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I’m rereading Cassandra’s run as Batgirl and I’m just… I love it so freaking much. The art, the plot, everything. Cass is such a sweetheart, Bruce is somewhere between proud dad and his usual “no feeling, only justice” self, but Barbara is a total Mum™ and she’s so protective of Cass, omg.

And I know it’s beside the point, but I kinda want Babs and Dick to sit together and talk about how precious their adopted little assassins babies are and how single parenting is hard but also full of joys, while Cassandra and Damian beat the daylight out of some criminal in the background and Bruce stares at all of them from above, wondering when the hell did this family thing went so out of hand.

I’m not saying that Dick and Jason in the RHATO Annual have just given a meaning to my life, I’m just saying that now I’m a new, better person, who looks at the future with bright eyes and a heart full of hope.

desolationofzara  asked:

Okay, but what are Dicks brothers reactions to hearing his "Agent 37 Theme Song"? Would they roll their eyes and rub their temples? Or would they laugh cause its such a DICK thing to do?

After they find out they sing it every time Dick enters a room. EVERY. TIME. All of them. You’d think at least Cass and Damian would be cooler than that but no. They don’t openly sing it like the rest of their siblings but you can be assured that they’ll hum it under their breath. 

And at first Dick would laugh and find it funny, but after two weeks he’ll just be ready to strangle all of them and reclaim his only child status.

anonymous asked:

I've always seen Dick as the older brother with patental duties towards Damian. I think Seeley portrayed it well by the Robin Dollotron's story of his dad being absent a lot but his older brother stepping into the fatherly role (as a parallel to Dick and Damian). I think for Damian that's a good thing (w/how Bruce is). Dick can be the fun older brother he can relate to/do things he wouldn't other adults. But Dick can also be the Dad who will drop everything to do dad stuff for him. He's BroDad.

He is a BroDad!!! I just imagine him be like:

*sipping coffee*

“Yeah, I’m your older brother so I’m cool and with me you can do all the cool things you can not do with that stuck-up of your father.”

And two minutes later:

“No, Damian that’s not cool at all, don’t you dare-”

And then:


(Cue to Bruce smiling in the background with vindication in his eyes)

But yeah, jokes aside, Dick and Damian’s relationship is a lot easier than Bruce and Damian’s. It didn’t start that way, of course, and there’s still a lot of insecurity on both sides, but you can tell that Damian’s a lot more comfortable with Dick than he’s probably ever gonna be with Bruce. 

Also there’s this thing that I think Damian’s still flabbergasted about, and that is that Dick chose him. He had no obligation to Damian (not from Damian’s perspective at least) and still he went and mentored him, raised him, basically conquering for himself the spot Damian had hoped to fill with Bruce when he first ran away from his mother.

So, you know, even if now Dick stepped more into the “cool” big brother role, to me there’s no way Dick will ever stop to be a little bit “Dad” to Damian. And that’s basically what makes my life good *throws confetti all around*

anonymous asked:

The thing that got me the most in NW 29 was Damian getting upset over Dick never having doubt and Dick being honest but still placing the most focus on Damian's comfort. I seriously got Dick!Bats flashbacks when Dick told Alfred he can never let Damian see him doubt. And I just, that's still a thing with them. As much as Damian knows Dick he'll never grasp how much Dick can really doubt because Dick is the adult and he's suppose to always make sure Damian feels like Dick is on top of things.

I think that’s Damian’s version of the hero worship syndrome and it’s both cute and sad, tbh. Damian’s idea of the “perfect hero” is probably someone who’s never wrong, who never has doubts, who always wins. And he knows that despite all his efforts he’s not there yet, and that’s okay because that someone doesn’t exist at all, but I think he’s still slowly discovering that, both because of the way he was raised, with Ra’s being a (fake) model of perfection and an idea of Bruce that was not even close to reality, and because it’s a part of the growing up process to find out that no, when you become an adult you don’t automatically have all the answers, and no, things do not get more clear, and yes, you maybe understand yourself a little better, but you still have doubts and fears and sometimes they are even worse than the ones you had as a child. 

I hope we’ll get to see in canon, Damian growing up and coming to understand this, and having this big revelation that Dick (like Bruce) is not perfect, never was, and he had like twice the doubts Damian had about them, and that he went on anyway, pretending for the most part because it was the right thing to do to protect him. It would be such a cute moment tbh.