“Querido motorista”

Nos últimos 10 anos, 7000 ciclistas perderam suas vidas em acidentes/atropelamentos no trânsito. Eu quase fui um deles e por isso esse vídeo me emociona tanto.

Que vidas sejam salvas e alguma conscientização floresça!

Fiquem vivos, amigos ciclistas!!!

My poor boyfriend got hit by a car three days ago while riding his bike. So as a loyal girlfriend I am nursing him back to good health, with lots of love! I don’t understand how as human beings you can hit someone so badly and drive away without feeling awful. He has two fractures in his skull and a face that looks like he was mauled by a REALLY angry bear. After all of that he’s still handsome as hell. Learn to share the road, and cheers to buying helmets which I highly encourage everyone who rides a bike to do.