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hey remember seeso?

the site that originally hosted the mbmbam tv show?

remember how its shutting down and sold mbmbam and a bunch of other stuff?

well its still up right now and its still charging each month

if you got a seeso subscription for mbmbam and arent using it anymore you should probably go cancel your subscription

Personal PSA

(( OOC: I just wanted to say a quick thank you. You guys have supported me in everything I’ve done. The encouragement and excitement that you guys share with me is incredible. It’s amazing being part of a community where so many people share my same passions.

Thank you for always reblogging, liking, sharing, commenting, tagging, etc. Thank you to those of you who have followed me from the very beginning, and for those of you who have recently joined.

In the near future, I’m going to be adding a new platform to the mix. I’m going to start vlogging.

I have the most incredible job in the world. I’ve talked a bit about Evermore, but you guys are going to learn a lot more about it soon. This vlog is going to give you guys a chance to delve into our world, and get to know the people that are playing key roles in creating it. We’re developing something that I know all of you are going to freak over. This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever had the chance to be apart of, and I hope that you guys will be as insanely excited about it as I am ( and knowing you guys, it’s bound to happen. ;) )

It’s an amazing feeling having this kind of support network, and as I move forward into some new adventures, I hope you guys will continue to follow me on this crazy journey and help me make this incredible project a reality. ))

They told you you’re not enough.
Not skinny enough.
Not pretty enough.
Not smart enough.
Not talented enough.
Not outgoing enough.
Not sexy enough.
Not creative enough.
Not determined enough.
Not relaxed enough.
Not strong enough.
Not educated enough.
Not adventurous enough.
Not worthy enough.

Instead, they told you which attributes you have too much of.
Too loud.
Too crazy.
Too girly.
Too sensitive.
Too dramatic.
Too thin skinned.
Too lazy.
Too ugly.
Too shy.
Too talkative.
Too depressed.
Too serious.
Too flakey.
Too big.
Too loud.
Too confronting.

I wanna tell you, and I hope you dare to listen and to never forget my words ever again:

You are perfectly made just the way you are.

There’s a reason why you’re in this world. The things others keep criticizing in you might be the exact thing the world needs you to share. You’ve been told to be too sensitive? Maybe you’re meant to live your life using your sensitivity as your core strength. There is a desperate need for people who haven’t numbed themselves, who are brave enough too feel. People have called you out for being too talkative? Maybe there are a thousand words the world needs you to speak, loud and clear. Maybe you should be an activist, a writer or motivational speaker. You’ve been told to be too weird and crazy? Maybe your calling is to create art that will touch others so much because they finally feel seen and understood.
You, my dear, are beautiful, inside and out, and you decide who you want to be and what you want to give into this world. Don’t let one more narrow minded person tell you you’re too much of this or too little of that… you’re perfectly made just the way you are. Your life is a precious gift of indescribable worth - dare to share your light. Dare to share what you’re able to bring into this world. There’s no other you out there. Share your gift and don’t let anyone belittle you.

This is how you date.

1. Treat your significant other with respect. This is key. This is essential, and this is way overlooked. When they are in the car with you and they are playing their favorite music, don’t, DON’T YOU DARE tell them their music sucks or that you’re “sick of listening to this shitty music”. Let them be happy. Let them smile. If they are into watching a show that you just can’t get into, don’t insult it. Don’t put a person down just because you don’t get it. Watch the happiness int their eyes as they watch and listen to things they love. You’ll watch that disappear after you chose to insult their likes.

2. Talk. Communicate. Share memories. Share stories. Share songs that make you believe in love. Share movies that inspire you. Tell them what’s going on. You failed your test? lets talk about it. You’re mad at your mom? Why? Talk about your past, but don’t forget to ask what they hope for in the future. 

3. Establish a good relationship to the people that they are close to. Meet their family. Hang out with their siblings. Be friends with their friends. Take their dog on a walk around the neighborhood with them. 

4. GO ON DATES. This is underrated but essential. Take them places. Go on adventures. Take them to dinner. Go do something fun. Show them off. That’s your person, embrace it. Hold their hand at the mall. Cuddle them close at a scary movie. Kiss their forehead at the park. Walk hand in hand at the beach. Compete against each other in laser tag. Go to a drive in movie theater to do something new. 

5. But also take those nights in too. Cuddle up and watch a movie on netflix. Kiss while you’re playing a video game. See who’s more strategic at a game of chess. Laugh as you play a game of jenga and the entire thing falls down. Bake cookies and sing and dance to your favorite songs. Sure, going out and having something to do is fun, but nights in with your babe are irreplaceable. They aren’t boring if you don’t make it boring, or if worst comes to worst, be bored together. 

6. Help them grow. Don’t judge them. Everybody is different. If they are having a hard time in school, don’t yell at them, but encourage them to do better. Be there as a helping hand and a good influence to help guide them. People get lost sometimes, and it’s important that if they feel lost, they do not feel alone. Support their decisions even if the career they want doesn’t make $80,000/year.

7. Don’t compare them to other people. Do not say that you regretted choosing them over somebody else. That hurts, and when you hurt somebody in that kind of way you’ll never get the same person back. Don’t talk up somebody of the opposite gender to make them sound better than you’re boyfriend/girlfriend. Make your bf/gf feel most important. 

8. Show affection. It’s not  old school. It’s not gross. It’s not over done. It makes the relationship. Make your boyfriend/girlfriend feel happy to be with you. Make them smile. Make them laugh. Make them blush. Give them compliments often so they don’t question their worth to you. If they are important make them and their feelings a priority. Don’t be afraid to hold their hand or kiss their cheek if somebody is watching. Don’t underestimate the power of appreication, because it goes a long way. Issues in a relationship will disappear if you remind them of the little things you like about them. Build them up. That’s your baby. Never be afraid to make them feel good.

9. That’s your boy/girl. Period. Don’t leave room for the opportunity to make somebody else make them feel better than you do. Don’t let another man tell your girl she looks beautiful today before you tell her. And ladies, don’t let another girl have the opportunity to tell your man how sexy his new haircut looks before you do. 

10. Lastly, love them unconditionally. Love them even if they break down and cry sometimes. Be there and calm them down during an anxiety attack. Be there for them at 2 in the morning when they’re falling apart and need somebody to talk to, but be there for them when its 3pm and they love thier life. Love them even if they sing a little loud in the shower. Love them even if they find stupid tings entertaining for funny. Love them if they need help with homework. Love them if they fail a class because they don’t know what they are doing. Encourage better, but don’t not love them because of it. They are hard enough on themselves, especially those who have a hard time loving them self. Love them. Love them even if they overslept and missed church on Sunday morning. Love them even if you’re fighting. Love them if their hair is a mess. Love them in the morning before they put make up on or btrushed their hair or teeth. Love them even if they accidentally burn the toast in the morning. Love them when they don’t love themself. Love them if they get a speeding ticket. Love them and give them everything you have. Love with your whole heart or not at all. 

And this, is how you should be when you date somebody.


shower sharing, yes?

you know what? i think the best advice about mental illness recovery i can offer is this: accept the good times. let them happen. about 60% of recovery is figuring out who you are without your illness/symptoms/during happiness, and i know that’s hard and messy, but when youve struggled with mental illness for so long, you know who you are in bad times and in suffering.

let yourself figure out who you are when youre happy and at peace. you’re worth it.