Whole lotta sketch commissions! Thanks everyone for the help. Covered meds, gas, and some food deliveries since I’m mostly stuck in the house QAQ Might take more soon. More art coming asap.

1.) The_Creator_Pro OC and Mordekaiser!
2.) Sorastrike BnS PC + Kinu from Fire Emblem!
3.) Torakaka for Pearatic!
4.) VerdantDargon’s OC Kitty Lady!
5.) Sharigin’s OC Lady!
6.) Unagiboy’s two OCs, a bear and a yordle!
7.) LoL_Argentan with Gnar on his back!
8.) Tohsaka Rin for Lutyo!
9.) My Interpretation of “Pool Party” Poppy requested by Erin!


My friend sent me a link to this video on facebook

I can’t even