So, this is one of my favorite salads of all time. It’s very simple, fresh and yummy. This Asian-inspired salad calls for: lettuce, cole slaw, bell pepper (orange/yellow), black olives, 3 tablespoons of salted mixed nuts and half a cup of brown rice. Depending on my mood I add more veggies like sautéed green beans, broccoli or squash. For the dressing I use: 1 tablespoon of soy sauce, 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar and some Sriracha chili sauce. I ALWAYS think of Sharee (because you know I’m her biggest fan ever) while I’m making it. Sounds like something she would make.

P.S. Been having a BLAST making smoothie/sorbet bowls lately thanks to her. (Posting pics and recipes later).

Stay gorgeous fitblr&tumblr community! 😉


Finale and 3rd loose skin video update.

118 pounds DOWN! My tummy tuck is in 2 days (march 8th) 

from here on out it will  videos about recovering from surgery and working on my 6 pack!

Clean eating (vegan)+ alot of freaking hard work!!!



Favorite Clean Food- FRUIT!

This week’s Healthy*Happy*Fitness post!


anonymous asked:

Hey sharee. so im starting my weight loss journey and i was wondering what i can do at home because i have very little time because i have school and work. do you have any suggestions that you could give?

I’m home programs are a great workout becuase everything is scheduled. You simply do the workout the calendar says.
There are couple different beach body programs that I adore.
Insanity is my favorite (average workout is 45-55 min)
And T25 is only 25 minutes and it’s an amazing workout!!!
Both can be found At

You have to make time workout. Everyone is busy. It comes down to setting priorities and making it important to workout.

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i do a lot of pilates lately and I can feel some muscles! but the problem is that I can only feel but not see them :( what can I do to reveal the muscles?

Drop body fat. Fat does not turn into muscle, fat is replaced by muscle. Muscle burns more calories simply being alive, so you want muscle! But you need to get your heart rate pumping at high rates (65% +) to get that fat to start burning off. Pilates is a great controlled strength class, but it’s not cardio. I suggest finding another workout to add to your day. Some examples could be: jogging, cycling, Zumba, body pump (is a cardio strength class) body combat, in home workouts like insanity or T25) stair HIIT workouts.

You can check out more inhome workout programs at:

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So I have 4 classes a week (mon-thurs) and I go boxing (friday and sat)... What home workouts would you recommend to maximize me free time? I've tried insanity by shaun t but I REALLY CANNOT DO IT 😭😭😭😭

T25 is a great program. It offers modifications where as insanity does not. Hip-hop-Abs, Brazilian Butt lift, Chalean Xtreme, turbo fire. Those are great programs too.
All can be found on: