me want to sing that's how the show should end but wouldn't it be good if I could sing it with a friend fine whatever I'll join in too I might go outside to feel more alive without twitter where would I be I guess It'd be fit to stop posting sh-RUBBISH but tumblr's a part of me there's so many websites and so little time plus one or two you should avoid just don't stop watching youtube or we'll be unemployed the internet is here the internet is great when you've got lots of followers who need a real mate it might be antisocial but these days that is fine 'cause life is so much better when you spend it all online a place where you can be yourself no matter if you're geeky find friends that share your hobbies even if they're freaky where any question in your head is answered in an instant who care if you procrastinate your one shot at existence the internet is here the internet is great when you've got lots of followers who need a real mate Without the internet we never would have met We wouldn't be here on a stage doing things we might regret dance break who cares if you're a loser and everybody knows it or if you spend your life drawing whiskers on your noses even if your chances of getting tanned are slim or if you like vicariously through the life of a sim sheltay zomo the internet is here the internet is great when you've got lots of followers who need a real mate it might be antisocial but these days that is fine 'cause life is so much better life is so much better life is so much better when you spend it all online
  • Psychic: wow what a bop

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You're writing is so amazing omg keep up the good work! ;w; Can I request Male! MC headcanons? If this request is already done can you please send me the link to it? Thank chu and have a good day. ^^

Of course! We need more Male!MC tbh  (And thank you so much!) 

I’m writing it where they knew MC is a guy when he joined the chat 


  • He and MC got along pretty much as soon as MC joined 
  • They chatted the most out of everyone in the group and shared a lot of hobbies 
  • and then Yoosung started developing a crush on him 
  • he was so nervous 
  • “is this why i never had a girlfriend?” 
  • He’s too scared to confess to MC and MC ends up being the one confessing to Yoosung 
  • They both expected to be nervous to meet each other at the party but honestly it was the nicest thing 
  • After the party they were always around each other 
  • a lot of cuddle sessions 
  • they take turns with being big spoon/little spoon
  • There is also a lot of PDA 
  • He steals MC’s clothes a lot 
  • Good luck trying to buy new clothes because he will be wearing them as soon as MC brings them home 


  • He was actually pretty quick to fall for MC 
  • at least in the chat room MC always made him laugh, and he was so funny and cute and god he couldn’t handle it 
  • He was so used to flirting with girls he honestly wasn’t sure how to flirt with a guy at first 
  • He’s pretty awkward at first 
  • “I’m attractive, you’re attractive. Let’s date” 
  • Zen you don’t know what MC looks like 
  • He eventually flirts like a normal person too 
  • when they met in person Zen was pretty quick to kiss MC 
  • MC was worried that them dating might affect Zen’s career 
  • so they were pretty careful at first
  • and it hurt Zen so much that he couldn’t kiss MC in public :’(((
  • but after a while of pictures of them two always together being posted online some people were starting to suspect something 
  • There were a lot of comments online with “omg I ship them!!!” or “No they’re just friends” 
  • Eventually they started showing more PDA and he didn’t say anything about until he was asked 
  • “Yeah he’s my boyfriend” 
  • there were fans who were upset bc that means they can’t date him but overall people were pretty supportive 
  • He loves talking about how MC is the best boyfriend in the world tbh 


  • He didn’t care what gender MC is when he joined 
  • the rest of the RFA notice when Jumin warms up to MC and the does Jumin Han is gay jokes don’t stop 
  • And he doesn’t really question anything with MC’s gender when he feels he’s becoming closer to MC 
  • He get’s really attached to MC 
  • He was a little nervous about meeting MC he didn’t show it though
  • because what if these feelings he has are not there when they meet
  • He didn’t have to worry because when he met MC those feelings were stronger 
  • He didn’t hide that they were together at all
  • The rumors were true. Does Jumin Han is gay
  • His father isn’t really happy with this but he can’t stop Jumin from being with someone he loves 
  • Jumin takes MC to all the fancy events and everyone is jealous because they are so hot????how??? 


  • I mean this kid is bi as hell 
  • He fell in love instantly with MC 
  • seriously doesn’t matter what gender MC is he will still love them 
  • He loves snuggling with MC so much 
  • He enjoys being the little spoon a lot 
  • pls comfort this sad little man 
  • He makes MC wear his clothes 
  • MC looks really good in them, But Seven is starting to run out of clothes 
  • so Seven starts wearing MC’s clothes
  • they basically share everything 
  • there’s always kisses. Like the rest of the RFA is getting annoyed when they are all together 
  • they know how to control themselves they just like to mess with the rest of the RFA 
  • They’ve crossedressed before together and sent a picture to the RFA and Zen hates it because they make attractive girls and it’s giving him a confusing boner
  • each time after MC kissed Seven he will whisper “that’s gay” 
  • “Seven… We’re gay” 
Ideal Type of Jun, Jackson, and Suga

Request: What kind of girl is the ideal type for Jun, Jackson and Yoongi?



Junhui has two very different ideal types. He has said he likes a girl who “looks pure” and is neat, clean cut, and has a good personality. A girl who can support him would be the best for him, someone who can also be his close friend and whom he can confide in when troubled. But he has also said he likes sexy girls; we all know he enjoys being a tease so this is no surprise. (These girls are both so contrasting, Junnnn.) I think Jun would also really appreciate a girl who knows some Chinese and who can share hobbies with him like reading. He also seems like the type to take an interest in girls of any ethnicity.

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Jackson likes all kinds of girls, but he really looks for active and charming girls. He once said his ideal type was Beyoncé and has said many times he likes darker girls. Since the craze in Korea is pale, white skin, it makes sense he often stresses his ideal type are tan girls who are active and healthy as well. Jackson is another guy who likes interesting girls of any ethnicity. She would need to fun and outgoing as well and enjoy fitness to keep up with this rascal. 

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Yoongi doesn’t have many requirements for his girl to meet. He says his ideal type is a girl who looks charming the first impression. He of course would want a girl who enjoys hip-hop and his music, but wouldn’t like a girl who is a party animal. Relaxed, honest girls like himself are the best in his opinion. She would also need to be a good pillow and anchor to keep him grounded and sane. Appearance-wise Yoongi says a girl’s height and weight don’t matter. He does like it when girls wear skinny jeans he says and have swag.

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(x in this case means all/any <3)

I feel like I made a typo in this one for some reason…

Dating Dean Ambrose would include:

× You being his bestfriend
× He talk to you about everything
× He always flirting with you
× Training with him always
× “dean, stop looking my ass”
× “well, it’s not my fault that you have a beautiful ass”
× You share weird hobbies
× “babe”
× Him being crazy jealous
× Constantly needing to touch you
× “stop leaving hickeys, Ambrose”
× Roman and Seth teasing you about that
× “woah (y/n), Dean did some work on your neck didn’t he?”
× Playing with his hair
× “stop touching my hair, love”
× and then he play with yours
× Him watching proudly your matches
× Sex like all.the.time
× Him being dominant
× Rough but sweet?
× Him being the biggest cuddler
× Being always there for him
× and he is always there for you
× You always worried whenever he fights because, well, u know
× Him constantly teasing you just for attention
× “babbbyyy”
× “stop, you are just like a child”
× “babe, I can show you that im a fuckin man”
× Getting into dumb arguments
× angry kisses in the middle of them.
× and then laughing ‘bout that
× putting flowers in his hair
× “this is not funny”
× but he tried to hide a smile
× He sees you while you sleep
× and tought how beautiful you are and that he got so lucky to end up with a girl like you
× You holding him tight and realizing that the man deserves nothing but the best and that he is your entire world.


One thing I wanted to in season 2: Auriana and Lyna’s friendship! Lyna was excited to meet Auri in the s1 finale even though Auriana didn’t recognize her. Lyna kept approaching Auri and there were a lot of shots of them together or holding hands.

However in season 2 we only see a handful of scenes of them together. Outside of some wordless scenes of them next to each other we don’t see their friendship, except for them squealing over boys. Lyna interacted with Carissa and Iris more than Auri.

What is their friendship like? How did it start? Why was Lyna was drawn to Auri out of her 32 sisters? Do they have shared interests or hobbies besides boys? If we get a season 3 I want to see more between them.

Matchmaker - Part 2 (Sidney Crosby)

Masterlist  Part 1  Part 3

Word Count: 1128

Team: Pittsburgh Penguins

Warning/s: none

A/n: Requested by a lot of people

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Geno was basically Sidney’s Kris. His partner in crime, happily married and with a child and a dog. And he and Kris seemed to share their number two hobby too since Sid had met a lot of women in the Malkin house ever since the humorous Russian had entered his life. Sure, the women were attractive, one more than the other but it just didn’t fit. Either they were just interested because of the fame or they couldn’t handle Sid’s competitiveness and his constant trying to be the best.

He had to admit, though, you had made a pretty good first impression, standing in the kitchen with your hair tugged behind your ear, smiling.
You watched Geno and Sid carefully as they entered the kitchen, waiting until they were close enough. When Sidney had reached a normal distance, you extended a hand with a smile.

“I’m Y/n. I don’t think we’ve met before.”

Sid watched your hand for a second before taking it, pressing it gently.

“Nice to meet you, Y/n. I’m Sidney.”

You huffed, slightly pointing to one of the pictures in the kitchen, of him and Geno with the cup.

“I figured.”

Sid laughed at your comment before Anna started ushering both of you to the table.During the dinner, everyone’s intention became so obvious, you had to hold back a laugh. Kris and Geno seemed to have exchanged every single story about Sid and you. Anna was asking you very subtle questions that turned into little stories you had to tell before she either asked Sidney what he thought about it or she just took his job and told you that you seemed to have something in common. For example, directly at the start of the dinner, Anna put the food on the table.

“I hope everyone’s okay with Pasta? If my memory is right, you like Pasta, Y/n?”

She received a nod from Sid and a smile from Geno. You weren’t sure if it was directed at Anna or at his best friend.

“Yeah, I do.”, you replied.

“Kris mentioned it too. But that’s not exactly the way he put it.”, Anna smirked.

“Well, he likes to exaggerate. A lot. But I can imagine the kind of comment he made. He likes to make fun of me because Pasta is my favorite kind of food.”

And her husband would give me the rest by connecting it to something else that I would have to talk about.

“Can you cook Pasta?”

“Yes, I can. I can’t cook much but Pasta’s definitely one of the things I can do.”

“You had time for that while College?”

Which would get Sidney’s attention.

“What did you study?”

Oh, here it goes. All your dates were either only interested in sleeping with you or they were scared away because they thought you were ‘too smart’. You mentally cursed yourself for even thinking about dates, before you forced yourself to smile at Sidney.

“I studied Biochemistry and Neuroscience at UPenn.”, you quietly stated, semi-confused when Geno and Anna looked at each other like the plan was going great.

Sid looked shocked for a moment, before finding his words again.

“Wow. I can imagine that took a while.”

“A little.”, you chuckled before the conversation returned to Anna and Geno.
They did this during the whole evening.

They started with you, switched to Sidney and back to you, making you talk for the whole evening.

“I’m sorry that our dog is bothering you, Y/n.”, Anna laughed when the conversation turned back to you.

She tried to send their dog away, but he had put his head on your lap, trying to get food from you.

“Oh no, he’s not bothering me. I’m used to dogs.”

“Do you have dog?”, Geno asked as it was his turn again.

You wondered if Evgeni and Anna had done this before. They worked so well with each other, smiling the whole time and exchanging quick glances. That their plan worked made them so happy and proud, you couldn’t help but roll your eyes at them with a chuckle, hoping that no one had noticed.

“Oh no. I love dogs, it’s just that I’m at the lab most of the day so I don’t have time for one. I grew up with two, though. They’re pretty great, eh?”

At one point, Geno and Anna decided it was enough and you finished the food with light conversation going on, about a lot of different things. As the evening proceeded you were very proud of yourself for not ruining it.

“Y/n, a glass of wine?”, Anna offered as she was pouring one for herself.

“Oh, no, I don’t drink. And it’s getting late, so I should probably be going.”, you denied.

You exchanged a quick glare with Sidney from across the room, as he and Evgeni were watching Nikita play with something. He smiled at you and you smiled back.

“Already?”, Geno wanted to know.

“Yeah, I have a lot to do tomorrow, so I have to get up pretty early. But it was a great evening.”

“And you, Sid?”, Evgeni smirked.

“I should be going too. The game tomorrow is important. I’m gonna need some rest.”

The Malkins walked both of you to the door. You put your coat on and hugged both of them, brushing your thumb over Nikita’s cheek.

“We should do this again.”, Anna said, receiving a nod from Geno.

“Sure.”, Sid answered.

“Right.”, you mumbled.

The walk to your car was spent in a comfortable silence. You didn’t expect to hear anything from Sydney except maybe a goodbye or something. But he proved your expectations wrong, as he stopped next to your car instead of going to his own vehicle.

“It really was a nice evening.”, he said, watching you closely.

“I think so too.”, you nodded before smiling again. Hell, you did that a lot that evening.

“I noticed you rolling your eyes earlier. It made me think that maybe I’m not the only who noticed what was going on?”, he questioned, chuckling slightly.

You laughed while you were shaking your head softly, shifting your weight from one foot to the other.

“That they were trying to set us up? And that they were really proud of themselves?”

“Well. I can’t speak for the both of us. But for me… it kinda worked. Would you maybe like to go out with me when we both find the time?”

Your heart stopped for a second, before starting to beat two times faster than before.

“I’d love that.”


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  • Wonwoo, my little book nerd okay let’s get this started
  • being the nerd he is he’ll def give a lot of book recs and will love to get some in return
  • just sharing a hobby would be so nice for him
  • and if you don’t like books well hell send you some anime/drama/movie requests
  • he loves sharing his joy just remember that
  • he also seems like the kind of person to call you by any name in the book but yours
  • and the longer you ignore them the worse they become
  • ‘jagiya, babe, sweety, fluff, buttercup, petunia, butterfly, muffin, sugar lips, bed bug, monkey tush, boogGER…YO BUtterFAce’
  • or something like that yeah
  • playful insults if you’re comfortable with that
  • would be pretty chill about PDA not like loves it but like doesn’t care that much if ppl see or not
  • his hobby is telling bad jokes so I hope you can take them or maybe tell some yourself because boy you’re gonna get a lot of them
  • he loves it when you tell him some puns or even bad pickup lines
  • and his smile lights up the room this little fluffball
  • why do i always make it seem like it’s smut making out isn’t that sexual I mean but I guess for lil carats who wanna skip this part i begin and end it with bold sin messages
  • okay so we know he’s kind of a slow guy and he’s exactly the same when making out
  • slow but passionate make outs
  • like standing up while making out? forget that you’re laying down or sitting down
  • if he’s feeling a bit ‘active’ he’ll lay on top of you leaning on his elbows to not totally crush you
  • even tho he weighs nothing he wants you to be comf
  • also a big fan of using tongue and making it all sloppy
  • hope you like it cus he does
  • jfk how would i know
  • where was I? ah yes SO
  • he loves making sweater paws and shit just aegyo without trying and stuff
  • and if he wants something he will use aegyo like remember the baby voice
  • if he wants to to get him a hamburger at mcdonalds he will get it
  • i think neither of you would be really dominant because he loves being the protective bf and also loves being pampered by you
  • 🎶 Woozi switch it up 🎶
  • okay so also if it’s your anniversary or something don’t expect like chocolate or flowers because Wonwoo wants to be special 
  • he’s the guy that makes a necklace himself or like some kind of friendship bracelet because he thinks it’s beyond funny how ugly it looks
  • and he wants you to wear it and will guilt you into it because ‘he made it with love specially for you!! how do you mean it doesn’t fit your outfit? LOVE MATCHES WITH EVERYTHING’
  • secretly laughing at you because ‘look what an ugly necklace they’re wearing’
  • next anniversary you give him this ugly self made shirt which says ‘This guy loves Y/n’ and you try guilting him into it like he did and he’s like ‘Y/n I’m an idol I have to look presentable’
  • he can’t take his own lame jokes
  • he’ll wear it eventually to like an important event but with a blazer on top of it so nobody notices the shirt
  • he jokes with you all the time honestly half of your relationship is horrible jokes
  • and puns let’s not forget the puns
  • he also gets jealous easily but he’ll try not to show it
  • he’ll put on his deadly gaze and think in his head like ‘don’t touch them get your hand of their shoulder get out KEEP YOUR FILTHY HANDS OF Y/N’
  • and when you ask him if he’s okay he’ll be like ‘woh hi sorry I was just daydreaming a bit what happened?’ like boi we saw you eyeing at at that dude it wasn’t just ‘staring into the nothing’
  • he will always want you to be comfortable even tho he might sometimes try to take you out of your comfort zone if that makes sense?
  • like he’ll want you to test the waters but never force you into having to do something
  • but might try to convince you sometimes cus it’s not always as bad as it seems
  • sometimes it is and he’ll apologise and he’ll owe you one 
  • like a ‘free massage’ coupon or ‘call me even if I’m recording or practicing’ coupon
  • also if he ever sleeps over or you sleep at the dorm if that even happens rip you cus his morning voice
  • just treat this bun right thanks


Others in the Boyfriend!Series:

I found out about SpecialEffect through my friend, Short. You’ve heard about her quite a bit by now, and some of you have probably even met her when her internet cooperates enough to allow for stream hangouts! She’s a lovely lady, a great friend, and the best guild leader around! We wanted to share her story about how she encountered the wonderful people at this organization, and why we believe so strongly in what they do.

“ I love video games. I play with my friends, my family, and new people I meet every day. Sometimes it is something competitive like Overwatch and sometimes it’s a MMO like World of Warcraft. Personally, I think it is a great hobby to share with people you love. Unfortunately about a year ago something threatened this hobby.

 I am a gamer with a disability. I have Spinal Muscular Atrophy which is a disease that will progressively get worse. A little over a year ago I had a progressive growth spurt of sorts. In about two weeks time I went from right clicking my mouse with ease, to struggling to press it, then finally I couldn’t at all. 

This was terrifying. I was already a mouse only gamer but now I was down to one button. Do you know how much you even need to right click for? I didn’t realize until I couldn’t. No more easily running through World of Warcraft. No more making jumps in Rocket League. Heck, I couldn’t even right click to save goofy pictures on the Internet! It was awful. I knew it was time to start looking into accessibility equipment like switches but I had no idea what I needed, where to get it, or how to make it work. Lucky for me I had met some pretty amazing people on Twitter that were experts. One of the staff from Special Effect, Barry Ellis, came to the rescue and walked me through everything via email. I got a switch working and I was happily playing again. 

This got me thinking, what else can I do? I always had one game that was my nemesis. Minecraft. Then one day on the Special Effect twitter feed I saw something that might help me play. I tweeted for more information and Special Effect went above and beyond to get me in touch with people who could help. Any time I have been confused or had questions, someone has always answered. They serve the United Kingdom, yet here they were with information anytime I asked for information here in America. 

This is Special Effect. They help gamers with disabilities keep playing. They understand the importance of people playing games. They know that sometimes it’s not just a game, sometimes it’s so much more. It’s playing with your friends. It’s going on a grand adventure. It’s conquering enemies. It’s about having fun. For many gamers with a disability these things can be a challenge. For some of us it’s an ever changing challenge. 

Special Effect helps gamers get the tools they need to keep playing the games they love. They help find solutions with hardware or software and get each gamer a personalized setup to play.  Gamers can come to them to try different equipment but more importantly they will go to a gamer with a disabilities house who is unable to travel. This is all for one purpose…  inclusion. After losing the ability to right click and seeing how much I was going to have to give up I know firsthand how important being able to game is. The thought of missing my World of Warcraft guild’s raids was just, well, sad. Raiding was 2 nights a week where I was with some of my best friends and the only thing I was worried about was if we could kill a boss before it killed us. Learning more about how to make controls more accessible gave me hope for games I thought were no longer possible. All this was thanks to some amazing tutors (thanks, Barry) and the amazing organization Special Effect”. 


Id just though id share one of my hobby projects (though i havent touched it in quite a while now) for my Skyrim character Bryn, a young ranger/alchemist typ i have a journal that i write in in-character while playing and sketch her surroundings and useful things. 

like the properties of thistles and to be sure to wear gloves when harvesting them.  and about her unfortunate un-requainted crushes. 

its a beautiful journal i picked up at “faraos cigarrer” in copenhagen, denmark when i worked there (in denmark, not the store) hand bound with real leather and hand made paper. its gorgeus. 

i have almost all the fauna of Skyrim and most of the new ones introduced in the dawnguard expansion in there :D im about half-way through the book. 

what im sayin is i REALLY want an ingame journal for the next TES game.  that you can write in yourself. and upload custom pictures into. 

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Poly relationship with KingDings(Gaster & Asgore) with a shy but loving green soul who likes science, cooking, & gardening? P.S. Love your blog

KingDings + Green SOUL Poly Relationship:

They’re both very quiet, socially awkward men, so having an equally tranquil S/O is definitely helpful. While Gaster isn’t much one for actually going outside & doing things, you & Asgore can often enough drag him out to the garden with you under the guise of helping with his research. Or when Asgore is having a rougher day, when the guilt becomes just a little too much for him to handle, he comes to you both for advice. Gaster gives the (slightly harsh) basics, while you add the softer edge that helps to balance it out. They’re more than happy to share in their hobbies with you, though Gaster does tend to keep you both at a decent distance while showing off his work, as it can be pretty dangerous now & then. You all help to balance out the highs & lows of one another, making your relationship a wonderfully happy, healthy one.


Iwaizumi Hajime’s drawings of Oikawa Tooru, through the ages.

Oikawa’s drawings of Iwa-chan–> [X]

Some headcanons:

1. They draw whenever they’re off the court (usually in class and during revision at home). It’s the second hobby they share.

2. Iwa-chan is the slightly better artist. This doesn’t stop Oikawa at all. 

3. Tooru followed Hajime into drawing the same way Hajime followed him into volleyball. One day, Tooru went over to Hajime’s house, but Hajime was busy drawing and refused to entertain him. So Tooru picked up a crayon.

4. Occasionally, when Iwaizumi’s feeling stressed, he sneaks off during lunch period to the art room to paint. The art club welcomes him.

BTS Ideal Types - Again.

Rap Monster :  someone who is sexy, even to a brain. Someone that are thoughtful and confident .

JHope :  someone that think of me all the time and supportive at what i am doing

Jimin :  I don’t know many things about women because I haven’t experienced much. Please come closer to me .

V :  someone considerate, caring beside me.

Suga :  someone that’s indifferent, quiet. I’d like to meet a woman who can share hobbies together and are interested in music

Jungkook : someone that can teach me well and supportive

Jin :  I love puppy, so I like someone that looks like cute puppy, even to a personality.

BTS: Suga - As A Boyfriend

A/N How did you not see this coming? yoongi is the perfect mix of rude and tough past AND soft and must be protected - it’s my ultimate weakness. I just hope you enjoy this long ass drabble hahahah

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  • Where do I start. I must do this right.
  • Getting into a relationship with Yoongi before he reaches 30 will be tough luck I swear. Good job, if you managed to do it because I genuinely think of him as someone who wants to focus on his work just to prove to others (And to himself) that he can succeed in this field.
  • But you sure as hell can be best friends and idk how you guys might meet but let me tell you, Suga is the kind of person you can meet after 5 years and you can pick up from where you left off.
  • Very awkward meetings in the beginning until he finds common ground with your shared hobbies. Say you like to read or you enjoy music too much, he’ll cheer up and start getting into the conversation more.
  • This harabeoji is tired 24x7 please let him live. You’ll have to make sure he remembers you exist in the first few months by constantly checking up on him.
  • “Have you eaten? I mean 3 meals. That’s proper eating. And no, snacks don’t count.” “Yes. I did.”
  • “Have you been sleeping well? Jin said you’ve been working a lot I’m worried.” “yeah I got some shut eye no big deal im good.”
  • “You feel like taking a break? I could come over sometime… i don’t know do you want to?” “No it’s fine.”

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  • The entire relationship seems like you’re doing too much, but its only because it’s the beginning and because you try to make up for the lack of communication he provides, he’s gonna close up more.
  • when you go out of the country for a business trip or something or visit home and he realizes he actually misses you checking up on him all the time. The first time you’re not around (physically or virtually) he realizes just how much he needs your reminders. He forgets his vitamin supplements, he forgets to eat or sleep or take a break and jin jokingly says, “idk how y/n kept you alive.” and yoongi will mutter to himself “I never realized she was doing so much.”
  • When you come back, he’s already outside your apartment and you’re a bit shocked because suga doesn’t just show up like that. You let him in, growing utterly quiet because something is definitely wrong. You sit him down, getting two cups of tea because by now taking care of him is just second nature, and he starts the entire conversation awkwardly.
  • He has a whole lecture prepared for why he is so sorry that he didn’t realize how much you did for him before, he’ll work hard at the relationship, he’ll be the best boyfriend ever, he’ll make more time for you. He kind of just rambles on and on and on and you’ve got to stop him sometime in between.
  • “Do you think so little of our friendship?” You were careful with your words. He needs to be reminded that before you’re his gf or you’re an ARMY, you’re his best friend. That’s not going to change. You don’t expect him to change or up his boyfriend game because that’s not what friends do. Friends compromise and accept you for who you are.

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  • After this though, he does make more time for you and stops by your house more often and suddenly with all this change in the “caregiver” position he realizes little things about you.
  • Like how nervous you get before a meeting, how your family might stress you out or which friends expect too much from you. If you’re the kind of person who can’t say no to those asking for favors - he’ll notice. little things you know? How you NEED atleast 3 cups of tea in a day and you have a certain routine in the morning and if one thing goes wrong, you’re a bit pissed the entire day.
  • He’s going to love this phase and trust me, it’ll show in his songs too. When you’re just being you in the house, he’ll just watch quietly from the couch and you get concerned because “why are you so quiet? something wrong?”
  • “I like watching you be you. It’s relaxing”
  • If that’s not the sweetest way to say i love you, i dont know what will met your cold cold heart.

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  • YOUR DATES ARE SO VARYING ITS ANNOYING. One day it’s just a casual cuddle day but instead you guys head home (him coming from work and you coming from uni/work) and just crashing into bed and taking a nap. That’s what adult relationships are about. But some days you get dressed up and he shaves and puts on a dress shirt and  pants and you guys pick a nice place in a small town to visit because sometimes you both need to feel special and sophisticated.
  • but some dates are about going to an orphanage in daegu or an animal shelter and the both of you make a huge donation and just sit there and have lunch with the kids or play with the dogs/cats all day. you can’t help but feel so nice about the entire thing and suga feels like this has been a good day off
  • Basically he looks to you to refresh him and you look up to him to motivate you when you’re in a creative slump. Both of you come from different places and opinions (and ofcourse have things in common) but you guys provide each other with diff perspectives and it changes you. It’s amazing. the entire relationship is just so encouraging and productive, its amazing.
  • There will be days when neither of you want to see each other. The best part about you guys is that you’ve become really good friends through the relationship and because he’s so honest he’ll just tell it like it is. “Y/N i need a break for a while ok?” and no hard feeling, you get that. He needs to have his own time. He loves and encourages you to take some time off too.
  • He’s really into eating alone sometimes and just people watching and you admire him even more for it because how many adults can handle having lunch or dinner alone?

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  • He’s a stubborn and mean asshole when he’s on a working trope so you’ll have to end up at his studio and make him eat. Some days you only eat like 5hrs after you get there because he keeps saying “i’ll finish this and we’ll eat” but he doesn’t make it out soon enough and you refuse to eat without him not because that’s the sweet thing to do or anything but because this idiot won’t take care of himself unless he knows he’s hurting someone else in the process too
  • him having the best cheer-me-up speeches ready because he knows what depression and anxiety feels like and he never wants you to experience that without the knowledge that hope is always present and he’ll be your hope.
  • having a marriage like relationship pretty soon. bra is optional and no cute nicknames because you’re “ya” and he’s “oi” and thats enough
  • you helping the kids (i mean the maknae line) out a lot even if some of them might be older to you.
  • he is pretty close with your family and places a lot of importance on maintaining a good rapport with his family because he’d like the same for you and his parents too.
  • being a totally different person around your family or his and you’re like “no stop being nice its creepy i feel like ive been lied to my entire life.” and him being sassy af because “EXCUSE YOU IM NICE DONT SAY SUCH MEAN THINGS GOD Y/N”

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  • sexual tension galore because both of you workaholics and lone wolfs hate to admit it but you love the idea of needing each other
  • he slips into bed really late at night and pulls you close, his arm winding around your shoulder and bringing you to face him, you unconsciously move your lips to meet his and you guys just keep kissing. soft and slow, in a very dream like state. its kinda blissful and you only realize it the next morning because oh hell bite marks. *blushes a thousand shades of red just thinking about it*
  • Sex is demanded for. “Y/N. YOU ME BED NOW.” and you can try and be sassy to get revenge on him but i don’t think it’ll work. haraboeji has a knack of throwing you over his shoulder and kissing you senseless.
  • doesn’t need lingerie or extensive foreplay just good for some lowkey pleasure centered sex because god life is already too fast paced and you’re home for him.
  • sex just means more to the both of you but that doesn’t mean you’re not KINKY AF ASSHOLES.
  • always making jokes around the boys about what goes down in the bedroom and yoongi faces perpetual second hand embarrassment but namjoon just FRICKING LOVES THE JOKES GOOD LORD BRING IT ON!
  • Jimin tries to kiss yoongi for fan service and you just straight up kiss him on the lips and they’re in the rehearsal space and they’re all staring but you just smirk and say “and that’s how you do it.” and jin finds grudging respect for you but kookie is a blushing mess because THIS IS SOME ADULT SHIT OK

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  • oh god getting shit drunk with him and coming home disoriented and all you guys can say to each other “is get it off fucking get that shirt off we’re having sex right now”
  • subconscious touching and so much of it. when you come by the studio to meet him (and he is in work-suga mode) you just sort of stay behind and play with his hair and watch the entire process. he plays with your hands when you guys are watching tv. wraps the scarf around you tighter when you’re going out and plays with your ear lobe subconsciously as you tell him about your day
  • loves playing with your hair and reads fanfic over your head
  • probably is reading this right now oh god shit ABORT MISSION
  • but yeah a relationship with yoongi is going to be a lot of work and so hard to settle into but its no joke its not pretty and cutesy and maybe thats why it lasts. you guys end up developing a dependency but youre also aware you guys will be there for each other and that sometimes it means letting the person figure out what they want before telling them what it is.
  • suga is just… he’s my type ok bye

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I’m sorry if its way too long but you know…. suga.