When your Dating a virgin 😂💙💚

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“Even most practitioners of permaculture have trouble defining it, partly because its not just one technique of doing this or that, but mostly because the theory encompasses too much to narrow the idea into a simple definition. Sure, there is agriculture, but it’s also a movement that branches into all things good for earth and people, from community sharing to sustainable energy to reforestation. All the same, it’s not just that. Thoughtful design — of our homes, of our gardens, of our cities — all play a key role in any discussion of permaculture. In essence, the practice is more than any one of these things and yet participates in them all.” - onegreenplanet

Character death at low levels is a constant risk, but as soon as you hit that point where you can afford to buy your way our with magic it’s easy to be unconcerned about dying. It shouldn’t be, though.

If you’re looking for a way to keep the mystery and threat of death in your game, but you want to have options beyond “pay 5k gold and cast a spell” for bringing party members back to the land of the playable, here are some suggestions you might find helpful.


Visited a vendor yesterday for work, and brought of our eggs on a whim (we reuse cartons). He was thrilled to have fresh eggs and excited to show all of the colors to his young sons.

Here’s a portion of the message i received this morning -
Thank you also for the eggs! My kids thought some of the darker colored eggs were dinosaur eggs, I didn’t try correcting them since they thought it was cool eating dinosaur eggs.. haha

I loved it!

A lot of people have asked me over the past few years how to put more RP and depth into their characters. A simple, shorthand way to do that is something I’ve come to call The Defining Moment. These moments are what set your character on a certain path, and they act as the tipping points for what they value, how they feel, and why they adventure. Every adventurer should have several of them, but they’re important to look for.


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“She was the light that came slow, breaking though your windows as the sun rose on the horizon. She was the light that stroked your face and caressed you with the gentleness of the wind though your tired eyelids as they dropped down in defeat after the sun set. She was the light which exposed the secret shadows which played in the evil of the night. She was the light which reached more and more each day, traveling inch by inch, crawling across the surfaces of the Earth, dragging herself by force to spread the light which heated grounds and tore herself apart from particle to particle to keep others warm and ignite the flame of hope deep in the depths of the darkness.”- Me. 


“For the moments when all you can think about is cake” From #sonatural TV