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Pasta is great. It’s like hey, let me take delicious things like butter,or meat, or tomatoes or basil and then let me just fuckin mix whatever the fuck i want in and combine it with some random ass noodles. 

That’s basically pasta. 

BUT, there’s a big difference between “basically pasta” and “holy shit food of the gods” pasta, and that is that the latter has some rules that must be followed. 


  1. Always boil pasta in boiling SALTED water. Ever had a dish where you forgot to salt it before cooking it, and no matter how much seasoning you did post saute/sear, it still sort of tasted bland on the inside? Same goes for pasta. Your sauce could be fuckin on point, but if you don’t salt dat pasta water, ya fugged, bruh. 
  2. Always have your sauce ready BEFORE the pasta. Pestos, emulsified butter sauces, bolognese sauces, they should be in their respective sauce pans, heated and ready to go (unless we’re takin pesto or carbonarashit, as those go bad with heat). The worst thing you could do is fuck up and overcook your delicious pasta bc you were too busy making or finishing up your sauce. 
  3. Always TASTE your pasta. I don’t care if the package says it’s ready in 1 minute or an hour, taste your pasta from the boiling water at least 2 minutes in, and every 2 minutes after that. Al dente’s usually the way to go, but you’ll never know when to take it out if you’re not constantly tasting. 
  4. DO NOT strain your pasta, wasting your pasta water and allowing your pasta to cool. Use tongs to take pasta straight up form the boiling water (don’t dry it, nerds) and throw it in your sauce. A little pasta water gets in? no probs, and I’ll tell you why. 
  5. If your sauce is reducing too much, or it’s too tight, add pasta water. It’s salted and hot and ready to go, it won’t dilute the flavor at all, you’re golden duude. golden. 
  6. Finish your pasta in the sauce, allow it to become homogenous, let the sauce stick to the pasta, BECOME ONE WITH THE PASTA BRUH. 
  7. Add cheese last, because cheese get’s weird and fucked up in hot pans, so it’s best to throw that on right before you’re ready to eat that shit up. 
  8. 4 oz is a normal serving size for pasta. If you don’t have a scale, that’s basically like the first pic above. If you hold the pasta like such, and the width of the bunch is a little smaller than an american quarter, then ur good 2 go bruh. 
  9. Dry pastas are not better/worse than fresh pasta. They’re legit just made with different flours using different procedures. One isn’t ‘fancier’ than the other u pretentious buttrockets. 
  10. PASTA IS NOT SCARY, IT’S DELICIOUS. These rules look tough, but honestly it’s not that bad bruh. I believe in u. 

and now, onto the recipe I used for my pasta. It’s a restaurant favorite, we always make it on the line because it’s simple, delicious and super filling. 


Caciopepe Pasta
serves: 1 (lol like id share this with ppl lolol)



  • salt water for boiling (just salt some water, don’t fuckin travel to the beach in hopes of created the most bomb pasta ever)
  • 1 bunch of pasta
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 1 sprig thyme
  • cold butter (approximately 2/3 cups cut into small pads
  • parmesan cheese to taste
  • a shit ton of black pepper to taste



  • Throw some pasta into some boiling water and do that thing where you constantly taste test the pasta to see if it’s ready. In the meantime, make ur sauce u lazy bumbum.
  • Add a little boiling pasta water to a saute pan over low heat, and whisk/mix in the butter quickly till it’s creamy and emulsified. If it’s too thick, just whisk in a teeny bit of pasta water. Add 2 bay leaves and a sprig of thyme for aroma, remove when pasta’s ready. 
  • Once the pasta’s ready to rock and roll, use tongs to scoop it up and place it in the sauce. Flip and mix using tongs. Add cheese and crack a lot of pepper. Add salt if it needs seasoning, add more pasta water if the sauce tightens.
  • and bam, ya ready to roll. 


I promise u if you use these pasta techniques, people will think ur literally a GOD. ur welcs. 

Preface: Please don’t phobia shame me on my birthday, lol I am very weird about needles but everyone’s fears are valid

Today March 2nd, 2017 I got my first T shot. I am so grateful for all of my friends that’s kept me going while I was waiting so long to get started. especially @c-rackinglev1s because he’s my ride or die I had the privilege of accompanying him for his first shot almost four months ago and he’s so AMAZING he put up with my shit and did mine for me. This has been a very fortunate birthday for me and I look forward to sharing my journey.


(From left to right: Suga, V, Jin, Jungkook, Jimin, Rap Monster, J-Hope)

BTS (방탄소년단),also known as Bulletproff Boy Scouts (not anymore tho) or Beyond The Scene, is a boy group created by the Agency “Big Hit Entertainment” on June 13th 2013.
Their Fandom Name is A.R.M.Y aka Adorable Representative M.C for Youth.
Their official colors are Silver and Black.
The group consists of 7 members: Rap Monster, Suga, J-Hope, Jin, Jungkook ,  V and Jimin
Some of their famous songs are:
Blood Sweat & Tears, Not Today, Danger, Fire, Save Me, War Of Hormone, Etc…

Now for the members:

Rap Monster:

Stage Name // Rap Monster (랩몬스터)
Real Name // Kim Nam Joon (김남준)
Also known as // RM, Monnie, God of destruction, daddy- wait what
Birth Date // 12 September, 1994
Role // Lider, Rapper  (dance monster lololol jk).
Height // 181cm (daddy long legs)
Weight // 64kg
Zodiac Sign // Virgo
Pets // 🐶

- He is the only one who can talk English like a pro (u got no jams)
- He was an underground rapper
- He studied in New Zealand
- He shares a room with V
- In twitter he usually uploads photos of some of the aesthtic outfits he wears using the hashtag KimDaily (in korean lol) or he shares songs with the hashtag RMusic.

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Stage Name // Suga (슈가)
Real Name // Min Yoon Gi (민윤기)
Also Known As // Min Suga, My husband- wait what, SG
Birth Date // 9 March, 1993
Role // Rapper
Height // 174 cm
Weight // 57kg
Zodiac Sign // Piscis
Pets // 🐶

- He played basketball in a team
- He loves Kumamon
- He usually sleeps a lot during the day, because he works overnight.
- He has his own mixtape “AGUST D” yo that shit is fire check it out
- He looks grumpy and done with everyone’s shit on the outside but on the inside he is the purest fluff ball protect

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Stage Name // J-Hope (제이홉)
Real Name // Jung Ho Seok (정호석)
Also Known As // Hobi, You hope, Ur angel :):), Sunshine, JH
Birth Date // 18 February, 1994
Role // Main Dancer, Rapper
Height // 177cm
Weight // 59kg
Zodiac Sign // Aquarius
Pets // 🐶

- He is like, the happy virus of the group, our sunshine yaknow
- He has a digital single of soundcloud (still waiting for Hixtape tho)
- He usually does alot of aegyo on cameras, but he is not like that in real life
- He dances likE A GOD
- ummm he is a little precious sunshine protect

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Stage Name // Jin (진)
Real Name // Kim Seok Jin (김석진)
Also Known As // Third Guy From The Left, Car Door Guy, Worldwide Handsome, Eomma Jin, Jinnie, J
Birth Date // 4 December, 1992 (he is the oldest)
Role // Visual, Vocal
Height // 179cm
Weight // 60kg
Zodiac Sign // Sagitarius
Pets // 🐶, Namjoo- wait what

- He loves Mario
- He loves pink
- He is the mom of the group
- Google Jin’s laugh you’ll die of laughter lmao
- He cooks like a pro

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Stage Name // Jimin (지민)
Real Name // Park Ji Min (박지민)
Also known as // Chim Chim, Christian Chim Chim, Mochi, JM
Birth Date // 13 October 1995 (21 years old)
Role // Vocal, Dancer
Height // 173cm
Weight // 60kg
Zodiac Signs // Libra
Pets // he had one but he passed away :(

- He is a smol bean protect
- He can go from “hello sir nice to meet you” to “ur daughter calls me daddy too” REAL QUICK
- but still he is a soft ball
- He dances like a god
- His smile is angelic

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Stage Name // Jungkook (정국)
Real Name // Jeon Jungkook (전정국)
Also nown as // Jungkookie, kookie, golden maknae, maknae, Nochu, JK
Birth Date // 1 September 1997
Role // Vocal, Dancer, Rapper (before)
Height // 179mc
Weight // 61kg
Zodiac Sign // Virgo
Pets // 🐶

- He is the golden maknae because he can do everything
- He loves overwatch and Charlie Puth
- He doesen’t like being called “oppa”
- I mean he rude, the amount of disrespect is immense but he still a baby pls protec
- I think (we all do lol) he has a white tee shirt collection

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Stage Name // V (뷔)
Real Name // Kim Tae Hyung (김태형)
Also Known as // Tae, TaeTae
Birth Date // 30 December 1995
Role // Visual, Vocal
Height // 178cm
Weight // 58kg
Zodiac Sign // Capricorn
Pets // 🐶🐱

- everytime looks more r00d like stop with the tooongue
- He is cute af
- But also alot of disrespec
- He is extra (sometimes)
- Claims to be Vincent Van Gogh

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masterlist / music recommendations 

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NO MY REQ FOR THAT KINKY ASS SHITS GONE NOW 😂yo hmu with some newt using a not horny exasperated reader to get off (prolly by like grinding into them or some shit) ya know cause my lifestyle is sinning

I changed it just a bit! Because that’s what came to me for inspiration lol ❤️

Master list

Imagine: Newt is horny but you’re not.

Newt shifted restlessly within the sheets of your shared bed, his skin feeling as if it was on fire. He woke up not so long ago, only he had a bit of a problem. He looked down at his body, frowning at the bulge aching between his legs. He couldn’t quite remember if it was a dream he had that caused this predicament, all he knew was that he wanted to rid himself of this burning need.

The wizard turned to his side, looking at your sleeping form with desire. He didn’t want to bother your slumber, but he really needed relief.


He nudged your side, scooting closer to wrap his arm around you. The warmth of his body stirred you from your sleep, and you groaned in annoyance at the Hufflepuff.

“Newt…stop it.”

He whined softly, pushing his body flush against you. You turned your face into the pillow, a small smile on your face when you felt the obvious erection he had. He never bothered you when you slept, but this would explain the change.

“Not right now.”

Newt nuzzled into your neck, kissing just below your ear. “Please, my love. Just for a moment.”

The wizard ground his hips into your backside, grunting at the delightful friction it created. You had to admit, the feeling of him pressing firmly into you was causing a wave of pleasure to shoot down between your thighs, but you couldn’t possibly give into him so easily.

“Newt…” You warned, albeit rather weakly.

He gasped into your neck, still continuing to grind himself into you to relieve some of the pressure. “Yes-bloody…my love?” His words came out in a scrambled mess, eyes tightly closed as he tried hard not to give in to the pleasure too quickly.

A smirk stretched onto your lips, and you rolled your eyes at the needy wizard as you reached a hand back to stop his movements.

“You’re such a nuisance.” You teased, looking over your shoulder as he sighed in desperation.

“I can’t help myself around you.” He gave you a sheepish smile, his wavy hair falling over his eyes. He tried to pull you back into him, but you held your hand against his hip to stop him.

“Go back to sleep.”

“But, my dar-”

“Shh.” You giggled, your hand now brushing across his bare stomach as you walked your fingers softly down to his length.

Newt groaned at the sensation, hips bucking forward to add more pressure to his cock.

“Merlin’s beard…don’t stop, darling.”


Always ending it on a cliffhanger lol

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I feel like you really know a lot of things about music industry and such? Can you please share your thoughts on Louis' 'team' and why are they don't care abt him at all?

well i’m not an industry person, so i don’t now that much tbh. i’ll attribute my knowledge to a childhood of watching vh1′s behind the music religiously, documentaries, and years of following celebrities lol. 

i think i’ve said this before, but i don’t think louis’ team gives 2 shits about him because he hasn’t signed any long term deal with them, and especially not with syco. if he had then his promo would look a little different. first of all, he’d be #1 on simon’s roster as he’s the most known and the largest potential earner. yet he’s being treated like he’s at the bottom of the totem pole while still being made to do promo for JA. ironic. 

also, this is completely out of my ass but - i’ve also been wondering if sony doesn’t/didn’t hold as much power over syco as people think, especially up until 2015 when the new deal was signed. when simon initially signed his deal between sony & syco years ago, he may have put into the contract that sony can’t have ultimate jurisdiction over how his acts are handled or something of that nature. sony was initially just trying to get a piece of the xfactor pie so this doesn’t seem weird to me considering simon’s ego and control freak tendencies. however, simon lost his upperhand when 1d decided not to re-sign with syco. but anything louis signed may still be held to the original power structure, depending on when he signed it. but people who ask “why hasn’t sony done something?” …maybe they can’t? but whatever louis’ team is(n’t) doing rn isn’t beneficial to anyone’s bottom line. so it makes no actual business sense and just seems to be a lack of action out of vengeance tbh.

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buried looks so amazing! i just hope you don't make steve one of those 'you're cute/hot when you're angry' douches. god, i hate those, they never take anything i say seriously because they think pissing me off is a fun pastime, for their viewing pleasure. that shit is never endearing

No lol
Steve will not be a jerk character.
Like he and Tony are going to exchange some serious snark, and obvs I’m really only sharing the funny exchanges but there are some really lovely moments between the two of them, even right in the beginning when they see each other again.
Steve’s just… i mean he’s a soldier for hire in this fic. He doesn’t have that good ol boy sweetness to him that we usually write/expect from him. This is more Steve like…. post CACW when he’s just weary of fighting and maybe bitter over all the things he’s seen? He was hurt in the war and sent home then met Tony and ended up falling in love/getting his heart broken, and now ten years later he’s back fighting when the man he fell in love with shows back up.

Then of course, destruction and chaos and this steve just doesn’t respond to it with encouraging platitudes and a can-do attitude.

So he’s sarcastic and sort of pissy, especially because emotionally he’s very off kilter seeing Tony again.

And Tony is… Tony, and is sarcastic and snarky on a good day, much less a day spent being dragged through the jungle behind his (super hot) ex bf who he never wanted to see again and is now having to keep him alive.

Plus you know…. he got spiders in his hair lol

So there’s going to be lots of moments like the one I posted where they are just back and forth with each other.

But there’s also a moment where Steve tells Tony he’s sorry about his parent passing. So it’s not all bad lol

“I heard about your parents Tony. I’m real sorry.”

“Why? You didn’t know them. Dad was just the guy who signed the checks to keep this place going.”

“I didn’t know them. But I know YOU, and I hate thinking about anything that hurts you. I wish I would have been there to help you.”

“Well, it’s not like I’m incognito, Steve. If you really wanted to call you could have figured out how to call me.”

“Would you have picked up the phone though?”

“…..I don’t know.”

“Wouldn’t matter. I should have called you, should have tried to be there for you. I’m sorry.”

“Um… its fine. But… thank you.”

“There might be a lot of years and some shitty history between us, but I still would drop everything if you needed me, honey.”

Based entirely on a throwaway joke in an upcoming chapter of Wish by Spirit

The really hilarious thing is that we all know it was Sabo who taught Ace lots of things as kids, right, so Ace has got to have this incredibly dual upbringing where he can skin, butcher, cook, and eat an entire tiger and yet also knows that not all foie gras is pate and has decided Opinions on canape toppings.

Imagine someone asking ace what his favorite dessert is and he just lights up and talks about a, I dunno, a croquembouche, and everyone makes fun of him and is like, “you don’t have to just make up words y'know” “you can just say ice cream” “haha Ace is that a food or a plant” and then Thatch shows up and they’re like, “haha Thatch can you make him his favorite, it’s a bush” and Thatch is like, “…what.” and Ace is all anger-blushy and looks down and says, “croquembouche,” and Thatch is just like, “…you realize that takes like two days and a metric shitton of patience and I couldn’t get it to stack properly on a ship anyway,” and everyone’s like, “wait what, it’s a real thing????” “Oh, it’s a real thing, all right, our Ace has expensive tastes, holy shit, when’d you even try a croquembouche, dude, that’s high class”

new head canon, ace loves croquembouches. So does luffy. The asl bros love croquembouches because it’s a cake they can fight over and still share. Whoever eats the most profiteroles wins.

Lol, kid!Sabo had OPINIONS on some stuff and so Ace, having never tried or seen half this shit, can still be like, “maracons, rite, what’s even the point of them?” and he and Thatch discuss all these foods no one’s ever heard of.

oh freak i have just remembered the main reason i gotten into my current fandoms

i was a petty little shit that wanted to share my own theories

that was it

i was looking at some post and the formed my own theory but because i wanst in that fandom i couldnt completly do it

so that’s how i ended up watching certain shows

lmao i cant freaking believe

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The best part about Ovi staring at Nicky in your bench gifset is his stick lowering at the same time to right in the way of Nicky's face, as if he doesn't want to share the sight with the camera.

Isn’t it, though. I didn’t want to be too–well, too myself, let’s be real, and admit that the reason I perked up when it came on screen was because Ovi looked around for Nicky and found him and was reassured glanced at Nicky, but I didn’t even realize the hockey stick in the way was Ovi’s! Haha. 

the purple roses explain everything and satanicks blood definitely turns purple when hes in love.

this is basically the gist of what purple roses symbolize:

“The lavender rose is often a sign of enchantment and love at first sight. Those who have been enraptured by feelings of love and adoration have used lavender roses to express their romantic feelings and intentions. The color purple also has a traditional association with royalty.”

bonus: after some research,i have also found out that purple is a color of royalty,magnificence and magic,so yeah,satanick

the reason the roses suddenly grew from the pond of blood he puked out is because he wants to say he is in love with ivlis,but he can’t.ofc he can’t admit hes in love with the same guy he refers to as “stupid roach” literally always.

that’s why the purple rose is say “i love you” for satanick

a few people have translated what satanick says in one comic,and all of them said the same: satanick can’t believe his blood is changing color for… yea.nicks blood definitely turns purple when he really,really falls for someone,and he uses purple roses to convey it (dam jst grow a pair and say it with words jfc)

and then comes official heartbreaker gokuen.i am certain the only times we saw satanick with purple blood was in that one drawing,and now in these “pathetic man” comics.satanicks blood is,otherwise,always red (when he let ivlis beat him up,when he was bleeding after licorice stabbed him,when he bled from the forehead in a banner,etc).

soo,yeah.satanick most likely fell in love with gokuen (someone also pointed out satanick was dressed nicely when he broke into ivlis’ house AND when his body got rekt by gokuen)

and THOSE are the scars that won’t heal that were mentioned in his data,and the reason yagi was concerned about nick falling for someone from another world.satanick must’ve felt like shit after getting dumped like a piece of garbage like may also explain why he tries to make himself believe he is great and magnificent,because gokuen broke him and made him feel like nothing (this is me reaching tho)

i also think the reason satanick likes siralos so much is bc he really looks like gokuen,bt thts also me reaching lol

so ya.this is all kinda obvious bt i jst wanted to share it.toodles also,anyone notice how everyone nick rlly likes is a man?

I’m just laughing so hard at Sterek fans who say Teen Wolf is queerbaiting them.  No sweetie, there’s no queer subtext with Sterek.  Just because they share a scene together doesn’t mean anything.  Stop making every two seconds they spend together all about how one of them looked at the other with longing or some shit.

The actual queerbaiting is giving us fans, who are queer, only one queer character at a time basically and not giving us the representation we deserve.

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Margot looked uncomfortable when Jared tickled her

Actually, she looked nervous because they were literally in a fucking helicopter and she even said “it’s really scary” and he was just trying to do what he could to make her feel less anxious, but sure, whatever you say, sweetie…

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What's your dream girl

my dream girl is someone who compliments my fly. she doesn’t have to be perfect because dammit her flaws will make me love her even more. my dream girl is a girl that’s motivated and has goals… I’ll support hers just like she’ll support mine. she’s funny and has a great sense of humor. she’s also patient because sometimes I’m a little difficult. she’s intelligent so we can have deep conversations right before we fuck. she’s true to herself and firm in her beliefs… because stubbornness is so cute. my dream girl is someone who’ll help me do my hair and offer me arms to run into on my bad days. she’s also hella freaky because I’m trying to break head boards and shit lol. I didn’t point out anything physical cause idk what my dream girl will look like and I care more about how beautiful her heart is.

honestly I’m at the point in my life where I’m just trying to grow and I’ve had so much success recently. whoever that girl is i can’t wait to share it with them (: I’ll love them forever and do my best to give them the world

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why the fuck are you always so depressed and moody? you should know that there are people out there who have it harder than you do and continue smiling, Ruben. I mean look at yourself! You're an intelligent person with so many life opportunities and with so much do gain from life yet you post incessantly about you crying or you feeling down. Lighten the fuck up. It's life, sweetie.

lol u need to seriously stfu, just because there are people elsewhere suffering it doesn’t make what I go through any less painful or relevant. People on this website have this bizarre idea that all aspects of my life is shared online, you literally know the smallest of fractions about me so literally you have no idea what kind of shit I’ve been through, and i refuse to smile just because an idiot like you would feel better that way.

(IMAGE HEAVY) Aoharaido (Ao Haru Ride) Episode 13 (anime) from Volume 12 Special Edition

I will say I am going to be really bias here because I screencapped the shit out of Touma in this. He’s CHOOO KAWAII!

Futaba getting jealous Kou and Yuri sharing shaved ice and looking genki lol

Sulking when got rejected by Kou to share the shaved ice.

MY BAE WALKED PAST! (throws confetti)

“Hey, aren’t you that…”


“I touched his little brother” (ok so i made this part up)

“Can I talk with you for a sec over there?”




Kou unhappy about Futaba being approached by someone he doesn’t know. Yuri noticed.


Me: making googly eyes

So pretty

I spent 90 aud just to watch him. Am I hardcore? I don’t know. But omfg, I am gleefully screencapping and squealing lol

Kou over-reacting

Kou’s face after he learned what happened. LOL

“I’m sorry for over-reacting” (damn straight you should!)

“I am sorry”

“That was so embarassing”

“I like you, Kou”

“Thank you but I’m sorry”

Yuri: “I understand”

“I like you”

“What did you say?” “You alright?”

“Wait, please don’t go yet. Let’s stay here longer for awhile”

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So question (since I am seeing it everywhere and I know you live in the UK), what exactly is the EUReferendum and how do you feel about it?

First off apologies if I ramble, I’m not always coherent in writing my thoughts without hours of drafting lmao and I’m at work lurking Tumblr on the sly o/
 Also I’m no political expert so this is entirely opinion :)

I have to go into the history of the EU to explain how we got to where we are and this could get quite boring. I’ll try and break it up with semi-relevant gifs.

Also apologies that this will be very England-centric. This is not deliberate, I just can’t speak for Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland who all have a different manner of shit going on.


Europe, as you know, is made up of a shitload of countries. Because of our long history of kicking the shit out of each other and frankly being unfriendly tribal bastards most of Europe is broken down into rather small countries - we’ll come back to this later as this is sort of important.

After WW2 the European Union (EU) was created to encourage nations within the European continent to work together and stop fighting. As you’ve probably noticed, European nations fought a lot in the past :D

The original point of the EU was to encourage decent trade/customs/market, share intelligence etc and basically work together. It was also a sort of ‘let’s huddle together whilst the USA and Russia kick the shit out of each other, if we band together we can look a bit big and scary and they might leave us alone’.

Naturally, the UK didn’t sign up at first because lol Empire. For the record when we did eventually try to join France blocked us like 3 times lmao. 

SO ANYWAY. Time goes on and the EU is working pretty fairly. But it’s no easy task. You’re aiming for equality amongst dozens of nations with very different levels of economical strength, laws and culture. How can you balance a nation like the UK with for example a Baltic state fresh out of the Soviet bloc? 

Trade was one of the answers. A poor nation is struggling but they have a hell of a lot of coal, so the EU lowers customs/taxes on their coal exports and encourages other nations to import it. Good for that struggling nation, bad for the local industries of other nations who have now been undercut. People lost jobs, towns and villages lost their livelihoods, governments sat back and did little to nothing. Combine that with cheap resources like coal and steel from China and Russia, old industries died out and little was done to replace livelihoods for people with basic skills and education.

It also became cheaper to set up your businesses abroad, like factories in Poland or call centres in India. Why pay a Brit the minimum wage when you can pay a foreigner half as much for twice as many shifts? (and ignore all the health and safety rules, what’s the worst that could happen…)

BTW To be a member of the EU you have to pay a membership. That fee is reflective of your nation’s size/economy of course. Smaller and poorer nations pay less than the likes of the UK and Germany for example.
 That money is put into a sort of pot and then dished out where its needed across the EU. Farming subsidies, a new bridge in Greece, new roads in Spain, an art project in England. Its usage varied. My region - the North East of England - receives a hell of a lot of funding from the EU (because for some reason which I’m sure is totally non political, our own government doesn’t give us much, but that’s another story…)

Gradually, for the sake of equality, the EU with a panel of politicians from various countries began implementing laws that would apply to all member states. Various health and safety stuff, immigration regulations, right to health care outside your own country, free travel, human rights stuff (like allowing prisoners to vote, boy was that unpopular in the UK!) etc.

When the global recession hit, the UK suffered. Maybe not as much as the likes of Greece etc, but it hurt the poorest of our country like recessions tend to do.

People in the UK were angry. Unemployment was high, businesses were closing down left, right and centre, emergency services were watered down, vital resources and charities were haemorrhaging money and losing quality of service… but we were still paying our weekly fee to the EU.

In return, the EU rules allowed a large influx of Europeans to come into the UK as they pleased looking for work. If you think the UK had suffered during the recession imagine how Eastern Europe had fared! The sudden increase of working class/labour bodies (who were willing to work longer and for less pay than the Brits) meant competition for even a part time waitress job was fierce.

Now surely at this point, the government should invest money and create jobs!

But they didn’t :^) Our government brought in harsh budget cuts (not affecting their rich friends of course though) - and made receiving dole money (welfare to you US lot) very difficult. 5 minutes late to your Job Centre appointment ‘cos you can’t afford a car or public transport? Lol Enjoy your 6 weeks of no welfare penalty. Disabled? Prove it. If you can blink you can work, hand over your benefits and find a damn job.

At this point the working class in the UK is pushed to breaking point. But worry not! The Far Right is here to tell you whose fault it is!

Immigrants! Immigrants are to blame! It’s all their fault and they’re doing it deliberately because they hate Britain hurr durr durr.

(Man it took a lot of resolve to include that pic of Nigel Farage, he makes my skin crawl. Like a lizard in human skin. I bet he has a zip on the back of his neck.)

This is his most recent and highly controversial poster - German history enthusiasts might recall a similar poster during the 30′s :^)

Google ‘Farage immigration poster’ for more varieties of hateful propaganda.

Keep in mind poverty and lack of education go hand in hand. I know the stereotype of Britain is posh people with monocles saying “Good heavens Jeeves look at the stock market jolly good!” - but like everywhere in the world there are a lot of people in the UK living hand to mouth just trying to get by.

So, from the point of view of the UK’s most destitute, here’s what they see:

- Immigrants taking jobs Brits need/want
- Immigrants putting strain on NHS services
- Immigrants causing schools to be overcrowded
- Immigrants able to enter the UK without thorough background checks
- Refugees from Africa and Middle East able to freely cross Europe into UK without any money/background checks etc.
- Immigrants bringing Islam with them
- Immigrants not adapting to UK laws and culture, indulging in criminal activity
- Immigrants able to claim housing and benefits - and bumped up the queue ahead of Brits
- Immigrants sending money to families abroad and not contributing to UK economy

Are all of the above true? In some cases yes. Is it the fault of all immigrants? No. The UK has needed investment in its emergency services for years, its needed more schools and hospitals for years. Our population was growing any way and is also growing older.

There’s also the belief that the UK has no sovereignty because the EU ‘makes all the laws in Brussels by unelected leaders’. idk to what extent that is true, but the very idea pissed a lot of people off.

So the Far Right gains popularity. They say if we kick all the foreigners out it will solve all the UK’s problems. They say we can only ‘control our borders’ if we leave the EU - which would also mean the money we pay to the EU can be spent on other things, like the NHS! That’s a promise!*

Our right wing Conservative government got into power on the promise that they’d hold a referendum on the UK’s EU membership. After getting into power twice, they now p much had to abide by that promise or lose face/confidence.

But they didn’t actually expect people to vote Leave.

I don’t believe every Leave voter is racist, but I think all racists probably voted Leave. I think a lot of people fed up with their circumstances voted Leave. I think many people just wanted to stick two fingers up at the government and voted Leave. Many older people who ‘remember what Britain was like before the EU’ (’cos yeah, it was so great…) voted Leave.

Young people like myself enjoy the ability to travel freely in Europe, the ability to apply for a job anywhere in Europe with ease, the guarantee of our human rights, and we were fearful of the economic repercussions - our generation has already suffered under government cuts. We couldn’t risk the economy crashing, businesses relocating offices and jobs out of the UK etc.

We also didn’t like the idea of our basic rights and services at the mercy of a government notorious for being cold and uncaring.

So we rallied to vote Remain. Experts across all manners of fields and the highly educated joined us. 

But it wasn’t enough. Fear and hatred won in my opinion.

Now our Prime Minister, having backed the Remain side, has resigned. There is no-one decent to replace him. The pound has plummeted. Racist attacks have increased dramatically over the weekend on anyone who isn’t white with a British-sounding name/accent. (seriously people have even started shit with Welsh people, mistaking them for foreigners).

Oh and this promise?

“We never actually said that.”

The Leave party are suddenly backtracking on all their promises. And have failed to offer any sort of plan for the future other than “Let’s wing it, it’ll work out.”

If it doesn’t work out, well many of the older population voted Leave, they don’t give a shit, they got their pensions secured decades ago, they’ll be dead before anything impacts them.

Scotland and Northern Ireland strongly voted remain. They feel even more separate from the UK than they already did. Scotland needs the EU, it doesn’t want to leave. They will try to leave the UK before they leave the EU.

I feel like the UK is a creaky ship in a storm and all the crew have jumped overboard and left us. Rather than our government admitting its faults (they were quite happy to pass buck/blame to the EU whenever people complained), or trying to work with the EU to change things, we’ve decided to cut our noses off to spite our faces.

But hey, who cares if we’re all poor and jobless and everyone hates us, as long as we’re all white - right? :^) 

Not actually a submission, but

Take a look at #6!

P.D. I love your blog, you are very funny ^^






so, if you look in my lair, you’ll notice a theme: gem genes out the wazoo. and then you’ll see two faes with clown, tiger, eyespots, seraph, and underbelly. why do i have these incongruous dragons with genes i’m rather meh on? here’s the story:

in wind we try to save older dragons, and have a guild-run “save the oldies” thing for dragons with 6 digit IDs and lower. but low 7-digit IDs are a little valuable and will get more valuable as time goes on. so a nice windy posted about aoi in the forums, looking for a way to save her from the exalt block. then another user posted kiiro to the thread asking for help saving him as well.

a third user trying to come up with ideas saw that their color ranges were close and said “ Ironically, those two Dragons actually have a really nice range too? LOL"
this caused aoi’s temporary owner to look a little closer. what they saw was that with the exception of aoi’s first two offspring, aoi and kiiro had an identical offspring list.

they were mates.

aoi was sniped from the AH

kiiro was sold to the public buy

they both ended up in wind

they both were just old enough for someone to go “hey, i don’t want to exalt this old dragon”

and now they’re mine because holy shit love story for the ages.