Well I’m pretty sure the fansies are going to have a field day making gifs of THIS!

Ryan Steele. Being adorable. Dancing in his bed. In his underwear. 

Good luck searching for anything else in the “newsies” tag this week :D


The code…decoded network surfing the web for LGBT+ news and entertainment to share with our community:   WATCH: Why This Broadway Dancer Is Inviting You Into His Bedroom :P

Broadway's Ryan Steele is stripping down and inviting you into his bedroom…for an incredible new viral project.

Steele, who stars in the new movie “Five Dances” and has been seen on Broadway in the smash musicals “Matilda” and “Newsies,” is the latest performer to take part in the #ShareTheMattress video series. The handsome (and scantily-clad) performer shows off some incredible acrobatic prowess in the quirky clip.

Created by contemporary dance company KEIGWIN + COMPANY, the series marks the return of the troupe’s 10th anniversary as well as the return of its signature piece “Mattress Suite” to New York’s Joyce Theater.

View other videos from the campaign here.

You can check out more information about KEIGWIN + COMPANY’s 10th Anniversary season, which runs Oct. 29 through Nov. 3 at New York City’s Joyce Theater, here. “Mattress Suite” will be featured during the run.


Dancer Ryan Steele photographed in his bedroom by Benjamin Fredrickson for Out

The star of Alan Brown’s new indie film Five Dances and an ensemble member of the Tony-winning musical Matilda, Steele says he doesn’t count calories. “My job has me burning a lot,” says Steele, who eats four meals a day and often pounds a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked once he gets home to his Midtown apartment. “I don’t need weird diets to do my thing.”

SLIDESHOW of images of Ryan Steele in Bed.