sharee shoutout

shout out to those people for whom mother’s day is not traumatic or sad but just kinda mildly uncomfortable

shout out for those people whose moms aren’t “toxic” or anything of the sort but just don’t conform to the loving, affectionate, encouraging, supportive mom-type that is so vehemently advertised on mother’s day

shout out to those people who can’t make the kinds of gestures that abound on mother’s day without feeling fake and deceitful, but who at the same time don’t want to ignore the whole thing either

shout out to people who remain mildly uncomfortable and feel inadequate because they can’t do like everyone else, posting about their wonderful amazing moms without whom they would be a mess and who is their best friend that they tell everything to

shout out to people who are uncomfortable posting lovey-dovey mom-appreciation messages because they aren’t true, but they can’t be claiming any of the harmful, negative aspects of mother’s day either

shout out to those people with mediocre moms, cause they do exist, and people who only have “thanks for giving me life and raising me but thats pretty much as far as it goes” to say on mother’s day

hopelessly in love with fahc freewood, send help

Shoutout TCC

Shoutout to all the true crime blogs who research for hours to create their own content.

Shoutout to all the true crime blogs who dont have many followers but still support other blogs

Shoutout to all the true crime blogs who deal with shit on a daily but still continue to be passionate about true crime

Shoutout to all the true crime blogs who can see the light side of all the horrendous things we share and blog about

Shoutout to all the true crime blogs who occasionally make spelling mistakes or get a few details wrong - its ok, we are all human

Shoutout to all the true crime blogs who have to keep their interest in true crime a secret because they might lose friends if its known

Shoutout to all the true crime blogs who are devoted to raising awareness about criminal psychology and the stigma that surrounds hybristophilia

Shoutout to all the true crime blogs that use their blogs as a means to cope with negative/violent feelings - you are a strong person

There is too much negativity attached to our community, lets remember why we are amazing

Family are the people who stand by you through everything, the people who would go to hell and back with you, not always the people you share DNA with.

A huge shoutout to Angela, who organised the Christmas at Hogwarts collab, this has been extremely fun to draw but talk about last minute :/ Harry Potter started everything for me and i will always be so grateful, so its always fun to give back to the fandom! Happy Holidays Guys x


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name: Rebecca
nickname: becky, quebec, esteban, daddy, wife
zodiac: Virgo
height: Im 5'8
orientation: Bisexual
ethnicity: white
favorite fruit: b a n a n a
favorite season: fall
favorite book series: Captive Prince
favorite flowers: hella cliche but roses
favorite colors: PINK and also all the colors
coffee, tea, or cocoa: coffee and cocoa but mostly anything that tastes sugary and yummy
average hours of sleep: i die if i dont get 8 hours at least
cats or dogs: D O G G O S
favorite fictional characters: H A, so many, but rn i love otabek altin and todoroki shouto the most
number of blankets: two but thats cause its hot as fuck here
dream trip: Uhhhh takin my mom around the world tbh
blog created: I joined tumblr back in 2014 in the end of the “surprise bitch” meme and my url back then was “animegirl9297”
followers: uuuuhhhh 1,197?? I think thats it
tagging: @thegreatestdecoy-shoyo @yueis @exmachinus @shiro-riipaa @otayuriism @hotbloodedkid @kittymoon00013 @suga–wara @ other mutuals i have that i cant remember rn cause we havent talked in a while 😭😭😭😭😭